Did UFO Occupants Try to Start a Nuclear War or Prevent One?

4 Oct , 2018  

Just watched the documentary, “UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed,” by Robert Hastings. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Hastings details, in separate incidents, how UFOs appeared to start the launch sequences on nuclear missiles in our inventory and on nuclear missiles based in the Soviet Union. So, were “they” trying to start a nuclear war or prevent one? Depends on who you ask.

In a 2016 interview with George Knapp, Tom DeLonge discussed a meeting he had in an airport with a General. The subject of UFOs, the alleged lifeforms behind the wheel and nuclear weapons, came up:

“Sir, when taking into account, things that this life form has done…for example, turning our nuclear weapons on and readying them for launch. And then he interrupts me, puts a finger in my face and says, ‘There are heroes in Russia. Heroes. And under grave risk to himself, and to his country, they did not fire back.'”

DeLonge added this:

“The UFOs were turning our weapons on, just so Russia could pick up that we’re firing our missiles and fire theirs first. It was a big chess game.”

So, according to DeLonge, this general was claiming that the occupants of these UFOs, by engaging in these actions, were trying to get us into a nuclear war with the Soviets.

Robert Hastings had a different take on things:

“Having investigated these incidents for decades, my opinion is that those who pilot the UFOs are visitors from elsewhere who are engaged in these provocative actions at American and Russian nuclear missile sites, to send us a message: That we humans are playing with fire. That to engage in nuclear warfare is essentially suicide.”

Who to believe? To me, Hasting’s speculation makes more sense than the General’s. But unless there’s information available that I’m unaware of, we just don’t know. I would think that if the intelligence(s) behind the UFOs can shut down or turn on our nukes and put them into launch mode, then why not take the last step, override our controls, and launch them?

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