Jim Semivan

Transcript – Former CIA Spy: The Government Is Afraid Because They Don’t Know Anything

29 May , 2024  

“I was completely awake and saw what I saw. And they were really odd looking, they weren’t Grays. And they were a completely different type. When I described them to Colm Kelleher, at one point (laughs), he named them for me.” ~Jim Semivan ~~~ If you like what you see on my blog, Twitter and […]

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Daniel Sheehan

The Danny Sheehan MegaBlog – “We Need To Participate With All Other Sentient Life In The Universe.”

12 Mar , 2024  

I’ve seen the pictures of, “a big huge, like, natural gas tank. It was a big, long Tic Tac with rounded edges and stuff like that. And it was like fifty feet away and you can tell he just turned because you can see the interior of the cockpit.” ~Daniel Sheehan at UFO MegaCon ~~~ […]

Jay Stratton, Travis Taylor

AlienCon: Stratton, Taylor & Knapp – “We’re Here To Help Get To The Bottom Of What In The World Is Going On”

3 Jun , 2023  

“If we don’t know what it is, tell the American people we don’t know what it is. Don’t play these games.” ~Jay Stratton ~~~ “We’re here to help get to the bottom of what in the world is going on.” ~Dr. Travis Taylor ~~~ If you like what you see on my blog, my Twitter and YouTube Channel […]

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Congressional Hearing

Transcript: Senate Hearing On UFOs: Gillibrand – “We Don’t Know Where They Come From, Who Made Them, Or How They Operate.”

29 Apr , 2023  

“In the event sufficient scientific data were ever obtained, that a UAP encounter can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin, we are committed to working with our interagency partners at NASA to appropriately inform U.S. Government’s leadership of its findings.” ~Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick – Director of AARO ~~~ If you like what you see on […]

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Garry Nolan

Transcript: Dr. Garry Nolan on TC: It’s Clearly Been Here For A Long Time And It Doesn’t Necessarily Care So Much About Us. Whose Planet Is This, Really?

14 Mar , 2023  

“When you see something like that, you never forget it. It’s changes your life in a way that it puts things in perspective. So when you hear other people’s stories about this stuff, I feel inherently like I want to protect them. I want to help them not be attacked for something that they saw, […]

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Transcript – Active-Duty Navy Commander Comes Forward & Witnesses Speak Out On 2019 UFO Swarms: We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This. They Just Seemed To Appear

5 Mar , 2023  

“Then it moves to the starboard side, right across, and they scurry across the ship. And they’re kind of, you know, going through wherever they need to go to get to the other side. And they maintain eyes on it, because they’re just shocked at what they’re seeing. And then, probably the most dramatic part […]

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Congressional Hearings, Elizondo

Transcript: Lue On NTK – If I Could Speak My Mind, “People Would Be Blown Away”

28 Oct , 2022  

  “It’s happening every week!!! You know, they put something up from 2019, 2020, something that they knew was already out on social media and people looked at it, and they could just go ahead and say, ‘Here’s a video.’ No, no, show the real video. Show the videos that we know are there and […]

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UFO Sightings, UFOs

UFO or iPhone? – Former F-18 Pilot: “I’ve Done Many Intercepts and I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This”

31 Aug , 2022  

“I was an F-18 pilot in the Marine Corps and I’m telling you, I’ve done many intercepts and I’ve never seen anything like this.” ~The Pilot ~~~ If you like what you see on my blog, my Twitter and YouTube Channel and appreciate the time and effort, here’s my Patreon, Pay Paland Venmo. ~~~ Patreon = https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe PayPal – ufojoe11@aol.com Venmo – www.venmo.com/u/ufojoe […]

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AATIP, Elizondo

Elizondo TOE Transcript – What I Learned About UFOs Challenged My Understanding Of The Universe And Our Place In It

27 Jul , 2022  

“Imagine everything you’ve been taught, whether it’s through Sunday school, or through regular, formal education in school, or what our political leaders have told us and yes, even maybe our mothers and fathers around the dinner table have told us or maybe at bedtime, about who we are, right? Our background and our past. What […]

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Dr. Garry P. Nolan – Dec. 10th, 2021 Transcript: “They May Be From Another Level of Reality That We Don’t Understand”

22 Dec , 2021  

“To have a group of scientists who are supposed to be leading thinkers, debase people who are interested in thinking about new ideas is, to me, that’s heretical.” ~Dr. Garry P. Nolan ~~~ If you like what you see on my blog, my Twitter and YouTube Channel and appreciate the time and effort, here’s my Patreon, Pay Pal and Venmo. ~~~ Patreon = https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe PayPal – […]

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