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Grant Cameron: Italian Researchers Question DeLonge UFO/Helicopter Hype: We’re Totally Baffled. What Is He Doing?

21 Jun , 2019  

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by Joe Murgia – @TheUfoJoe on Twitter

Tom DeLonge caught the attention of a lot of folks on social media this past weekend with a post on Instagram and Twitter, which he quickly deleted. The Instagram post was preserved on Danny Silva’s excellent blog and the tweet that was saved by others on Facebook.

A few days ago, researcher Grant Cameron was the guest on “Fade To Black” with host, Jimmy Church. Cameron made the point that the only way to get Congress to fund a UFO study is to make them believe the phenomenon represents a threat to national security. He also shared the thoughts of a few Italian researchers he had spoken with who were not so thrilled with what DeLonge had posted.

Grant Cameron: “So what you wanna do…and that’s where this thing comes with this whole deal that they’re looking for this…sort of the ultimate…sort of the evil alien thing. And that’s where this thing came where Tom DeLonge puts this this tweet out. And one thing he does and Tom does it all the time and I don’t know why they do it. But it’s part of the plan of how you do it. You put up a tweet for fifteen minutes and then you pull it down. And he does it over and over again. So this one’s put up a couple of minutes and then he pulls it down.  And so this is the whole deal. You’re looking for some sort of evil alien thing because you gotta sell it to Congress. You gotta say that this is a national security issue.

“And I basically say, the same as [Dr. Steven] Greer. This is the ultimate false flag. This is the ultimate, try to rob Fort Knox. And the ultimate cash grab. When you get them (alleged ETs ~Joe) doing a fire bombing of Tokyo in March, 1945 where they incinerated 80,000 civilians or when they drop an atomic bomb, give me a call, I’ll sign the evil alien petition. Until then, if you’ve got this thing about this helicopter thing…And the Italians, cause I know Paola Harris and I know Maurizio Baiata, who used to be the editor of Open Minds, and he’s in Italy. I went to them and I saw they were talking about this. And they were going, ‘What is Tom DeLonge doing? He’s twisted a story.’ And they basically go into this story that basically, it was a helicopter. And it was the Coronia, is where this thing happened. And there was an electromagnetic pulse and the helicopter was forced to land. And they claimed there was a UFO there. It didn’t shoot down the helicopter.

“And the report that came out of Italy was that it may have been a military thing…that forced this helicopter to land. Nobody was injured. And what you do is you take this, and when they went to Italy, they were looking for this kind of stuff. And from what I was told, the Navy Admiral, actually, they went to a barracks. They didn’t stay in a hotel when Lue Elizondo and DeLonge went there…And they were talking to a Navy Admiral and he told them this story. So this story is being twisted now. It turned from an electromagnetic pulse that made this helicopter land, to an alien chasing them across the sky.”

“Why are we changing the story to a UFO shoot down when the Italians are going…and the words they used were, ‘We’re totally baffled. We’re astonished that they’re doing this. What is he doing?’

A few days earlier I had reached out to an online friend and UFO researcher in Italy, Edoardo Russo of Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici. I asked him if he knew the specific case DeLonge was referencing. He provided me with several links and background information about a case from 2006 that he believes may be the one DeLonge referred to in his posts. He also mentioned that the helicopter in question was from Regional Civilian Protection and not the military. Major thanks to him for taking the time to do that.

Two of the articles Russo sent me were from Italian language magazines which briefly mentioned the incident. I also found an extensive article published in “The Atavist Magazine,” about an outbreak of strange fires around 2004 in the small village of Canetto, Sicily. Some of the local residents blamed it on the Devil. Mentioned along with the fires was a mid-air incident involving a helicopter. Some speculated that a UFO was involved and an illustration of those suspicions is posted below, along with an excerpt from the article.

Illustration of UFO chasing a helicopter from The Atavist Magazine

All this seemed to suggest that whatever was causing the fires was coming from outside. The researchers believed that Canneto and its surroundings were being struck by “pacchetti d’onda,” or intense bursts of electromagnetic waves of some kind, at such a large scale “that it couldn’t be generated by one person.”

Venerando told me that one of the strangest things his team had witnessed during their study was an incident involving a helicopter: As the team patrolled the area, something hit three of the aircraft’s rotor blades, rupturing the protective coating of each at the same point. They suspected a bird strike, but the researchers couldn’t find any biological traces, “not a drop of blood,” Venerando told me. At other times, the group noticed objects moving around in the sky. “On occasion they would disappear with great speed,” he said. “We are not in condition to scientifically define the phenomenon. We did not touch them; we did not get inside them. This is problematic.” His team also noted other unexplained phenomena, such as lights over the sea and lights moving in a formation from the sea to the land.

The press reported extensively on these flying objects. In addition to the devil, they now had definitive UFO sightings to fill their pages. “That’s the part the newspapers ran with,” Venerando told me, wearily.

In 2013, “The Unexplained Files” featured a segment on the cause of the fires and also, the same, alleged, helicopter/UFO incident. Here’s a transcript of the relevant segment:

Antonino Spinet

“Local resident, Antonino Spinnato is convinced he has photographic evidence that can help solve the mystery. ‘On the balcony, I heard a helicopter coming from Caronia. I notice the helicopter was flying in a funny way, as if it was going to crash. So I grabbed my camera and took some photos. I noticed that behind the helicopter there was a strange object which was following it the whole time.'”

Photo of helicopter being trailed by unknown object                            by Antonino Spinnato

The entire segment, including Spinnato saying that he believes UFOs caused the fires and burns to him and his friends, can be viewed here:

Is this the same case DeLonge was referring to in his now deleted post? We’ll get to see for ourselves when the next few episodes of “Unidentified” air. If it is, hopefully, he and TTSA have better evidence than what I’ve been able to find here via Russo’s links and information. Cameron said that the cause of the crash was determined to be from an electromagnetic pulse. But so far, I haven’t been able to find anything that provides evidence for that. The pics of the helicopter being trailed by an unknown object are interesting. Hopefully, they’ve been analyzed.

And if you get a chance to read the massive article in “The Ativist Magazine” about the fires in Sicily, do it. If not, I’ll spoil the end for you. The cause of the “mysterious” fires was determined not to be caused by UFOs or the Devil but by the hands of a corrupt Sicilian.

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