Did UFO Occupants Try to Start a Nuclear War or Prevent One?

4 Oct , 2018  

Just watched the documentary, “UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed,” by Robert Hastings. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Hastings details, in separate incidents, how UFOs appeared to start the launch sequences on nuclear missiles in our inventory and on nuclear missiles based in the Soviet Union. So, were “they” trying to start a nuclear war or prevent one? Depends on who you ask.

In a 2016 interview with George Knapp, Tom DeLonge discussed a meeting he had in an airport with a General. The subject of UFOs, the alleged lifeforms behind the wheel and nuclear weapons, came up:

“Sir, when taking into account, things that this life form has done…for example, turning our nuclear weapons on and readying them for launch. And then he interrupts me, puts a finger in my face and says, ‘There are heroes in Russia. Heroes. And under grave risk to himself, and to his country, they did not fire back.'”

DeLonge added this:


The UFOs were turning our weapons on, just so Russia could pick up that we’re firing our missiles and fire theirs first. It was a big chess game.”

So, according to DeLonge, this general was claiming that the occupants of these UFOs, by engaging in these actions, were trying to get us into a nuclear war with the Soviets.

Robert Hastings had a different take on things…

Narrator: Were those aboard the UFOs, actually trying to start a nuclear war?

Hastings: “Having investigated these incidents for decades, my opinion is that those who pilot the UFOs are visitors from elsewhere who are engaged in these provocative actions at American and Russian nuclear missile sites, to send us a message: That we humans are playing with fire. That to engage in nuclear warfare is essentially suicide.”

Who to believe? To me, Hasting’s speculation makes more sense than the General’s, but unless there’s information available that I’m unaware of, we just don’t know. I would think that if the intelligence(s) behind the UFOs can shut down or turn on our nukes and put them into launch mode, then why not take the last step, override our controls, and launch them?



When I hear the story about UFOs allegedly putting nukes into launch mode, it always feature the case in the old Soviet Union in the Ukraine . But there’s at least one more case like that and it was featured in the Hastings’ documentary I linked to above.

Narrator: “On October 4th, 1982, a huge flying disc apparently activated several nuclear missiles which were then preparing to launch. According to the Soviet Ministry of Defense documents, secured by American television investigative reporter, George Knapp, the UFO appeared over an intermediate-range missile base near the Ukrainian town of (indecipherable). At one point, down in the underground launch control capsule, several missiles suddenly went into countdown mode. Although no one had input the authorization codes, the missiles were preparing to launch. Then, after fifteen terrifying seconds, the anomaly ceased and everything returned to normal operational status.

This potentially disastrous incident was merely identical to one reported to Robert Hastings by former U.S. Air Force launch officer, David Schuur, who said that a UFO had activated a launch sequence in several of his Minuteman missiles at Minot Air Force base, North Dakota, one night in 1966.

David Shuur – from “UFOs and Nukes”


David Shuur: “As this object passed over the missle site, we would start getting erratic indications on that missile. The bad thing was we also got a launch indicator.”

Hastings: “Does that mean that the launch sequence has been triggered?”

David Shuur:  “That means that the missile has received a launch signal.”

Narrator: “In that case, Shuur and his commander had to flip an inhibit switch to disrupt the authorized countdown.”


Narrator: “This program has only scratched the surface. Declassified documents and eyewitness testimony suggest that incidents involving UFO activity at nuclear weapon sites, now number in the hundreds.”


For the 2021 book, “In Plain Sight,” author Ross Coulthart reached out to Hastings, and his opinion on why our nukes have been turned off and on has expanded to include various possibilities.

America’s foremost expert on this link between UAPs and nuclear weapons is researcher Robert Hastings, the author of UFOs and Nukes. In the almost 50 years since 1973, Hastings has personally interviewed more than 150 former US military witnesses to anomalous UAP sighting incidents at nuclear bases, storage areas and test sites. He pieced together incidents at intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) sites across the US, including Malmstrom, Minot, F.E. Warren, Ellsworth, Vandenberg and Walker air force bases. He also found evidence UAPs were taking an interest in nuclear weapons storage areas at the air force’s Wurtsmith and Loring bases, as well as the RAF Bentwaters base in England. ‘It’s clear they’re tampering with the weapons. Now is it because they have our best interests at heart?’ Hastings tells me. ‘Is that what’s going on? Or do they have a need for this planet and they don’t want us to screw it up with radioactivity. Do they plan to invade, and they don’t want to inherit a radioactive husk of a world? I doubt that anyone in the Pentagon or in the Soviet, or the Russian [Federation] nowadays, government infrastructure even has the answers to that. I’m not optimistic that anyone on the planet really knows what’s going on.’ But Hastings is in no doubt that whatever it is, it is intelligent and highly advanced.

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