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A Chat with Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell About Skinwalker Ranch and Those Alleged Injuries

16 Sep , 2018  

Over the years, there have been lots of claims and rumors regarding injuries that may or may not have taken place at the infamous, Skinwalker Ranch. When I attended the premiere of the new Jeremy Corbell documentary, “Hunt For The Skinwalker,” a few folks told me that injuries had taken place. And adding fuel to that fire, the new owner of the ranch was interviewed in the film and had this to say in the bonus interview:

“There are many different entities, for whatever reason, that interact with us at the ranch. We have experienced very negative, harmful activities. In fact, several of my personnel have ended up in the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries in just the past year, as a result of their efforts & activities here at the ranch. To date, we have no explanation as to why they have been attacked or have had these negative experiences. Only that it is does occur & it is without warning, without provocation. And frankly, without any real conventional explanation as to where it originates from or what the real agenda is. And I think that’s the most baffling…is trying to wrap our minds and our arms around exactly what is the agenda of these entities… the anomalies that we’re interacting with.”

Above: New owner of Skinwalker Ranch from “Hunt For The Skinwalker.”

To me, this was a big deal and I wanted to know more. So I went to the filmmaker himself and had a discussion on Facebook about the alleged injuries.

Joe Murgia: Jeremy, were you or George Knapp ever able to see any evidence (hospital records?) that proved the new owner’s security folks actually went to the hospital with serious injuries? Obviously, no way to prove what caused the injuries although hearing from multiple witnesses claiming they were hurt by various phenomena would help. Did you get to talk to these injured security folks off camera?

Jeremy Corbell: I’m not aware (despite the claims, that I don’t endorse), of any properly documented injuries to humans on the ranch… CAUSED BY… what we call The Phenomenon.

Certainly, the RUMORS are false and out of control and should not be entertained.

Clearly animals get the brunt of the violence in the Uintah Basin and at the ranch, historically.

Psychological effects? I’m not a psychologist.

With that said… I think we are all aware (to one degree or another), of the medical studies being funded by the intelligence agencies in relation to harmful (and non-harmful) physical effects associated with, “prolonged UAP encounters”.

Hope that helps. That’s all I have to offer on that.

Joe Murgia: I’m now 100% confused. So, Jeremy, you think the new owner is bullshitting? If so, that opens up a major can of worms. One can argue that he never specifically blamed the phenomenon/phenomena for the injuries and could be hinting that it’s caused by human entities. But if that’s the case, it’s a horrible way to say it. Extremely misleading, IMO. When speaking about an area where paranormal activity allegedly takes place, and you use the word entity, people (like me) are going to think you’re talking about the phenomenon.

BTW, on the night of the premiere, somebody who was featured in your film told me that people were hurt on the ranch. I don’t remember if he explained who/what caused the injuries. He didn’t say it off the record but I’ll keep his name out of it for now.


Jeremy Corbell: I have not been provided evidence that THE PHENOMENON caused significant physical harm to humans at the ranch. And yes, I have heard all the claims. But how do you even prove that?

There are UAP encounters that appear to have a correlation with certain types of physical effects including damage (neurological and possibly genetic)… but that is a challenge to distinguish. So WHAT is your measure for human “injury” specifically caused by this elusive activity we term… “The Phenomenon”?

Maybe you have a better guess than me… because I certainly don’t.

As far as the new owner and his statements in my film… yes, he was speaking about damage caused directly by The Phenomenon. It could be completely accurate… I just don’t have the answer to that one for you at this time. Take that for what you will.

Does that clarify a bit?

Joe Murgia: Yes, that clarifies. I’m not totally confused now!

I’m sure you’re being bombarded by questions from folks all over the world so thanks for explaining your view.

Yes, impossible to prove it was caused by any of these phenomena. However, if two or more people were there when these alleged injuries occurred, it might help clarify exactly what happened at the time they were hurt. Then, maybe we can say, multiple witnesses alleged that an “unseen force” caused these injuries. Right before they were allegedly injured, did any of the people see anything that appears to be related to phenomena that has been reported at the ranch over the years? If a witness said they saw the black cloud of doom or a blue meanie before being hurt, that would point towards phenomena.

Maybe one day those folks (new owner’s people) will speak out and give details but I’m not holding my breath.

Has the new owner provided any evidence that his guys were actually injured and in the hospital with life-threatening injuries?

Jeremy Corbell: So this is kinda my point. The events that I am aware of that are used to support that are typically more similar to viral or systemic blood infection – whole body shut down kinda stuff. It’s not like a shadow person straight came up and kicked somebody in the nuts and every[one] saw it and can point a finger at something in a lineup. Make sense?

As an example… and I think it was in George’s book… do you remember the description of the “sentient mist” that took over a physicists mind and talked through him?

That kinda thing… elusive.

Ultimately what I’m saying is it’s sexy and full of intrigue to talk about harm to humans… It makes everything very scary. However, the moment a human is mutilated like one of the many cattle… Jeremy Corbell is out!!! 😳

Joe Murgia: That helps a lot and I want to put all of your responses about this into one, big paragraph and share on Twitter. I think it will help others, too. I know some of my social media folks were confused like me.

I wasn’t thinking kicked in nuts but I WAS thinking blunt force trauma. That’s just what I imagined. Like Bigfoot pulling off a reverse suplex on Rowdy Roddy Security Guard.

I asked the wife if she would go to the basin. She said, “Why would we risk it?” Good point. Human mutilations or not, I’m staying home!


4 Responses

  1. Dave Haith says:

    Can’t quite understand why Jeremy couldn’t have asked the new owner to clear up this confusion and give more details – and refilm this part of the interview if necessary with the relevant questions that you have asked Joe.
    But thanks for clearing that up now Joe and Jeremy.

    • admin says:

      Just seeing this now, David. I’ve asked Jeremy if the new owner ever showed him any evidence to back up his claims that his workers were sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. I have yet to receive a reply on that.

  2. Joe Bags says:

    I wonder if these injuries are similar to the American Embassy attacks in Cuba and China? They’re certainly concerning, but very hard to pin down a direct cause. I can imagine UAP effects are similarly frustrating for both the victims and the medical staff/investigators.

    • admin says:

      Agreed about pinning down the cause. But I’d like to know if there’s any evidence at all that the new owner’s guys were sent to the hospital. None has been presented except the new owner making the claim.

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