DeLonge: The Subject of UFOs Is “As Important If Not More Important Than When They Discovered Nuclear Power Or They Sequenced The Genome”

25 Mar , 2019  

“I just know that I’m supposed to be here. I just know it with every ounce of my being that I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do.”

~Tom DeLonge


Text and Transcript by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter.


Former Blink-182 frontman and current CEO of “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science,” (TTSA) Tom DeLonge, made his first, extensive, on-camera comments on the progress of his company and the subject of UFOs. in a quite a while. DeLonge was the subject of a short film posted on META, a high quality, motorcycle-themed magazine.

Below is the complete film and below that is a transcript of DeLonge’s comments that are related to his music, TTSA and UFOs.

Tom DeLonge: The idea of coming out of Blink-182 was like, it was insurmountable. There was no way, in my mind, that I was going to be able to create another rock band that could ever compete or be anything close to what Blink was because Blink was such a cultural kind of phenomenon. So Angels and Airwaves was like, okay, how do we take a theme about the human race and communicate those like in a motion picture and on an album and in a book. And all these different…Then it became like an art project. The band was simply one branch of the tree. But what came out of that, building my company, “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science,” where now, we really are building an aerospace company. We really are doing things that deal with access into space and what’s out there and the science and engineering involved. And telling the stories about things that are out there and their interaction with this planet and with people.

I’m really living what I was preaching back then. You know, I’m really doing it. I didn’t just sing about space like, like I’m building a company that really, you know, brings all of that out there to everybody’s mind and hopefully to their experience, too.

A lot of people ask me like, how do you walk in from like going from stage into speaking with people from the Central Intelligence Agency or The Department of Defense or one of the world’s biggest aerospace companies? But the thing that really prepared me was I kind of really already felt anything was possible when Blink got like, gigantic. Being a part of that ride, you’re already kind of going, ‘Oh my God. Anything can happen.’ Because I was living in, you know, my parent’s house in a garage, is where my room was. So, you go from living in the garage to something like that, you’ve kind already opened the door and go, ‘Well, I guess anything can happen because it happened to me.’ I kind of already realized that there aren’t barriers on really ambitious, big ideas.

The next thing that prepared me for it was, I was an entrepreneur already. So I’ve already been in thousands of meetings with people that knew a lot more than me, that were a lot more professional and a lot smarter. And I’ve already embarrassed myself thousands of times, going in and pitching my company and not knowing any of my shit. And having a lot of failures. I was already aware of how to hold myself. And it always boils down to being humble and being very honest about what you know and what you don’t know but honest about what you’re trying to achieve. And those types of things are what made me start and earn trust of people and then eventually, create a giant mechanism to do something that’s never been done.

To this day I remain very much out of my league. I remember some of the 1st meetings I had. You know, my heart would be beating so fast. I have been in secure facilities, you know, that are laid out with the codes and the alarms and the guns and all that shit to get into there. And they lock you in and they’re air tight. And that’s where they talk about all the crazy stuff they do. And I have been in those rooms and I have been trying to, ‘Okay, say smart words. Don’t say stupid things right now. Don’t be conspiratorial. Don’t just say you know something ’cause you read it on the internet.’ I’ve been in those types of meetings where I really, really, felt out of my element, to now I can go into a place like that & hold my ground pretty well & feel like I have somewhat of a right to be there. 

The importance of this subject…as important if not more important than when they discovered nuclear power or they sequenced the genome…DNA. Or, fossil fuels. We found out how to build en engine. I mean, any major, major world-changing subject, this is the king daddy of all of them. The technology, the belief systems, what it means to where we’re going and who we are. And I have set myself up to be on the tip of that sphere. But that’s not something you can just tell everybody. So this kind of a company at this stage of my life is like, oh my God, its like a blend of all the things I love. Producing films. Directing films. Writing novels and working on aerospace. Working in science. Working at the government. And still playing music. I mean, Angels and Airwaves is recording right now. Like we’re a tiny company, trying to do basically what ten companies would do. And trying to get the public involved and aware and be a part of it, along the way. It’s super, super ambitious, ridiculously difficult but so insanely rewarding.

You know, if you look at what I’ve done and who I am and…I honestly feel like I’ve been molded to do this. But it doesn’t mean it’s not like the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. If feels harder than breaking a giant rock band. I just know that I’m supposed to be here. I just know it with every ounce of my being that I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do.

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