Kit Green, Remote Viewing

Kit Green’s Most Trusted Psychic: “The Disclosure Of Alien Presence Will Take Place This Way”

18 Jul , 2020  



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by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter


In July of 2019, I received an email from an anonymous Source who had seen a few of my comments on Reddit in one of the UFO groups. They sent me audio files of Christopher “Kit” Green, MD, PhD, discussing data allegedly acquired via a 6th sense, by a female intuitive who I’ll just call “Psychic” to make it easier to follow. Dr. Green’s “career began with the U.S. Federal Government in 1969 as a Senior Division Analyst for neurosciences at the Central Intelligence Agency. In the mid-’70s he was the first analyst and program manager for Remote Viewing research.”

Dr. Kit Green

This Source added that Psychic was, “Kit’s best psychic” and said the conversation between Dr. Green and Psychic was recorded and given to a participant (I’ll call that person, Experiencer ~Joe) in a study that Dr. Green and Garry Nolan, PhD, have been conducting on people who have had close encounters with UFOs, now known to many as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

I interviewed Dr. Green not long after receiving these audio files and emails and will publish that interview soon. In the meantime, here are excerpts from Annie Jacobsen’s must-read book called, “Phenomena” which covers some of the background and work of Drs. Green and Nolan and their patients, who are part of this study. This text from Jacobsen’s book was posted by the fantastic, Australian researcher, Keith Basterfield, on his top-notch blog, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – Scientific Research.” If you go to his site, you’ll see he also added his comments, which include information you won’t find in Jacobsen’s book.

Begin Excerpt from “Phenomena”

Green accepted his patients carefully. “They are all high-functioning individuals, many prodigious savants, most of whom carry a high security clearance,” he says. “They are members of Special Forces, members of the intelligence community, employees of aerospace companies, officers in the military, guards of military bases, policemen. Often injuries take place of a military bivouac, [which is] an overnight mission at a secure location for the purpose of guarding, reconnaissance, or some kind of exploration…Common injuries are from something that is airborne [Something] that emits some kind of a light or a beam. Some orbs.”

Green takes on patients who already have a thick physician case file, and whose doctors have been unable to  determine what injured them. “My patients were physically injured by something. They have signs on their body. Markings. Illness,” he says. They agree to give Green access to their medical history and permission for him to speak with their other doctors. None have mental illness. “They and their physicians have exhausted many avenues and find themselves at the end of their rope,” says Green. “These patients are by majority not prone to conspiracy or PTSD. This kind of thinking would interfere with their career path. They and usually their superiors come to me because my speciality is forensic medicine. I try to determine diagnosis from very little and often highly incomplete data.”

Using the technology available to him. Green orders brain scans, specialized blood, DNA and endocrine test and compiles the results. At present he has more than one hundred active patients. His original hypothesis was that a majority of his patients had “been exposed to technology from black programs,” he says, that is, advanced state-of-the-art, high-energy technologies developed in Special Access Programs. “Nonlethal weapons programs. Holograms. Cloaking devices. Drones. Twenty five percent of my patients die within five to seven years of my diagnosis, and I have no idea of how any programs I knew about years ago can do these things,” Green says.

To advance his hypothesis, based on the demographics and high-functioning of his patients, Dr Green teamed up with the Nolan Lab at Stanford University, run by Garry Nolan, one of the world’s leading research scientists specializing in genetics, immunology and bioinformatics. Nolan trained under the Nobel Prize-winning biologist David Baltimore, has published over 200 research papers, and holds twenty biotechnology patents. Age fifty-five, he has been honoured as one of the top twenty inventors at Stanford University.

Green’s identity as a CIA officer remained secret until 2007, when he appeared in an episode of the PBS series Secrets of the Dead. The episode, called “Umbrella Assassin,” was a Cold War case file involving the murder of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov, killed at a bus stop in England in 1978.

For his work breaking this and other forensic medical cases over the next five years, Green was awarded the National Intelligence Medal.

After Green officially left the CIA in 1985, he worked for General Motor’s Research labs, and was eventually promoted to Chief Technology Officer for Asia-Pacific. he has remained an active military and intelligence science advisor for the CIA and the Department of Defense, serving on more than twenty Defense science and advisory boards.

End Excerpt from “Phenomena”



The following letter/email is from Experiencer, who is the focus of the session(s) Psychic conducted for Dr. Green. This was included in my batch of emails.


Date: Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 6:39 AM


Yes, meeting him was a treat. Hal (Puthoff ~Joe) I’d met before.

When Kit and I had our first phone conversation, he said to me, “I have a file on you that’s over 1,000 pages…” I thought that was interesting (although not that surprising- my story goes back a long ways). He seemed a bit perturbed (it’s a lot of information to plough through, and I think he wanted to get to know me). I’m attaching here a Remote Viewing Target Description that I eventually sent to him. It represents one of around fifty unique experiences I’ve had since late 1989. So far, I’ve had five of them Remote Viewed. Kit took this one on. He has a gifted clairvoyant he works with regularly. She “Remote Views” exclusively for him, although I don’t think she uses the military protocol, or a derivation of it.

She’s a natural. Kit gave me two audio files that are recordings of her debriefing him on this target on the phone. She did a lot of work on it (multiple sessions). All she was provided from him was a date, location (via map coordinates), and the fact that an event occurred involving a person. And that was it. What she came back with was quite sophisticated, considering how little she started with. He was impressed (as was I, actually).

He said he’d never before provided such a debrief recording to the subject involved. This was a first for him (lucky me!). Would you like to hear it?


And here is Experiencer’s description of the personal encounter/event Dr. Green had Psychic take a look at. I took out any details that could lead to location or identification of Experiencer.

RV = Remote Viewing.


March 17, 2016

Being Met

RV Tasking

Session #1

The event took place in late 1989, after the Thanksgiving Holiday of that year. It was my personal experience. It was at night, and I was in my car. The location [was in Los Angeles] on a small street (although, at the time, I was not paying attention to that specific detail, nor seeking a defined destination or address; the selection of this location was essentially random). I was parked on the right side of the road, facing uphill. I was alone.

I was seated in my car (in the driver’s seat) conducting an activity that required the use of my hands. I had been parked for only a few minutes (perhaps 10). As I was conducting this activity, with my hands directly in front of me, they began to glow (luminesce). I continued the activity without much interruption, and as I did so I could see my hands clearly, in the dark, due to the luminescence of them.

The glowing was app. 3/16 of an inch in depth and was a white-ish color. I do not recall any noticeable tint. It was an unambiguous phenomenon; it was a consistent “thickness” or “depth”, without any “thin spots” or other irregularities. There was no pulsation; there was no sound associated. It was a uniform glow, of equal and consistent luminosity over every square centimeter of my skin (that I could see). I did not look into the rearview mirror to see if my face was also affected (I was mentally highly preoccupied at the time).

The phenomenon lasted long enough to fully register; it was not a momentary flash, it did not “come and go”; it was a steady-state condition that probably lasted somewhere under a minute (most probably not longer).

Google Maps coordinates: XXX.XXXXXX XX.XXXXX


Now we will look at what Psychic came up with in her sessions. Remember, according to Experiencer, all Psychic was provided from Dr. Green, “was a date, location (via map coordinates), and the fact that an event occurred involving a person. And that was it.” The following is Psychic debriefing Dr. Green on the data she acquired.

Note: Dr. Green and Psychic both asked me to keep her identity out of this. I heard someone else is getting ready to post this transcript elsewhere and they’re planning on outing Psychic. I hope that doesn’t happen because I know she was scared and didn’t want the attention. In my opinion, there is no reason to out her and zero benefit will come from that. This is also why I’m not releasing the audio as that would make it easier to identify her. The person who sent me the audio/email twice suggested I include Psychic’s name in this blog because it would help her get more clients. I sensed an altertior motive and ignored his advice.



Psychic Intuitive = PI

Kit Green = KG

PI: I’m recording and today is February the 20th, 2017. PI here and I’m working on Case, point zero seven…point zero one, one. And this is the case where you gave me the coordinates of XX.XXXXXX and XXX.XXXXXX. And I have the questions here. And I can do it in two ways. I can begin by answering your questions about the event and then go to the person. Because I read for the person…I prepared in reading for the person on January 26th and then also again on February 20th. Both of those in 2017. Which gives us two different peeks into the person. But I would like to give you my impression about the event.

KG: Let me ask you a question for clarification. Repeat back to me, slowly, the coordinates.

PI: The coordinates that you gave me were XX.XXXXXX. And there would be a -XXX.XXXXXX. That’s what’s here (inaudible).



KG: Let me repeat: XX.XXXXXX

PI: XXX. Correct.

KG: Second was -XXXXXX…

PI: No, no, no, no, no, no. XXX.XXXXXX

KG: Got it. Alright. And you said that the readings on the person were done on…what’s the date again? You said…

PI: January 26th, 2017 and February the 20th, 2017. I did a reading on the person that day and then today and didn’t look back to that day, you know, when I did this one. Just to give an update. Cause it was…we’ve been working on this for a while. I just wanted to see what was going on.

KG: What about the coordinates. When did you do the coordinate reading?

PI: January 26th.

KG: 26th was…okay. And the coordinates and the person on the 26th?

PI: Uh-huh. Right.

KG: On the 20th. On February 20th.

PI: All I did was the person.

KG: Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it. Okay, okay. Now, what you suggested – I think you wanted to do – is look at the coordinates or report out in the coordinates first…

PI: What do you want to do is…you said key example questions about the event.

KG: Yep.

PI: Okay. And I wanted to go through that, if you don’t mind.

KG: Good. Good. No, no, I like that. That’s the way I would like to make it.

PI: Okay. So, you said, what occurred? That was your first question. And I put down…now, this I went into a deep altered state, and, you know, just wrote out my impressions. There is a fourth dimensional portal in this area and the area of the coordinates. It’s very near to the site. And the portal, which is a portal between dimensions, is related to an underwater base, near Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California. And on that date and time, a craft landed with occupants. I would say landed…I would say appeared in this dimension.

KG: Okay, hold, hold, hold. I want to make sure I write down the base under our base was near Catalina Island

PI: C-a-t-a-l-i-n-a (spells it out) Island.

KG: And the next thing you said was?

PI: Off the coast of Southern California.

KG: Okay. And then the next word you said was…

PI: Okay, on that date and time of the…of the event, a craft…I say landed – but I would say it appeared in this dimension, to land – with occupants, which were partly extraterrestrial and part…and a few humans as well. So there were…

KG: Hold. Hold. And a few humans. Okay, go ahead.

PI: Some aboard the craft were human. Okay, that’s where there was a clarification here. So, this is part, or this particular event, is part of ongoing education of influential humans about preparation for a future, potential event. The future, potential event is a geologic destabilization in the area.

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. But I’m going down and answering your questions. The second question you posed was: How long was the event occurrence? The event took more than two hours. But the witnesses’ memory is partially blocked. And the witness does not remember the entire event.

KG: Okay.

PI: What precipitated the event? That’s your question. That’s the third question. Or no. Excuse me. The third was: What was the cause of what occurred? And my response is…there was a planned meeting between high ranking civilian and military personnel and The Others, The Watchers, the Extraterrestrials, to give directions concerning geologic stabilization.

KG: All right, high-ranking military and…

PI: And civilian personnel. And The Others. The Watchers. The ETs.

KG: Alright.

PI: What precipitated the event?

KG: That’s the fourth question.

PI: That’s the fourth question on your email. Certain underwater, offshore and onshore tectonic plate movements, or potential movements, inspired the meeting. And I feel that I don’t want to go too fast for you.

KG: Sorry, I’ll stop you. If you’re going too fast, I’ll say hold.

PI: I feel that the tectonic plate movements were catalyzed by oil drilling and other incursions into the tectonic plate area by humans.

What was the purpose of the event? That’s your next question.

KG: Hold. Oil drilling and other incursions by…

PI: By humans, into the tectonic plate. The rather sensitive tectonic plate region. So in other words, parts of the tectonic interface there, up and down the California coast. They’re like locking points, they’re like trigger points.

Now, I put together the next one, which is five and six. Five was: What was the purpose of the event? And then: What was the agency of action?

KG: I don’t remember saying that.

PI: Okay, but I’m just reading from your email. (laughs)

KG: You’re taking five plus six, together.

PI: Right.

KG: Tell me what you got.

PI: Okay. The agency of action was a council of three to five alien species, whose mission it is to protect and preserve the offshore base. That is that base down there…near Catalina Island, off the Southern California coast. And to monitor the activity of humans in that area. So there’s an agency of action, which is literally a communication network between these alien species. There are three to five of these alien species.


KG: Alright, now that’s the agency…what was number five?

PI: Number five is: What is the purpose of the event? And I’ve already told you the purpose…what precipitated the purpose. And then the agency of action, I just put the agency of action together with the purpose. But it was a warning by this group of ET species. And then I want to go on to tell you the cause.

KG: Okay.

PI: The cause of the warning is destabilization of plate tectonics in the area by human, offshore, oil drilling and other activities, which destabilize the plates.

KG: Okay.

PI: And then I’ll tell you more about the target. Your next question is to the target. I’ve got a lot more about the target so I’ll tell you about the target in a few minutes.

KG: Now by the target you mean?

PI: The person (Experiencer ~Joe) that we’re talking about. The actual target. Here is what I have to say about the reason that it happened to this person. This is case number point zero, one, one. The target is vocal and an excellent communicator. It was believed by The Others, The Watchers, The ETs, that he would be able to effectively communicate the warning to others. Now, I’m going to tell you more about the target in a few minutes. I’ll go deeply into…about the target, if you wish, to separate that from this.

But I’m just saying…what I’m feeling is that this target was deliberately chosen for his potential to help achieve the purpose of the Council. I’m going to call the agency of action, this Council. In other words, he was chosen for his potential to do that. And here’s a larger pattern. This all fits into a much larger pattern of behavior, which is more than just this event. The pattern is to place thoughts, insights and information, telepathically.

KG: Are you saying spots? S-P-O-T-S?

PI: No, no. To place thoughts: T-H-O-U-G-H-T-S. Thoughts, ideas.

KG: Thoughts. Got it. Thoughts. What are the other two things?

PI: Insights, which would be like…understanding and information into the minds of people who are able and are willing and capable of spreading this throughout humans. The disclosure of alien presence will take place this way. In other words by reaching what could be called a critical mass or a critical number of individuals who are compelled. And they may not understand why they’re compelled, but they feel they are compelled to take certain actions. Primarily, protect the environment, make sure natural resources are protected, prevent nuclear annihilation…that kind of thing. But they’re going to feel they’re compelled to do this and they may not totally understand why.

So the disclosure of alien presence will take place this way and many contactees, such as this person, will be recruited or activated to share their information at the right moment. Okay? So there are many individuals who are in the population now who have been contacted like this individual. Maybe not as dramatically…not in an event per se, that could be pinpointed. Many of them will not or do not have conscious memories. And if you talk to them, they probably wouldn’t even say they believe in ETs. But they will be compelled to protect the environment, propelled to essentially protect the planet or protect those parts of the planet which also are, should we say, important to the ETs as well. And I feel in this case, there is this specific base and this base seems to be under the ocean. It is partly what we would call in this dimension and partly in a slightly different dimension. But it is definitely a physical presence where it is. I would like to tell you something about this patient…this person.

KG: Okay, hold on. Okay, now you wanna tell me about the person…

PI: About the person of case zero one one. I feel this is a fully human individual – in other words, I don’t feel this person is a hybrid – who has been monitored and abducted – but not in such a way that it was so traumatic, that you know, it overwhelmed everything – since early childhood. This individual has been followed, essentially, in development…has been selected. And tissue samples may have been taken, especially early in childhood. He may actually have a scar on his body from early childhood that he can’t account for. But he’s not a hybrid, okay? But has been chosen because of his ability to communicate. I feel that this person is either a film producer or an activist or a very vocal person…very energetic. But what’s really interesting is between last month, January 26th and February 20th, his throat area has really been ratcheted down. So I feel, he feels blocked right now.

And I got the sense that the quote-unquote…these are the words that came to me. They’re not something I usually use in, “running scared”
I feel he’s “running scared” to quote-unquote, right now. Feels like a message of great importance is being repeated to him. He wants to get it out to the public in a film or other means. There’s a sense of urgency. I would say this person is a contactee but not necessarily a hybrid as I mentioned. But was chosen because of talents, innate abilities, or some connections that he has. Something…this would seem to be a person who has the potential for being heard somehow by the greater population. And very intuitive, but has a lot of anxiety. About…it’s more like free-floating anxiety. Like something’s gonna happen, and feels like that something is going to happen pretty soon.

So I did get something unusual today, as opposed to last time. I feel he’s not feeling as well physically today, February 20th, 2017, as he did January 26th, 2017. Because today, what I picked up was, he may be experiencing some rather unusual, autoimmune issues from stress. Especially stress-activated. This may include some demyelination (a degenerative nerve process that erodes the myelin sheath that normally protects nerve fibers. ~Joe) in the peripheral, at the very base of the peripheral motor nerves of the lower spine. Because I get a sense that he may have some tingling, or even numbness, perhaps even some neuropathies of some sort from the lower body. Doesn’t seem to be up in the upper body, but seems to be in the lower and it seems to be coming from L three, L four, L five, down to the sacrum. Now, L3, 4, 5, and down to the sacrum showed up before on January 26th, as being somewhat tight and blocked. But today, it’s showing up as possibly having some demyelination near the root bases. You know how the root… how the motor nerves come out of that area…go down into the lower part of the body.

Also, today, there’s something going on with some stress in his right shoulder. But that didn’t show up before. He does have tension up in the upper part of his back: Thoracic 2 to Thoracic 6. But today, the right shoulder showed up. That could be just an incidental thing. But his, for some reason, his whole throat area is really closed down today and his thyroid seems a little low. With last time it was really open. I mean in January 26th, it was really open, so something is going on. It’s probably more than just having a sore throat. I feel he’s feeling like he has this message to share or something and he can’t get it out. He’s not sure he can get it out.

I asked who might be the agency…what species? I did get the short greys coming from Zeta Reticuli. Also, the Arcturians, multi-dimensional, and some from the Pleiades. So, there are more than one species. The short greys being from Zeta Reticuli, being one of the predominant ones. And these are species which are not…they are benevolent in the sense that they have…Okay, I have more about them. Okay, on the back here. The Others or The Watchers, are representatives of what’s called a Supreme Council of Elders who get the message out. Not so much about the event, but about…to protect the stability of the region. I feel it is to be honored.

KG: Okay, well, that’s very interesting. I guess what I’d like to do is ask you, not now, but when you have a chance, go back to the event – which you described in some detail – and focus on him physically, during the event. And see if you were to observe him during the event. If you were to be like, a little mouse on his shoulder. Where do you see, if you see anything, in terms of his immediate surroundings? By that, I mean, let’s say, not what he’s looking out…not what he is moving to or doing. But what is it? Where is the…what kind of an environment? What kind of an environment is he in during the event? And what kind of observations…if you were to be like, a foot away? Two feet away. Three feet away. Four feet away. Essentially, in his surround. sure. What, if anything, would you see, as you look at him.

PI: Sure. Sure. Okay, I’ll do that. Okay. Can I take? Can I get a bit? I’ll do that sometime in the next few days. And I’ll email you and say, “I have that information.” And then you can talk to me about it at your convenience, whenever you would like. Yeah, that helps. Cause there’s such a lot, you know, and the questions are so large that this helps me to know where you want me to focus and I will do that.


KG: Well, that’s a minor thing. You’ve been giving me information about some extremely interesting things concerning exactly what the questions were that I gave you. Questions that I gave you are answered very well. And I’m really grateful because you focused on exactly the language of my questions. And then you gave me the answers. And they were very specific about very, sort of corporal state/states, information. And what I just asked you now is to look at the corporeal states of his physiognomy (the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance. ~Joe), body, so forth. I appreciate, by the way, the information concerning his neurological state, because I’d be meeting and examining him in the next three days. The timing is really good.

PI: That’s of high concern for me. High concern for me.

KG: What? What’s a concern?

PI: Because it’s such a difference. His state. Because it’s so different between January 26th and today. So…

KG: Well, I should find out.

PI: Yeah, find out. Because he’s under a lot more stress. The other thing I was gonna ask you: If there is such a base, do you want me to look at it?

KG: You know, I guess I, at the moment, I feel a little bit like that, [Psychic’s name], than I do when you give me information about categories of medical data that I don’t have expertise in. And you know, I’m very frequently saying, “Don’t bother telling me about chakras, because I don’t even know what a chakra is.”

PI: Okay, but I mean, I can draw you a schematic if you’re interested. So if you ever find yourself interested, let me…

KG: I guess…I guess I…the question in my mind about that is, it’s a really good, it’s a really good point. And it kind of leads into the next part of our discussion. I’m not the expert in assessing the value of that category of information. I don’t know anything about architecture. I don’t know anything about dimensional characterizations of military facilities that I don’t have access to. I don’t know anything about detail that would come from that. So, it would have no meaning for me. But – and this is the key point, it kind of gets to our next part of the question – others in my confederation with whom I’m working, ARE expert at those things, just like they are not expert in allopathic medicine.

So, my focus with you on the dozen cases we’ve had, have been the clinical medical issues for which I can get for, for which I already have personal examination of the patients or access to brain scans, and access blood tests and access to internal medical and neurological data. And so, I tend to stay away from having you give me information that has little meaning. Now having said that, here’s the departure point and we’re now finished with zero, zero, one (inaudible) to the other subjects.

Our sponsor, and myself and Hal (Puthoff) and George (pretty sure he’s referring to George Hathaway, who wrote about the controversial, John Hutchison and who penned two of the DIRD papers for AAWSAP ~Joe ) are extremely impressed at the granularity of your reporting on the clinical medical data of the individuals. For example, I’ll just give you the most recent. A number of cases…not every single one of our dozen…but on a number of the cases, I have transcribed the factual, medical information and given them to the individuals and asked them to tell me what they think. And in almost every case, they basically say that individual, meaning you, knows me very well. And most importantly, in a recent one, one of the patients was a physician and one of the patients was a sub-cabinet level officer. And both of them said to me – I gave them essentially a written document that took only the theoretical statements that you asserted that were medical. That were factual. Based on science, not symptoms, but based on science. Clinical medical science. And they both went through them and found that 95, by count, 95% of your statements were correct. And the others they could not determine. So that’s pretty impressive. That’s better than a physician does when he puts together all of his medical data. That’s better than an allopathic.

PI: You can see why [removed because it would make it easy to identify PI. Basically, she said she is well regarded by other professionals in the world of intuitives. ~Joe)

KG: I can certainly see that. So that is related to a second, overlapping part of a Venn diagram. So first we’ve got the reportage of the reasons for the individual patients that I’ve given you, writ large, having certain physical and neurological characteristics. And that’s quite good. I mean, you even describe, for example, in one patient, just kind of at the end of the discussion, that the individual has a pons that was significantly larger than the average pons. That’s pretty, that’s a pretty, abstruse thing to say. That’s a pretty odd thing to say. That’s a pretty strange thing to report. That’s a pretty weird thing. But I happen to have that individual’s brain scan and so I measured the pons and I measured 100 controls. And you were right. I mean, the pons of that particular individual is 100%, larger than the average for an age, sex match, group of individuals. I mean, there’s not very many people that even care about the pons of the brain.

So I mean, that kind of thing all put together is from a piece of the Venn diagram that has to do with the accuracy of clinical, neurological, and cognitive data, which is the other piece of what you described with that. And also, I must say, some of the spinal column defects that you pointed to, which one of the two individuals, in fact, has, has things very interesting. Encircling the second part of the Venn diagram is what is of interest to our sponsor. And it is relates to the experiment – which I shared, that we have discussed – which is the possibility of a simultaneous, functional brain scan between you and that facility in Phoenix. And this individual’s facility, possibly in either Western Europe – probably in London – or in Tel Aviv. And you have already stated that you would be willing to be a subject in the experiment for an attempt for an ineffable contact communication in the time and state, precisely with [Uri] Geller, at the other location.

PI: My only concern is that I would be, I want your…I’m trusting you explicitly, in that I don’t want anything to be implanted, you know, any ideas implanted in my mind by that. Know what I mean?

KG: Let me tell you where we are in that. It kind of gets to the departure point of this conversation, PI. I told you that I feel confident about certain pieces of data and I do not feel confident about other pieces of data. Now if there was to be point to point, communication attempt, I can tell you three things about that experiment. Number 1: About one-third of that, I’m the only expert on Earth…because of the functional MRI, connectivity systems of what parts of the brain are related to other parts of the brain for communication and quantum telepathy. The second thing is the software associated with the calculations and the manner in which the scan sequences would be done at two different locations. So where the technical people doing the scan sequencing with the radio frequencies used for MRI, in both locations, were coordinated. And using the same (paleo-?) coordinates for looking at the brain, simultaneously.

That’s a very rich, very interesting, very complicated, very mature, and very, very, very, very advanced software. And each one of those experiments is done individually. So, there is a second group of people, one of whom is a PhD engineer, neuroscientist, who works for Hal and George. At Hal’s institute. He would be in charge of that. Not Kit. Okay, the third part of this sort of a communication gets to the questions that Hal is the world expert in. Which has to do with the interpretation of data that comes from verbal reportage of individuals doing remote viewing. And he is expert in that, not me. He’s done thousands of cases. I’ve done zero. And he would be the individual responsible for that.


So what the issue is that the sponsor’s interested in, is tying that all together. And the sponsor is interested in one dimension of that experiment. And I’m interested in the second. Hal’s interested in the third. And here the dimensions are. I’m interested in the dimension of showing that quantum connectivity between two proven, competent, telepaths can be measured with simultaneity in terms of the portions of the brain that are activated. That that is now possible to do. I don’t do the math. But I know how to determine what portions of the midbrain connected to the caudate-putamen, connected to the prefrontal cortex and connected to the part of the brain that does imaging…is all related to each other. That’s something that right now is a very rich area of my world of MRIs.

Hal is the expert in knowing how to design the experiment. And the sponsor is interested in having an experiment design where the thing that you do and the thing that Uri does, happen to be identical to each other. Both you and Uri have asserted, and in your case, you have, in my judgment, proven – in Uri’s case, I can’t say – that the connectivities that you get for the acquisition of information, includes The Others.

PI: Oh, yes.

KG: Okay, now, our sponsor is interested in the latter.

PI: Yeah, I know he is.

KG: Hal is interested in the former. I’m interested in the neurology and the genetics. Okay, so what the sponsor has done, within the very recent past, is said, he would like to have us do that. And so I have, as you know, have put out feelers to Uri. And there’s good news, and there’s bad news.

PI: (Laughs)

KG: And I don’t know whether it’s going to work. And that’s just because we’re dealing with Uri. With you, there’s only good news, but with Uri, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, Uri is very interested. The bad news is Uri is very interested in publicity. And he has been informed by my interlocutor to him in Tel Aviv, that ain’t gonna happen. There will be no manner of anything public about such an experiment, None. Zero.

PI: Right. Right. I think that has to be.

KG: Now having said that, one of the members of the team is a senior author of a book or two, actually, about Uri, and is a senior editor of the Financial Times of London. And we would agree that he and only he, would have the right of second refusal, with ours having first refusal to anything that such an experimental design and results might portend, For example, if the experiment were to end up being scientifically pristine, the data were to show quantum, pseudo location between two purely, absolutely pristine experimental MRI scanners, we would not say that information could not be part of scientific literature, with the appropriate protection of sources. And we won’t say that Uri would never ever, ever, ever be allowed to say, “I was the person in that journal article, subject number B.” Okay? But he couldn’t do it ahead of time.

Now, he may say, “No. If I can’t be in control…if I can’t have the right of total…my own people present, my own cameras present, my own recording people present, I can’t go on TV and say, “Look what these guys did and what they discovered with,” then it’s not going to happen, Then what we’re going to do is find another person than Uri. And we have several candidates. Now I won’t do that. But I got a feeling that one of them, to be honest with you, just between you and me, one of them may be subject zero, one, one. Because it seems to me that there’s a certain coalescence of what you said. And I gotta now ask you a couple of questions. So I can write down the answers.

PI: Here’s my concern, Hal. Umm, excuse me, Kit. Here is the deal. Years ago, when I was in the presence of Uri, and he was on the stage, and I was just in the audience, I had a very distinct psycho-kinetic reaction to him. I told you, the ring on my finger bent and broke. I am concerned for my well being if I am simultaneously linked to this person. So that is my only concern. I do not understand what that link may be. I don’t think we need to understand. But I personally…and that’s the only time that ever happened to me. Although, I’ve had a lot of psycho-kinetic effects around me in my life but I’ve never had a ring bend and break on my finger before.

KG: I understand.. I understand.

PI: I’m just concerned for my own safety. That’s the long and short of it. If I get connected to Uri, what’s gonna happen? Is the MRI gonna explode? I don’t know. And I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic. (laughs) I’m just saying, I don’t know and I’m not sure I wanna, you know. So this is where.. the other thing is whatever experiment…

End of Recording…


Joe’s Comments

As far as I know, there’s no way to verify any of the seemingly, ET-related data that Psychic came up with during her sessions(s) on Experiencer. The one thing we do know is Dr. Green raves about her accuracy on certain targets. This is from my interview that I will post soon.


Joe Murgia: Did you know Remote Viewers who were superstars, with amazing accuracy like Uri Geller, [name of Dr. Green’s female psychic I’ve been calling Psychic]…

Kit Green: The Answer to your question is Yes! Triple Yes! I have known three, now I’ve examined dozens and dozens in the early, early program, the CIA, and you know the Army program that existed between 1985-1994 or 1993 or whatever, I’ve seen the data, there were about a hundred good remote viewers and of that hundred or so, three were superstars within the domain. I’m going to say this so it comes out in capital letters and italicized in the domain of what the data was that these remote viewers were looking at: I have known three that were essentially 95, actually, if I tell the truth really, 100% accurate all the time.

Joe Murgia: Every time?

Kit Green: Whenever…one was Uri Gellar, one was Pat Price and one was [Psychic] (he later added Ingo Swann). I repeat what I said in italics. I can’t speak to the accuracy of any of the three of them when they are describing a domain, about which I have zero, professional, credentials [but] when those people I named, talk about something that I know, I can verify, they are a hundred percent. It tends to be medical, or if not medical, it tends to be things about people’s interaction with people, where I can talk to the persons.


Don’t assume Dr. Green’s silence, as Psychic was refferring to a portal and mutiple, alleged extraterrestrial groups visiting this planet, means he accepts that data as being true. I believe that would be an inaccurate assumption. He explained that to her when he said, “my focus with you on the dozen cases we’ve had, has been the clinical medical issues for which I already have personal examination of the patients or access to brain scans, and access to blood tests and access to internal medical and neurological data. And so, I tend to stay away from having you give me information that has little meaning.”

However, as you can see, when he mentioned “The Others,” he seems open minded about that possibility: “Both you and Uri have asserted, and in your case, you have, in my judgment, proven – in Uri’s case, I can’t say – that the connectivities that you get for the acquisition of information, includes The Others.” And you’ll see, when I publish my interview with him, he couldn’t explain why he said that. Also, if Psychic is 95% accurate with medical data or the physical condition of the subject, how accurate is she with data related to alleged extraterrestrials? Is that even possible to calculate?

There is a lot to be unpacked and analyzed in this blog. I hope Keith Basterfield works his magic, takes his time, and does his thing. He’s one of the best researchers and analysts on the planet. Get to it, Keith! 😀


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