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C2C – Complete Commander Will Miller Video Interview for Purchase

28 Jun , 2020  



To purchase the complete, historic Commander Will Miller video interview conducted by Malcolm Hathorne on February 16th, 2000, click here.

Commander Will Miller Video Interview – Complete


Malcolm’s Book: “UFOs & The Government Cover-up



These are just selected comments from Commander Miller I included in Part 1 of my blog on The Wilson/Davis documents.



Commander Will Miller (WM): It’s been our experience, and particularly in dealing with people in the Pentagon, which has been part of my role, that those people in positions of authority, senior admirals and generals, who one would expect to have the information on this phenomenon, are really either incapable – their organization does not have that information – or those individuals are protected from access to that information.

I have been involved in one-on-one briefings with some admirals in the joint commands. I have also been involved in the briefings that Dr. Greer has had the lead on that I have helped arrange in the Pentagon. For example, to the vice director for intelligence for the Joint Staff (Admiral Wilson ~Joe), and also to the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (Lt. General Patrick. M. Hughes ~Joe). They have received these briefings and again, it has been at their request that we have presented these briefings. The knowledge of the briefings [was] available to them. They have accepted that and in some cases, asked us to expedite getting those briefings to them. They have been received with the same degree of seriousness and credibility that any national security subject would be received.

Miller told Hathorne that an unnamed individual, who he deemed credible, confirmed to him the existence of the organization known as MJ-12, supposedly created in the time of Truman and Eisenhower to, “really keep a lid on the subject and to control all the information in the government related to UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.” He was assured the effort was ongoing and probably known by many names.

Miller teased that he was “working with investigative journalists,” which turned out to be Leslie Kean, whose work we’ll cover a little later.  Something known to diehard students of UFOlogy is Chapter 13 of the FEMA publication, “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” by William M. Kramer. The infamous Chapter 13 explains how to deal with UFO crashes or landings. Back then, I remember telling a Tampa firefighter friend of mine, Bill, about the chapter. He was very skeptical, until he went to work and read it for himself. Needless to say, he was a bit baffled as to why that was in there.

At the time, the current edition was dated 1992. But Miller said Kramer asked him to “head up” and assist in revising that particular chapter. “Our collective intent is to not only keep that chapter in but to strengthen that chapter based on new information. Because in many cases, when there is some sort of an event, particularly if there is a crash, whether it’s an extraterrestrial spacecraft or whether it’s a black U.S. Air Force program…the local fire chiefs and firefighters might be the first people called to be on the site,” said Miller. Sounding skeptical, Hathorne asked, “does it talk explicitly about extraterrestrial craft?” Miller made no mistake about it. “Oh yes, it does.”

Hathorne asked a great question: What would the penalty be for breaking a security oath and speaking about one of these secretive UFO programs? Miller’s answer is extremely relevant to the current situation with the Wilson/Davis documents. “It depends, of course, on what is the level of violation of trust, if any. There have been legal opinions, however, that offer the fact, that particularly for programs that may have been created without proper congressional oversight, i.e., programs [which] were created illegally, using taxpayer dollars, and then persons involved in those programs are sworn to oaths of secrecy, that those themselves may be invalid, if in fact, that program is an illegal program.”

When asked about any interesting stories he had heard related to back-engineering UFO technology, Miller let everybody down. “Well, I (laughs a little) I, I really don’t know any more on that than what you or…anybody else has read in various publications. I haven’t had any special access to any particulars of programs.”

In the latter part of the show, they took phone calls. As I listened to the audio from twenty years ago, I immediately recognized the voice of the caller. It was me!

Joe Murgia: [Will], if you were the president, and you found out that there were some government agencies that were operating illegally, how would you get to the bottom of getting the information out? Because for me, I’m thinking about it and I cannot figure out, if that’s true, how we’re going to get that information.

Will Miller: I think I’d probably talk to my attorney general, Joe.

Malcolm Hathorne: Start a lawsuit. That might be the only way.

Will Miller: This is not an easy donkey on which to pin the tail. There’s a lot of disinformation, a lot of compartmentalization. And my personal assessment is if you want to find out where this thing leads, follow the money.

Joe Murgia: I know there’s a lot of speculation on why our government is being secretive. Did you have any opinions on that?

Will Miller: Joe, I’ve got lots of opinions. I think one of those is that of being able to control technology. Assuming that our government has access to alien technology, then it would be logical that the government would want to control that for a variety of reasons. And so that’s one possible scenario. The other scenario, Joe, as I mentioned earlier, is that many times, if you talk to someone high enough in government, they really don’t know. When they say they have no information on this subject, they really don’t. They’re telling you the truth.

On the question of origin, Miller felt, “they may either be extraterrestrial or they may be from some other space-time.”

Commander Will Miller Video Interview – Complete


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