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Knapp Statement on Skinwalker Ranch: “People Have Taken My Remarks Out Of Context”

27 Mar , 2020  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter

For those of you unfamiliar with Skinwalker Ranch, I suggest you start out by reading this recent article by MJ Banias and watch this excellent lecture by award-winning, investigative reporter, George Knapp. You should also read the book, “Hunt for the Skinwalker ” by Knapp and biochemist, Colm Kelleher and watch the documentary, “Hunt for the Skinwalker” by filmmaker and investigator, Jeremy Corbell.

For those of you who don’t have time for all that, Skinwalker Ranch, located in northeastern Utah, is the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot in the world. It was the catalyst for the U.S. government’s AAWSAP study into UFOs and paranormal phenomena. For more on that aspect, check out this fantastic article by researcher, Tim McMillan.

On March 25th, Twitter user, “Theyre Heeeere” tweeted this about the ranch (swr):


Obviously, I can’t remember everything Knapp has said about the topic but that didn’t sound familiar. Then again, it’s possible he said it and I just missed it. I tagged Knapp in my tweet and hoped he would respond. He did. The following is from an email he sent me today.

I saw a discussion on Twitter about statements attributed to me re: Skinwalker Ranch. I think people have taken my remarks out of context a bit, though what I have said in a few public presentations is sort of in that same ballpark.

My remarks in public presentations were not scripted, so I do not recall the exact words I used, but here is the thrust of what I have said and what I believe to be true.

Near the ends of the NIDS study, some of the team members and investigators speculated among themselves whether the phenomena at the ranch were unique to that property or were a product of the intense investigation. They wondered, among themselves, whether they could trow a dart at the map and then go investigate that spot, putting considerable resources into the investigation, and come up with similar results. It was more of a mind exercise and a question rather than a conclusion, and they did not really have an answer for it.

One reason for this speculation is because they found quite a bit of testimony from people who live elsewhere in the Uintah Basin about similar activity in places other than the ranch The entire basin has been a UFO hotspot for decades, probably longer. And there are widespread reports of animal mutilations, weird creatures, etc, especially on tribal lands in the basin, places that have nothing to do with the ranch.  Whether or not the team could uncover similar levels of activity in other places was an open question. The fact is, no place in the world has the level of documented, scientifically investigated weirdness as has been shown on the ranch. NIDS, BAASS, and now Adamantium have proven this to a very reasonable degree, whether debunkers or UFO grifters care to admit it or not. 

One reason I was allowed to  make public some of the NIDS research in newspaper articles back in 2003 is because the level of activity at the ranch had dropped to the point where the team didn’t have much to do. They had peaks and valleys previously, but by 2003, it had been a prolonged drought in terms of large inexplicable events. NIDS wanted to see if some news coverage might produce reports from other areas that would be worthy of study.  And it worked to a degree. They did get leads about other potential hotspots. Colm Kelleher and I covered some of this in the Skinwalker book.  Yakima, Washington was one place…Sedona, Arizona…also Dulce, New Mexico. There is a lot of mythology about Dulce, as we know, but NIDS spent at least 6 months with boots on the ground there and gathered considerable testimony about concentrated weirdness in and around the Jicarilla reservation. It was very similar to the ranch, but again, not as extensively investigated or documented.

So, I would agree there is no place we know of that matches Skinwalker Ranch in terms of sheer intensity of weird stuff that has been duly investigated by qualified experts, though the rest of the Unitah Basin has a long history of its own phenomena. Other hotspots could probably produce similar results if given similar scrutiny, though it’s just guesswork at this point. 

I did not say that everyplace else is just like Skinwalker if only it could be studied to the same degree.  If it came out that way in some unscripted remarks made during a presentation, I certainly did not intend it to say that and hope this clears it up. 

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