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Professor of Physics, Knuth, Reviews 1st Episode of Skinwalker Ranch – “It Appears That Science Has Overlooked A Great Deal In Terms Of Strange, Rare, And Uncontrollable Phenomena”

7 Apr , 2020  

If you’re unfamiliar with Kevin Knuth, I suggest you read these two articles:

Are we alone? The question is worthy of serious scientific study

“I believe we need to face the possibility that some of the strange flying objects that outperform the best aircraft in our inventory and defy explanation may indeed be visitors from afar – and there’s plenty of evidence to support UFO sightings.”

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Before the coronavirus hit, Knuth was scheduled to give a lecture at the Carey Institute for Global Good in Rensselaerville, where he would have presented the findings of his most recent study into the acceleration patterns of some of these unidentified crafts, which he says are up to 5,000 times the acceleration of gravity and indicate an unnatural, and inhuman, origin. 

“That is the data,” Knuth said. “Now the trick is looking for an explanation.”

And if you haven’t yet seen the first episode of “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” you can watch it here. If you’re out of the country, you can watch it at this YouTube link.


by Kevin Knuth, Associate Professor of Physics at University at Albany (SUNY) and Former NASA Research Scientist

(Knuth wrote and posted this in a private group and gave me permission to post it here. ~Joe)

First, this is a TV show. It is not a documentary. Some of those scenes were re-enacted or at least seemed to be. Pulling out the briefcase at the end was over-dramatic and unrealistic. If you brought me on board as a scientist (which I would greatly enjoy), then I would expect to be thoroughly de-briefed beforehand…no surprises…no secret briefcases.

My wife said that that briefcase should have had a brilliant golden light inside, just like on Pulp Fiction. I agree. Take note H (History Channel).

As for Travis, he is qualified, period. His Ph.D. is in optical science, which is what you want if you need someone to work on electro-optical surveillance of an unknown phenomenon. The difficulty Travis faces is the same difficulty any media personality faces, and that is one is perceived more as a showman than a member of your profession. Is Neil de Grasse Tyson a real astrophysicist? Yes, he is. Dr. Tyson has studied galactic astronomy and stellar evolution. But he is more well-known for his series “Cosmos.” Carl Sagan had similar problems where even the scientific community did not take him seriously in some situations because of his public outreach, and later his TV series “Cosmos.”

If Travis hasn’t experienced this problem yet, he will. He will be more widely known for his work on various TV shows rather than his scientific work. It is a delicate balance that I would not know how to manage. With that in mind, given that this is a TV show about a scientific study, Travis is probably better qualified than most.

The whole business with the Tri Field meter was simultaneously interesting and unprofessional. The RF setting measures broadband radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, not just microwaves. But by saying microwave radiation and describing it as dangerous conjures up images of engineers with their retinas boiling off. It certainly adds to the drama! But it is horribly imprecise.

Then the business about potential radioactive fallout from the 1950s was strange. They certainly need to identify and quantify the presence of any such fallout and analyze it so that it can be distinguished from any mysterious or unknown sources of radioactivity.

Travis’ seemed to suggest that the radioactive fallout could be responsible for the microwave energy. That is ridiculous. I hope that he prompted to say something like that rather than believing it. But then he has a Masters degree in Physics, and without knowing him better professionally, I couldn’t begin to comment on the degree of expertise he possesses, if any, in particle physics. Again, this is a TV show and it is not clear to what degree that scene was constructed.

Digging. I was delighted when Travis brought this up. I, for years, have thought that they need to dig, use ground penetrating radar, record seismic anomalies, record sounds, everything! I was very disappointed when I found out that AATIP did not do this, despite the fact that remote viewers that they used pointed to locations underground as being important.
Travis is absolutely right about digging. It is an invitation. But I understand that it is seriously dangerous. I would think that some of this could be done remotely with a digger and remote control and everyone safely off the ranch. But then, the equipment might fail. The fact that Travis pushed hard for digging and stood his ground showed me that he knows what needs to be done and he is willing to do what it takes to do it. For this, I give him high marks!

That being said, I have heard what happens when one digs. One should not be doing experiments that are going to get people hurt. So I understand and sincerely appreciate Brandon’s decision not to dig. Perhaps they can, and did, come up with alternate ideas for looking under ground. We will have to wait and see.

I would be very interested in talking to Travis (and had hoped to do so at the SCU meeting in June, which is now postponed) and learn about what he thinks is going on at the ranch. I have some ideas, but they are just ideas based only on stories (not data). It appears that science has overlooked a great deal in terms of strange, rare, and uncontrollable phenomena. As a scientist, I want to know what is real and what there is to learn. Let’s find out what the Universe is really like!

I am sincerely interested in the phenomena experienced on the ranch and I would be thrilled to study it. I am eager to learn more. And this show is going to provide us all with some information about what goes on there. I have no choice but to give it the benefit of the doubt and the benefit of time. It was certainly interesting and entertaining.

I wish Brandon, Travis, and the rest of the team a great deal of success!

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