“People Will Go To Jail” – George Knapp, Robert Bigelow and The Secret Space Program

29 Jul , 2018  

“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

~Senator Daniel Inouye, 1987

Source: Video of the late Senator Daniel Inouye on a Shadow Government.

Inouye was one of four Senators who helped get the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) started.


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by Joe Murgia

Why does our government withhold information about UFOs? Many people believe it’s because the general population can’t handle the truth: Some UFOs are not ours and have been interacting with humanity for a very long time. They feel chaos would ensue if that truth were widely known. Other folks believe there’s a secret space program that explains many, if not all, UFO sightings. They’ll confidently say something like, “it’s our own, classified, black budget craft. No big deal.”

In the late 80s, Bob Lazar and other witnesses claim to have seen craft at Area 51 perform “incredible maneuvers.” I ‘ve seen the videos shot by Lazar, John Lear and their friends but it’s hard to say much about them since they’re lights in the nighttime sky and there’s no reference point to help judge them. But let’s assume they were performing anti-gravitic maneuvers. Were those our craft? Were they built by men and women from that “shadowy government”? And if they were, how far has that technology progressed since that time? Could this explain the recent UFO videos (Tic Tac, Gimbal and GO FAST) that the Pentagon released?

Back in 2008, some of these topics came up during the Q&A portion of KLAS investigative reporter, George Knapp’s lecture on “The Hunt for the Skinwalker.” Knapp had some very interesting insights that are still relevant today.

This excerpt is taken from George Knapp’s “Hunt for the Skinwalker” UPARS lecture that took place on June 17th, 2008.

Starts at 1:48:54

Second audience question begins at: 1:56:03

Video: George Knapp on if there’s a Secret Space Program

Audience Member: “With all due respect to Bob Bigelow, it seems like we could be reinventing the wheel. Like Area 51, I think the black budget – trillions of dollars and how many years since World War II? Do you have an opinion on how much might have been – whether it’s saucers or what have you – how much might have been developed under a black budget regime that simply is being kept from us? It’s a little sad to hear that others are forced in effect to duplicate what might already be…”

George Knapp:  “Like a space program? Like maybe we have another space program?”

Audience Member: “Exactly.”

George Knapp: “I share your suspicions. I don’t have the answer but I will address your question this way: Back in the, right after the Lazar stuff broke and it made international news, and you might recall a lot of people made fun of me and little green hookers from outer space when Bob got into trouble with a brothel and things like that. Every major news organization in the world has beaten a path to Area 51’s door. They’ve all been out there, every single one of them. Every network, both domestic and foreign, have been out there. A lot of attention on Area 51. And because of that, it also, it got the attention of Congress. And believe it or not, there are some people in Congress – powerful people who’ve been there for a long time – who are interested in the kinds of things that you and I are talking about tonight. They have to be quiet about it because they want to be re-elected. But they are interested and they’ve assigned people to look into it for ’em over the years.

“And there was one particular guy who came out to see me several times and wanted to know about Area 51. So we briefed him on it and told him, he was gonna…he has the highest security clearances. He ended up going in there and looking at places where we told him to look. And we shared thoughts about that scenario that you’re describing. He believed and expressed to me that the reasons for the UFO cover-up was not some public panic or we’d freak out about aliens. It was being covered up because, when it comes out,  people will go to jail because they’ve lied to the public. They’ve stolen millions, tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars from legitimate, national security programs and put ’em into cover-ups and disinformation and crap like that. Could be that this stuff has been developed. This guy believed that perhaps it had not only been taken out of the military – in order to have a further, sort of a bumper between congressional investigators and the truth – but maybe it had been taken not only into private industry but into foreign, private industry. Like say, the Saudis, who could bankroll something like that and keep it secret out there in the desert sands. And so that was sort of the mission that this guy was on while he was working for Congress and I don’t think he ever got the answer. I hope that there’s still people doing that kind of work but I don’t really know. I’m sorry. I wish I could answer better.”

* * *

Audience member: “I don’t know if you’re aware but up over Mission Control in Houston, on the floor above it, there is an identical Mission Control room for military missions. Military missions that you never hear about.”

Knapp: “The other space program.”

Audience member: “Right. Right. Have you ever heard that before? That there’s another, identical Mission Control?”

Knapp: “I haven’t but there’s got to be one somewhere, doesn’t there?”

Audience Member: “Well, they told me this on the tour I took of the facilities. Just a public tour with a lot of other people in 1994. We were in Mission Control and they said, there is another Mission Control right above this for military missions. And you never, ever, ever hear about any independent military missions of any sort.”

Knapp: “This is not paranoia thinking about a second, secret space program. This is been carried in the mainstream media. They’ve even named some of the astronauts who were a part of it in the early going. I’ll just say this…My friend Bob Bigelow, who now works very closely with NASA, who’s had a hand in selecting the heads of NASA, who bought a facility at the Johnson Space Center and works with these guys every day…I asked him the question whether the thinks that there is a second, secret space program and he said yes. I will defer to his judgment.”

Ten years later, during a discussion on Twitter, Knapp shared his thoughts on whether some UFOs may belong to a United States government, black project…

* * *

If we have craft that are “not on the books,” and are unknown to our military and intelligence agencies, those craft could explain some UFO sightings. It could even explain some sightings where our military folks are the ones spotting them. But my personal opinion is that the craft our military men and women have encountered up close – specifically, the three that we’ve seen on official, Pentagon video releases – are NOT ours. I’d put them in the “other” category. Maybe ET. Maybe from another dimension. I can go on and on with the “Maybes.” We just don’t know. At least I don’t.

Regarding on the books, secret craft? It makes zero sense to me that craft like that would be flown so close to our conventional, military craft. Why risk everybody (without the proper clearance) seeing them or risk having one crash or being shot down? Then the secret is out. I think those are the craft that Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s UFO (AATIP) program referenced during his interview with George Knapp on this recent “Coast to Coast AM” show:

* * *

Knapp: Could it be a drone or something? You knew a lot of stuff but you didn’t know everything. There is compartmentalization, stove-pipes…could it be something that we were flying around out there and they were testing limits by seeing how the Nimitz would react?”

Elizondo: “Well, I mean…sure. It could be anything. But let’s look at that scenario just for a minute, Mr. Knapp. As the premier defense force in the world, you have the United States operating a carrier group. And by the way, I suspect we’re talking about the Nimitz incident here, not any of the other ones that are…”

Knapp: “Yes. Yes.”

Elizondo: “Let’s just focus on the Nimitz incident, which, by the way, there’s many other ones. But, let’s just focus, for argument’s sake, on the Nimitz incident. So, any time you wanna go ahead and test a super secret blue force, the last thing you’re gonna wanna do is test it in an area where there’s other U.S. military aircraft and not let them know. Because you have so much money and resources developed in something like this, the last thing you wanna do is risk this thing getting shot down.

“So, if that was the case and we actually were testing, routinely, these super, highly advanced aircraft in and around our own carrier group, without coordinating that movement, we would be so entirely dysfunctional that I fear we may…we would never win a war. So…no. There’s entire organizations on the joint staff and within the services that do nothing more than deconflict this type of activity. In fact we’re prohibited, many times, from flying these type of capabilities anywhere near anything else that we have because we don’t wanna risk something getting shot down or worse, something crashing. Or, endangering the lives of military maneuvers. So…no. I really, really, really doubt, it is certainly not one of ours. And if it happened one time, okay…maybe someone should be fired. But for this to happen over and over and over and over again? Over the course of two weeks? That is so improbable, I should go play the lottery right now.

* * * * * * * * * *

Please source – www.ufojoe.net/?p=92 or just www.ufojoe.net – if you’d like to use any of the text from this article. It takes time to transcribe everything so I’d appreciate it if you share the link.

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