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Update on Wilson/Davis: What Happened in Vegas, May Just Change the World

8 Jul , 2020  

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by Giuliano Marinkovic@OmniTalkRadio on Twitter


And if you’re new to the Wilson/Davis saga, read this first and then you can come back here in 8 hours. 😃

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Another Confirmation of the Wilson Leak Found

From the middle of June 2020, I was processing, listening to and reading, a variety of published and audio interviews with the late Edgar Mitchell, PhD and 6th man to walk on the Moon, that go back to the 1990s and 2000s. Some of those are not online anymore but were preserved in my archives. So far, I’ve processed about ten hours of audio interviews. My goal was to potentially locate any remark by Dr. Mitchell (no matter how vague) that could point towards the alleged, Dr. Eric Davis/Admiral Thomas Wilson meeting. And I just found what I was looking for: an important reference that gives additional strong indication that The Wilson Leak indeed came from The Mitchell Files. Based on this 2010 interview, we can conclude Dr. Mitchell was aware of the Davis/Wilson meeting at least nine years before the public Imgur and Reddit leak, and probably earlier. Screenshot from the 2010 interview with Dr. Mitchell below:

The reference was located in an interview with H+ Magazine and was published on October 18, 2010, with the earliest entry going back to March 2011.


Mitchell was interviewed by Lisa Rein, the Digital Librarian for the Timothy Leary Archives, a co-founder of Creative Commons, and a consultant for Ray Kurzweil’s Her bio is located here.

During this 2010 interview, Dr. Mitchell was talking about the 1997 Pentagon briefing where he added a very important detail that was never said in any other interview that I am aware of. Dr. Mitchell stated that, “another contact of mine…encountered the Admiral in Las Vegas, where he had been looking for and trying to get into the so-called “strategic access program” around the UFO incident and had been denied.

This is obviously a reference to the Davis/Wilson meeting in Las Vegas. This important article snippet gives another credence to the allegation that the Wilson Leak actually came from Dr. Mitchell’s archives as connected sources of this story stated from the beginning. This finding also adds additional value to a June 22nd, 2020 statement by investigative reporter George Knapp, where he stated his understanding is that “Dr. Davis compiled the notes and the memo was shared with a small number of Eric’s trusted colleagues, including two or more members of the NIDS Science Advisory Board, a distinguished group of scientists and former DOD personnel and contractors.”

NIDS personnel from April 2002 are listed on the now defunct NIDS website, which can still be accessed through

Screenshot below.



More info on H+ Magazine


The Research Continues…

Giuliano Marinkovic
 – July 8th, 2020


Researcher James Iandoli created an excellent graphic to mark this major breakthrough in the Wilson/Davis research carried out by Giuliano. My brief comments are below.


Joe’s Comments

I’d just like to go through what I see as new information from Dr. Mitchell. His comments are in Blue.

It was in 1997, when I was becoming more interested in UFO events Dr. Stephen Greer, who’s with the Disclosure Project, got in touch with me.

He recruited me and another naval commander, Will Miller, who also lives here in Florida, to come to a conference in Washington DC. There, we spoke and explained our stories and said that we believed this was real. The three of us, with both Naval officers, were able to get to the Pentagon and get a meeting with the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We told our respective stories of what we knew about UFOs and the cover-up. “This is what we know. Will you confirm anything for us?” And the Admiral said, “I don’t know about this, but I should know, and I will find out and get back to you.” Well, he never got back to me personally. But he did get back to Dr. Greer, and essentially said, “Yes. What you’re saying is true. I know where the black budget money is dispersed from within the Pentagon.”

That’s the most detail Dr. Mitchell has ever given about that meeting and how things occurred. As far as who Admiral Wilson contacted after he tried to “find out” about this alleged, buried, crash retrieval and back-engineering UFO program? We thought it was either Will Miller, Dr. Mitchell or Dr. Greer but had settled on Miller. But here, Dr. Mitchell says Wilson contacted Dr. Greer. That’s the first time I’ve seen that, and if true, it shows Dr. Greer was just as big of a player in this as he has claimed over the years. I still have lots of issues with some of what he says but if I ever meet him in person, I will offer him an apology. And if that bothers any readers of this, I don’t know what to tell you.

Greer told Commander Miller, who called me and said, “Yes, Greer heard from the admiral, and he’s confirmed that there was an office in the Pentagon funding all of this.”

So Wilson told Dr. Greer, Dr. Greer told Miller and Miller called Dr. Mitchell. I do think that’s the way it happened and it’s nice to have it cleared up. I’d love to know exactly how the funding aspect worked with specific details. Maybe one day soon.

Subsequently, another contact of mine, who must also remain nameless because he’s on classified programs, encountered the Admiral in Las Vegas, where he had been looking for and trying to get into the so-called “strategic access program” around the UFO incident and had been denied.

None of this is “proof” but for all except the most diehard skeptics, I think this should erase all doubts that Dr. Eric Davis met with Admiral Thomas Wilson in Las Vegas on October 16th, 2002. And in my opinion, everything in the Wilson/Davis notes are exactly what Wilson told to Dr. Davis. I’ve speculated that maybe some of what was written may have been intentional disinformation to throw somebody off the track if the notes were ever found. Maybe the meeting didn’t take place in Las Vegas? Maybe not in a car? But my view on that has changed, and in my opinion, these notes are an accurate representation of what occurred. Was the information told to Wilson by the Program Manager of this alleged, crash retrieval and back-engineering, UFO Special Access Program, accurate? I don’t know but I think we may find out in the near future.

The notes say Admiral Wilson was here as part of a “tour/audit/goodbye” and to wrap up projects his successor (Admiral Jacoby) couldn’t be bothered with due to lack of time and knowledge. But in the 2010 interview Giuliano unearthed, Mitchell says the Admiral conducted his search for this potentially, world-changing UFO program in Las Vegas. Was he misquoted? Or, is that what he meant to say? If so, that intact craft may be located at a private aerospace corporation, not too far from where I am right now. (Note: In the article, Dr. Mitchell was quoted as calling it the “strategic access program” but I’m thinking he probably meant to say, “Special Access Program” ~Joe)

The Nevada Test Site is about 60 miles from me and Area 51 is another 60 miles from there. Is Area 51 (S4) where this SAP and private aerospace corporation was located in 1997 when Wilson flew out to them, knocked on their door and met with the “Gate Keepers” in their conference room, located in a secure vault? Or was this just a miscommunication between Dr. Mitchell and the reporter? Is there a connection between the UFO crash retrieval, back-engineering SAP Wilson found and Bob Lazar’s claims of being at S4 and working on reverse-engineering an intact saucer/craft? Are they one and the same? Keep that possibility in mind. Wilson was told this craft was not of this Earth and not made by man, nor humans hands. And, they believed it could fly “(space? air? water? dimensions?)” That suggests they were never able to get it off the ground. Was that true? Did they mislead Wilson on that point?

Is the intact craft Wilson was told about, the same craft Lazar and his friends repeatedly videotaped back in 1989?



It’s impossible to know right now but fun to speculate. I have a sneaking suspicion I may be right and may drive north for a few hours later today to see what I can find.

That is a joke.

Continue to hold into your hats because, as always, things are about to get a lot more interesting.




Update – July 14th, 2020


Another reference that indicates Dr. Edgar Mitchell knew about the Davis/Wilson meeting in Las Vegas was found in the September 2009 video interview by Art Levy of Florida Trend. This interview with Mitchell happened one year after Admiral Wilson gave his denial to journalist Billy Cox. Despite the denial, Mitchell explained there is an “independent corroboration” which shows Admiral Wilson located the UFO SAP. If we consider additional context from the 2010 H+ interview, we can reasonably conclude that Mitchell is talking here about the Davis/Wilson meeting.


Edgar Mitchell: A few years later with another naval officer, Commander Will Miller from over in the Tampa area, and Dr. Steven Greer…we were at a Disclosure conference in Washington, DC, and we got an appointment with the chief of the Intelligence Committee of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. And we told him our respective stories, and the Admiral that was in charge of the committee – there was about several officers there, I don’t remember how many, half-a-dozen, besides ourselves – said, “I don’t know about that, but I will get back to you.” And he didn’t get back to me personally, he got back to Dr. Greer, virtually, and said, “What you told us is real. There was alien visitation.” Now that same person has subsequently denied he said that. However, we have independent corroboration that he did go checking, found the location of the so-called, special access programs or one special access program, and was told, “Admiral you don’t have a need-to-know, therefore we can’t talk to you”.

— End of transcript —

In a November 2019 interview with Steven Greenstreet of the N.Y. Post (which has yet to be published), Dr. Eric Davis confirmed the notes were leaked from the estate of late astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. And in Part 3 of “The Wilson/Davis Documents blog, “Dr. Davis did the same when he said, “per the leak from Ed Mitchell’s estate of the so-called Wilson notes.”

All these statements appear to indicate that Mitchell indeed had the Wilson/Davis notes in his archives, which were subsequently leaked as claimed. It seems he was aware about the exact context and circumstances of the Las Vegas meeting.

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  1. Mark Read says:

    I agree. I think a lot of us owe Dr Greer an apology for what has been said of his briefing & feedback over the years.

  2. Michael Landsman says:

    I feel like even if the world received whatever “evidence/proof” they require for this story, the media still would not talk about it and the greater social media hypnotized masses wouldn’t care much. Wilson and Davis could hold a press conference and confirm all and we still would not see every day people care. It’s frustrating and confusing how little interest there is in this labyrinth/rabbit hole issue.

    • admin says:

      I know. It’s sad. We’ll need folks with large social media followings to get interested in this. Or, the press could actually do its job for once.

      • Michael Landsman says:

        What if the ultimate secret is too terrible, have we as a community ever considered that?

      • Michael Landsman says:

        I sent Hal a video we just recorded with night vision IR, he commented, the way he normally does ha. Want to see it?

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