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Journal: Did You Just Say Colm Kelleher? All Roads Lead To Eric Davis

7 Feb , 2020  

“Then I brought up another name connected to Skinwalker: Colm Kelleher. He had written, ‘Hunt For The Skinwalker’ with Knapp. Not a second after I mentioned his name, I heard a voice from across the room say, ‘Did you just say Colm Kelleher?'”


By Joe Murgia@ufojoe11 on Twitter

As a freelance camera operator, one of my jobs is shooting Vegas Golden Knights hockey. Before each game, about four hours before the puck is dropped, our director sits down with all the camera operators, goes over our assignments and makes sure we don’t have any questions.  It’s usually about ten of us. A few weeks ago, as we were sitting around and waiting for him to arrive, one of my co-workers asked me how my appearance on “Coast To Coast AM” had gone. “What did you talk about?” he asked. And as I proceeded to explain the various UFO-related topics that were covered, another camera operator, Gillian, jumped into the conversation and asked, “Do you know about the AATIP program and the company started by that rock star that studies UFOs?” I couldn’t contain myself. “Yes!!! Tom DeLonge! To The Stars. Luis Elizondo! That’s my wheelhouse! It’s been my focus over the past few years,” I blurted out. She proceeded to explain that she had a long time interest in UFOs and that her father had been an electrical engineer for NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral for several decades. And she had two UFO sightings here in the Las Vegas area. I’ve worked with Gillian for three years and I never knew we shared this interest. She learned about AATIP and Elizondo after watching the show, “Unidentified” on History.


As Gillian and I were discussing that, another co-worker brought up George Knapp and the Bob Lazar story. And I worked Skinwalker Ranch and Eric Davis into the discussion.  At one point, it was five of us talking over each other and bantering about various aspects of UFOlogy. Not our normal pregame chat but I was loving it! Then I brought up another name connected to Skinwalker: Colm Kelleher. He had written,”Hunt For The Skinwalker” with Knapp. Not a second after I mentioned his name, I heard a voice from across the room say, “Did you just say Colm Kelleher?” I was taken aback. Colm Kelleher isn’t a household name. In fact, lots of people who are into UFOs have never heard of him. But Rhett, our jib camera operator, apparently did. So he walked over and told me his story.

About twenty-five years ago, Rhett owned a printing company in Las Vegas and some guy came in wanting to print up copies of a book about UFOs. He said, “It was called, Best Evidence for UFOs in Europe. I still remember the title after all of these years. It had a purple and blue cover and was about two-hundred pages long. And the guy who wanted the book published was Colm Kelleher. I couldn’t believe it when you said that name! It was his book.” Talk about serendipity!  We both laughed and I told him what I knew about Kelleher and Skinwalker Ranch. I mentioned NIDS and he knew exactly what I was talking about. “NIDS! Yes!,” he said. I also explained how astrophysicist Eric Davis had studied and spent time on the ranch with Colm and had his own experiences while there. I urged Rhett to read the Knapp/Kelleher book. He said he would and told me that he regretted not staying in touch with Colm. “Dealing with Colm and that book made me realize that there were people who took the subject of UFOs seriously,” explained Rhett. I told him I would ask Eric about that book and get back to him.

That night, I went home and Googled, “Kelleher + Best Evidence for UFOs in Europe,” but came up empty. As I said in a previous blog, Eric Davis is a Walking Encyclopedia when it comes to UFOs and all related topics. He knows Kelleher well and I was sure he would know about that book. I messaged him and told him everything that happened. I’ll pick it up mid-message/story:

Me: From the other side of the room came, “Did you just say Colm Kelleher?” I was not expecting that! And so I walked over to him and we talked about it.

He owned a printing company in 1995 or so in Vegas and some guy came in one day and wanted to print up this book, “Best Evidence of UFOs in Europe.” It was Colm! And the book was purple, blue and about 200 pages in length.

His name is Rhett and he had no idea people took UFOs seriously until he encountered Colm and this book. He didn’t stay in touch with him but wishes he did. His shop was on Tropicana.

Said they printed up maybe 50 books? I have never heard of this book and can’t find it online. You must know about it.

Davis: Small world!!WOW!!!


Davis: That was not Colm Kelleher who entered Rhett’s printing shop in late-1997, not 1995. It was Colm and I who met with Rhett. And I knew Rhett well because I had to contact him off and on about the book printing problems that we encountered with his samples. Colm contacted him too as did Debbie, who was Bob’s (Bigelow) Executive Administrative Assistant for NIDS.

MeHoly crap!

Davis: The book was authored by prominent German physicist, Illobrand von Ludwiger who was also a very prominent European scientific UFO researcher. NIDS published the book which was on Jan. 1, 1998.


Here’s the book:

Best UFO Cases: Europe: (My Amazon Associates Link)

The intent of of this book is to present hard, credible material about anomalous aerial phenomena observed and reported in Central Europe but using cases that are, with few exceptions, not well-known in the United States.”

JoeYes!!! I knew that you would know!

Eric: I still have my four personal copies that I’ll never give away.

JoeNoooooooo! I’ll order one for me AND Rhett.

Eric: I still recommend this book because Prof. von Ludwiger put together a scientifically rich and highly technical analysis of the best European UFO cases in his book.  LOTS OF PHYSICS equations and data analysis.  My kind of UFO book!


Needless to say, it was an interesting day at work! And I now have my copy of that book right here next to me. I bought it from the online MUFON store and I think I have their last copy. The rest of the copies for sale online are way too expensive.


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