“Unidentified” Season Finale – Extensive Quotes & Notes – Reid: “It Would Affect My Credibility If I Started Talking About Everything I Know.”

8 Jul , 2019  

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By Joe Murgia – TheUfoJoe on Twitter

Episode 6 of “Unidentified” begins with a summary of Episodes 1-5.

If you missed those, you can watch them here:

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Narrator: “There’s one thing [Elizondo’s] investigation has never found. Until now…”

Luis Elizondo packing for trip to Italy

Elizondo on leaving his job at DoD:

“I don’t know if it was a journey, more or less than an odyssey that hasn’t finished yet. It was probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made in my life, with the ramifications that could be, potentially disastrous. You know, it’s not just me I gotta worry about. I gotta worry about my wife, my two daughters…I gave it all up to do what I thought was right.

“Half the people that I know think I’m crazy. The other half of people I know don’t understand. At the end of the day, I hope that people a lot smarter than me will come out of the shadows and tell the government what they know. I did this because I needed our leadership in government to finally take notice. The only way I could fix the system was to fix it from the outside.”

Elizondo and DeLonge on Their Way to Rome, Italy.

Luis Elizondo: “When I was in the government, I just couldn’t go to France or Italy and have a conversation about UFOs with their national defense apparatus.”

Now in Rome…

Narrator: [DeLonge and Elizondo have] “been invited to a private meeting with senior Italian, military officials concerned about UFO encounters.”

(They didn’t make clear if it’s current or former military officials. ~Joe)

Elizondo: “You had been hearing for a while…rumors that there was a potential attack on an Italian aircraft. This is the first time that myself, even being in AATIP, was aware of an actual hostile act.”

If you want to read what I found out about this alleged attack, read my blog post here.

And I transcribed the extensive, public presentation Elizondo (and DeLonge) gave in Italy back in October of 2018.

In Episode 6 of “Unidentified,” we’re taken inside a private meeting that DeLonge and Elizondo had with various UFO researchers and (former?) members of the Italian military in a hotel conference room in Rome.

Clarbruno Vedruccio

Vedruccio: “Every government want to keep, extremely secret, any information.

Narrator: “Clarbruno Vedruccio is a scientist. And was a commander in an elite unit of the Italian Navy. For fifteen years, he’s been investigating unidentified craft with a team of researchers.”

Vedruccio: “So I know, several information. But my government don’t want to know. Because if my government know, they must do something.”

Elizondo: “Absolutely. I would like to see what you have. That’s what I’d like to see.”

Vedruccio: “Ah yeah. If I tell you something that is restricted, you must give us something restricted. We are not Russian. We are brothers. You have to give me something of the same weight.”

Elizondo: I still have to be cognizant of the security clearance I hold. So please do not confuse my speaking in generalities as trying to avoid a question. During our time in the AATIP program, we were focused on only two, primary objectives. Those two objectives: what is it and how does it work? We still don’t know what they are but we have a much better understanding now of how they work.”

Dr. Roberto Pinotti, Founder of Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN) and a controversial figure in Italian Ufology, says that they assembled more than 13,ooo cases (transcription says 13,000 cases but it sounds like he said 15,000 ~Joe) during the last 70 years and they have a database. But, he says, if the database is not shared with researchers outside of Italy, it’s useless.

Vedruccio: “In 2004, in Sicily, a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind the copter tail and it shoot a ray that destroyed the helicopter wings. I can show you the photographs.” (No evidence is shown that the UFO shot a ray at the helicopter. ~Joe)

Elizondo: “That’s what I’d like to see.”

Narrator: “Clarbruno Vedruccio was a commander in the Italian military’s equivalent of the U.S. Navy Seals. He’s describing a harrowing 2004 encounter  between one of his military helicopters and a UFO.”

Elizondo: “This was the only helicopter in the airspace on a secret mission to actually investigate the UAP phenomena off the coast of that island. And it gets zapped. And there’s several pictures from different cameras, on the island, of the same helicopter and a UAP following it.”

(That paragraph above didn’t make it into the final edit. In all the reading that I did on the case, I didn’t find anybody claiming that the helicopter was sent up to investigate UAPs/UFOs. And I didn’t hear anything about pictures from multiple cameras. ~Joe)

Vedruccio: “We can’t use missiles against this f**king device. So, you know. We can’t launch missile or the missile will be sent back.” (He doesn’t explain how he knows this. ~Joe)

Elizondo: “So this was deliberate? You believe it was a deliberate…”

Vedruccio: “Absolutely.”

Narrator says that in 2004, spontaneous fires broke out across Northern, Sicily. Footage is shown.

Narrator: “Italian military sent a helicopter to investigate. Officials say the copter was chased by a saucer-shaped UFO that shot a powerful, electromagnetic beam at its rotor. The helicopter was severely damaged but able to land. (I read and was told that it was a helicopter from Regional Civilian Protection. ~Joe) The incident was photographed by a local resident. Locals had also reported seeing mysterious lights over the sea. For months, the military investigators were baffled. But they were able to piece together a few key details.”

Unknown object and helicopter

If what Vedruccio says in the following quote can be proven, it’s extremely important.

Vedruccio: “This signal was absolutely directional. It was a beam. We discovered we could see them on a certain band of frequencies. Then we discovered that when they use their energy weapons, they must go outside the stealth mode. Only in that moment can we hit them with depleted uranium weapons.”

Narrator: “Militaries around the world have electromagnetic pulse weapons that produce quick bursts of energy that can destroy electrical systems. But the Italians claim the pulse fired in the attack on their helicopter, destroyed its rotor. No known military has that capability.”

Elizondo interview: “They were very pointed and matter of fact that these things had been kind of plaguing them for some time. One individual in particular, provided some very, very detailed information to include some analyses on frequency. I hate to say it but they may have more information than we do even in the U.S., potentially.”

(Whatever evidence/data was provided to back up the claims related to the helicopter, UFO shooting a ray, an electromagnetic beam and UFOs allegedly being visible when they use their energy weapons, was not discussed or shown. ~Joe)

Narrator: “The Italians say the spontaneous fires in Northern Sicily were also caused by an electromagnetic beam, which they say came from the ocean.”

(For an extensive look at the fires and an alternative explanation, check out this article. ~Joe)

Unknown Man: “So the target was found at a distance of around 80 kilometers. The source was in the open sea.”

Elizondo: “Do we have an altitude?”

Unknown Man: “It was not visible because it was in the bottom of the sea.”

Vedruccio: “You could use the same frequency to provide a radio beacon to call them. First, to attract them. To show them that we have understood their technology.”

DeLonge: “Communication.”

Elizondo interview: “This was next level. One of our international friends may have even figured out a way to communicate. We didn’t get that far in AATIP, that’s for damn sure.”

Back to hotel conference room…

Man at Table: “Have you ever tried to contact those who are supposedly piloting these devices?”

Elizondo: “I can’t answer that question. I cannot speak on behalf of if other efforts had existed within the U.S. government. ”

“This affects humanity. This doesn’t just affect one country.” ~Luis Elizondo 

At the end of the meeting, both groups agreed to form a partnership to study the phenomenon, outside of the system.

Italian UFO data from thumb drive

The Italians gave Elizondo and DeLonge a thumb drive with tons of data related to all of their UFO/UAP cases going back to 1901, with latitudes and longitudes included. Is this the equivalent to MUFON case files?

Another angle of UFO and helicopter?

The Sicilian UFO/helicopter case is included with pics of what appears to be another angle of the helicopter and UFO and a pic of the rotor damage.

Rotor damage

Elizondo interview: “Had any foreign adversary attacked a military helicopter of another nation, that could be a sign of aggression for sure and maybe, potentially, an act of war. So, that’s a big deal. It is incumbent upon any government, to protect its people, and if there’s any military aircraft that’s interfered with, that could be a sign of vulnerabilities. That’s a huge issue.”

Elizondo and Justice back in Encinitas at TTSA headquarters, with Elizondo discussing what UFOs might represent

Elizondo to Justice: “Here is the bottom line. There’s three options. It’s a foreign technology. The second option is, it’s our technology. Something that we have managed to keep under wraps for a super long time. The third option is that this is…this is something else. Where does that leave us?”

Narrator: “Over the past year, Elizondo and Justice have met to explore possible explanations for the incredible accounts of the U.S. military encounters with UFOs. They discussed whether UFOs could actually be top secret, American military test aircraft and the pilots they interviewed were merely unwitting test subjects.”


Elizondo to Justice: “I can’t completely eliminate the fact that those type of velocities…potentially, potentially are achievable with certain technologies we have.”

Justice To Elizondo: It’s possible, it could be because, you know, it was an operational test. Not everybody gets to know everything.”

Is it an foreign adversary?

Elizondo to Justice: A foreign adversary. They would have to send in something that’s super sophisticated, fast…that can get in, look at what it is we’re doing and then get back out, right?”

Justice to Elizondo: “My greatest fear is that an adversary did figure it out and we are just way, way, way, way, way behind.”

Not of this world?

Elizondo to Justice: “These things that we’re seeing…they don’t have wings, they don’t have tails, they don’t really have any cockpits that we can see. They don’t have anything that we would normally associate with a traditional aircraft.”

Justice to Elizondo: “We can create systems that do pieces of each (the five observables) of these. And not a single system that does all of these.

Elizondo to Justice: “When we were at AATIP, we had some really smart people. These were scientists, academics…who had put a lot of time and effort into trying to figure out the physics of this. We were looking at, what are these things and what will it take to explain them and then to exploit them. And be able to build them. Although we were focused on the nuts and bolts, we were trying to look at all potential possibilities and options of what this could be. Part of that was a commissioning of several studies that has now become quite public. 37 studies.”

Studies commissioned by AATIP

Narrator: “This declassified list of studies, Elizondo’s secret UFO study commissioned, was released to the public in 2019, thanks to the effort of the late Senator, John McCain.

Elizondo to Justice: “I’m gonna pull up, real quick here, this letter. I think it’s important we put this into context. This is the response by DIA to late Senator John McCain. Senator McCain has been there, done that, fought for this country. For him to take time to do this…I think it’s very telling.”

Justice to Elizondo: “And at this point in time, he knew what his fate was, as well. It’s clear he wanted to accomplish some things.”

Narrator: “In July 2018, Senator McCain sent a request to the Defense Intelligence Agency, for all non-classified documents from Elizondo’s secret program, to be released to the public.”

“Now that the list of studies has been released by the U.S. government, we really weren’t looking at aircraft forty years in the future. We were looking at a paradigm-changing technology to try to help explain the phenomenon.” ~Luis Elizondo 

Justice to Elizondo: “The biggest obstacle these things have to overcome is a lot of these were typically classified as pseudo-science.”

Narrator: “The studies explored complex theoretical topics like invisibility, wormholes and anti-gravity. Subjects many believe to be science fiction.”

George Knapp interview: “This technology is, for all intents and purposes, magic. So, we would like to get it. Whoever cracks the code and figures this stuff out first would have a tremendous advantage over other adversaries.”

“Something else”

Elizondo to Justice: “What will your feelings be if it turns that it is not a foreign technology capability and it is not a U.S. capability? Then what?”

Steve Justice: “Then it’s something else. Because it’s hard to say it’s not there.

Narrator: “The studies examined cutting edge theories but they did not address the question that has shadowed the UFO community for decades: The possibility that intelligent life from another solar system has arrived on Earth. The question has been debated for decades, with no hard proof.

Interview with Matthew Kleban, theoretical physicist at NYU. He discusses the hundred billion stars in our own galaxy and ten or a hundred billion galaxies in the observable Universe.

Narrator: “With the help of deep space telescopes, astrophysicists estimate that not only do billions of solar systems exist in our observable Universe, up to one in four contain a planet that could sustain life.”

Justice to Elizondo: “It would be naive to think that, you know, we could be the only ones out there. And I get that. What I’m always fearful of is then people focusing in on aliens. Now you start going down the roads of, you know…Is it from another planet? Is it inter-dimensional? You know? Is it spiritual? What is those things? And it opens up so many cans of worms. I just don’t allow myself to go down that path.”

Elizondo to Justice: “I mean I think it’s disingenuous to say it’s not an option. It’s so unknown that we really have no idea what we’re dealing with.”


Chris Mellon

Chris Mellon is riding in a car, on The Strip in Las Vegas.

Narrator: “Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Chris Mellon, is on his way to meet with a powerful ally in his mission to get the government to take the UFO threat seriously, former Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

Bryan Bender of Politico: “Harry Reid was convinced by doing his own research, that this was something, as an elected official, he should probably care about. And he clearly convinced some of his colleagues in the Senate that it was important enough to look into and that’s how this Pentagon program got started in the first place.”

Narrator: “Senator Reid was the driving force behind the creation of the Pentagon’s secret UFO unit, known as AATIP. Reid retired from the Senate in 2017. But he’s still working behind the scenes to push the U.S. government to study what he believes is a clear and present danger to national security.”

Mellon: “There’s a lot of very profound…very deep issues that an individual like Harry Reid is acutely aware of, that he’s been deeply involved with. And for him to devote time to this issue, in the twilight of his career, is fascinating.”

Former Senator Harry Reid

Chris Mellon interviews Reid…

Former Senator Harry Reid: “We’ve been in a quandary. We have these very, very proficient…best trained pilots in the world. And they see these strange occurrences. And in the past, they’ve been afraid to say anything to anyone for fear they would be looked at as a little strange, a little weird. And for decades, nothing has been done about these incidents.”

Mellon to Reid: “What I wanted to do today, initially, is provide an update…”

Narrator: “Mellon wants Reid to know about the increasingly dangerous encounters with UFOs his team has uncovered.”

Mellon to Reid: “We’ve learned that, beginning in 2015 there were scores of encounters off the East Coast of the United States between U.S. Naval fighters and Unidentified Flying Objects of different kinds. And this was within minutes of flying distance from the nation’s capital. This is still unresolved and this is still continuing. And active duty pilots have approached us and shared these stories with us. One of the extraordinary things that we learned from these pilots is that when their Carrier Battle Group deployed across the Atlantic, they continued to encounter these things, all the way across the Atlantic, into the Middle East. And even over Syria.”

Reid: “We hear so much off the coast of Florida and especially Virginia. People think that’s the only place these unusual things have happened. It’s not true. It’s all over the world where we have battle groups. So this isn’t anything that just is limited to the United States. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.”

Mellon to Reid: “But we’re finding, in both these legislative and executive branch(es), this still lingering concern about a stigma.”

Reid: “But I never hid from it. I acknowledge it. I thought it was an important thing for our country. And I think people who will run from this are absolutely wrong.”

Narrator: “Senator Reid secured funding for the Pentagon’s secret UFO program in part, because he and others had come to believe America’s adversaries were gaining the advantage.”

Reid: “Since I got interested in this, has been KGB Putin. He was head of the KGB. And I guarantee you that he’s got a lot of information on this. And I would bet that Russia is ahead of us in looking into this scientifically.”

Mellon to Reid: “Yessir. And we absolutely share your concern and…one of the things that is very frustrating to me as a former Defense Department official myself…it’s not even being examined. It’s sitting on computer servers.”

Reid: “You know why they’re not looking at it? They don’t want to. It’s another issue that they’re trying to ignore. And that’s what’s happened over the years and that’s too bad. We now have the technology… (to take ET home? I’m joking. Ben Rich ~Joe) What else is going on in space? That information is coming in. It’s all stored some place in a computer bank and it could be pulled up.”

Mellon to Reid: We’re in an environment right now where there’s sort of unprecedented distrust of our government. Do you have any reason to believe that there is a government cover-up of UFOs? That behind the scenes, the government actually really does know the answers and has a…”

Reid: I think the government doesn’t know the answers. But over the decades, rather than try to find the answers, they’ve tried to cover up what the answers might be.”

Bob Bigelow mention!

Bob Bigelow

Narrator: “In an effort to find answers, Reid brought in aerospace entrepreneur, Bob Bigelow.”

Bryan Bender of Politico: “And Bob Bigelow is, you know, has been very open about his views that he believes there are, you know, intelligent beings from some other place, that have visited here.”

Narrator: “Bigelow is one of the few high profile people involved in the Pentagon’s secret program to say he believes the unidentified craft are from another world.”

Mellon: Bob Bigelow recently said on national TV (“60 Minutes”) that he absolutely believes, not only that alien life exists, but that aliens are here… that aliens are visiting Earth. You share that view?”

Reid: “I feel it would be, from a Congressional standpoint, it would affect my credibility if I started talking about everything I know.”

Washington D.C. – January 2019 – DeLonge and Elizondo

DeLonge; “Okay, so it’s a huge week for us. This is a really big moment. So talk to me a little bit about today and the people we’re meeting.

Elizondo to DeLonge: “I’ll be introducing you to an individual that worked with me when I was with AATIP.”

Narrator: “Lue Elizondo and Tom DeLonge are in Washington, D.C. for a series of secret meetings with government officials.

Elizondo to DeLonge: “The reason for this meeting is to basically deconflict and coordinate where are some of the areas that we can continue [to] help, you know, inform and push the cause. And they are gonna also let us know what they are doing on their end. We wanna make sure we don’t step on each other’s toes and we can help each other out.”

Narrator: “Since he left the Pentagon. Elizondo has been working to convince the military to create a formal process for pilots and others, to report their encounters with UFOs.”

Elizondo to DeLonge: “Just a year ago, if I wanted to have a conversation in the halls of the Pentagon about this, I had to go into a vault, that was located inside a SCIF. (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility ~Joe) I had to shut the door, turn on noisemakers. And then I had to whisper in a very quiet voice because of the nature and the sensitivity and the stigma that was associated with this portfolio. And I think that’s important because I think the conversation about this requires transparency, requires collaboration. And it requires honesty.”

Elizondo interview: “When you come across a gam- changing technology, it’s very, very important that you report that up through the chain of command.”

Narrator: “The Department of Defense says Elizondo’s secret UFO program officially shut down in 2012. But Elizondo says the investigation continues.”

“You won’t find any paperwork that ended AATIP.”

Elizondo interview: “In the DoD, there’s two things that occur when you have an organization. There’s paperwork when you start a program and there’s paperwork when you end a program. You won’t find any paperwork that ended AATIP.”

Narrator: “Over the past year, he’s been communicating behind the scenes, with a new team of Pentagon intelligence officers, who are studying UFOs.”

Elizondo interview: “AATIP is not longer run by a single office. There’s now several offices that are engaged in this effort. We meet with people regularly, involved in this effort. And that’s about all I can say.

Narrator: Elizondo and DeLonge head to a meeting with three military intelligence officers.

DeLonge and Elizondo meet intelligence officers now running AATIP

Elizondo: “These are individuals that have to remain very, very much protected. There are extremely qualified people, whom I trust, whom I personally know, that are still running this effort.  And it is being run with official blessing. And that is what I’m prepared to say. I cannot go into any more than that.”

Narrator: “The meeting lasts for over an hour.

Elizondo interview: “Right before the meeting concluded, I was pulled aside and shared some private information that there is still some degree of animosity regarding my departure. I didn’t ask for this portfolio. It was given to me. And I committed myself to it from Day 1. You know, you’re given a mission that you believe in. And your job is to finish that mission.”

Narrator: “Since he went public, Elizondo has been able to bring military eyewitnesses out of the shadows and on the record.”

Elizondo: “We finally have people having conversations about this enigma.”

Female Wingman Pilot from Tic Tac Case: “When I get a call to go to the Pentagon and provide a now, serious debrief,  it’s a little surreal.”

Elizondo: “People have testified before Congress. These are active-duty military personnel.”

Lt. Ryan Graves, fighter pilot from USS Roosevelt Cases: “Other people have had this issue as well. So it’s not a one off with me.”

Elizondo: “They have informed Congress. We have the executive department engaged.”

Bryan Bender, National Security Correspondent, Politico: “So far, this group of individuals has made more progress in getting this issue into the mainstream and taken seriously than anybody has in a very, very long time, if ever. There’s a growing awareness in Congress about this. But I don’t anticipate that any time soon we’re gonna have UFO hearings on Capitol Hill.”

Elizondo: “It really goes against my DNA to have gone “public” with this. Do I think it was the right decision? I think it was the only decision. Because otherwise, we’d still be where we were a year ago. Which is nowhere.”

The Politico story, “U.S. Navy Drafting New Guidelines For Reporting UFOs,” is discussed and the Chris Mellon interview on Tucker Carlson is shown.

Narrator: “For Chris Mellon, the announcement is a major victory.”

Elizondo driving: “This is probably single-handedly, one of the greatest things that the Navy could do for this country.”

Narrator: “For Lue Elizondo, the new Navy policy is confirmation of everything he’s worked for over the past year. It’s also an admission the UFO phenomenon is real and needs to be studied.”

Elizondo driving: “They’re writing policy that, rather than keeping people quiet, will encourage people to come forward. Keep in mind that the topic of UAPs, just a year and a half ago, people were snickering and laughing, right? And that was relegated to B Hollywood movies and cheap TV shows. And now, people are having a real conversation.”

Narrator: “The Navy’s new UFO policy was first reported by Politico’s Bryan Bender.”

Bryan Bender: “Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon and others have come forward to try and get the Pentagon leadership to do more about this. To apply real resources to try and figure out…Is it Real? Is it an adversary? Is it something else? Where that will lead. I think remains to be seen.

Elizondo heads over to where DeLonge is working on some music and lets him know about the Politico article on the Navy’s new UFO policy. They sit and talk…

Tom DeLonge: “The fact that they’re coming out now and they’re saying that this is real and there’s incursions over our sensitive sites. We’re putting together a national security policy  to track them? It’s like…insane to me.”

Elizondo: “And to report them. So you’re absolutely right. I think we can break it down to three things.”

DeLonge: “My heart’s like beating fast insane to me. It’s like crazy.”

Elizondo: “I’m pretty energized.”


Elizondo interview: “There’s three pieces of this article that I find most captivating. A, that the Navy is taking this seriously. B: It’s establishing an official reporting mechanism and C: That they have been talking with members of Congress and their staff. It not only vindicates a lot of the hard work that’s been going on behind the scenes, but also, I think it’s a testament to the brave men and women in the U.S. Navy who want to figure out what these things are.”


Elizondo and Delonge sitting together and talking again…

Elizondo: “I mean, Tom, this has been the culmination of all my…personally…all my effort. You know, I never did this for fame or status or damn sure not a paycheck. I’m doing this because I was trying to fix a broken system, right? And as I’ve told people before, if the only thing I manage to accomplish in my entire, new career moving forward, is getting a reporting mechanism established so people can report these things without fear of any type of retribution or any type of consequences professionally…losing their security clearance or losing their flight status, right? All the things that were bottlenecking me before, from having reports come out. That is the only thing I ever truly…that was mission success for me. And here we are, literally, a year and a half later, of you coming on stage and telling the world you’re going to do this. It happened!”

DeLonge: “It’s absolutely wild! Exciting stuff.”

A portion of Major General John A. Samford’s press conference on UFOs from 1952 is played.

“The Air Force interest in this problem has been due to our feelings of an obligation to identify and analyze to the best of our ability, anything in the air the may have the possibility of threat or menace to the United States.”

Elizondo interview: “At this point, these things are coming up close and personal. We are being forced to address it. We don’t have the luxury any more to sit back as a country and say, “Uhh, let’s not pay attention to that.’ We have to pay attention to it. Because now, it appears to be stalking some of our DoD assets.”

Bryan Bender: “At base, these are reports from pilots. From military pilots, in the Navy today – or very recently in the Navy – that have seen these phenomena and reported them.”

Female Wingman Pilot: “I was a witness to something. It’s something that I happened to encounter. I don’t know what it was. People ask me, ‘What do you think it was? Do you think it was of this Earth? Do you think it was aliens?'”

David Fravor, F-18 Pilot Who Chased Tic Tac UFO: “If these things are out there – and we know they’re out there…there’s enough credible that says there’s things we don’t understand – I can tell you that the other people that were involved, all feel the same way. Not everyone is talking. Some of them are still on active duty. But we all…we would love to know what it is. I mean, I would love to fly it.”

Go Fast UFO video is played.

Tom DeLonge: “This, is the story of the millennia. This is changing the world, stuff. This really is in my heart, like, I am a part of something…I created something, that has an opportunity to change the world. And I really feel that. That is why I’m doing this. For the first time in the history of our country and in the history of the subject, the stigma and the taboo nature about it just got shattered to a thousand pieces in the wind.”

Chris Mellon: “We have an intelligence collection apparatus that is global in nature and exquisite from 22,500 miles above the Earth’s surface to virtually the deepest levels of the ocean, that may already have answers to many of the questions that we have. My hope is that members of Congress will simply ask the right questions. They have an opportunity when this information is provided to them, to respond to it and act on it.”

Infamous Ronald Reagan clip from 1987 is shown:

President Ronald Reagan: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

Knapp: “It’s real.”

KLAS Investigative Reporter, George Knapp: “The day will come when this occurs to you that it’s real. That there’s some other intelligence here. That it’s far more advanced than us. That it could do whatever it wants to us and we’d be powerless against it.”

Elizondo: “At the end of the day, I don’t care if you believe it. I know what I’ve seen.”

Elizondo in front of the U.S. Air Force Memorial:

“This stands as a reminder for everything that we do and how important it is – the job of every man and woman and civilian, sailor, solider, airman in the military – we do what we do because of this. And this is a reminder of that sacrifice.”

Elizondo: “I am extremely optimistic that, in a very short period of time, we’re gonna finally have answers and resolution to some long-standing questions. We have access to people…to efforts, like never before. To places we could never go before. Maybe we can even build some things. I think we’re gonna have new events, that America has never been made aware of. We’re gonna build this case so airtight, that not only is it beyond a reasonable doubt situation, it will be irrefutable. I think we’re upon a precipice. I think the time has finally come.”

Producer: “And one last question. Do you think the public can handle the truth?”

Elizondo puts his head down and gets up from his chair. End of Episode 6 and Season 1 of “Unidentified.”

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