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Knapp, Bigelow, Elizondo And The Fate Of The UAP Task Force. Batman Balloon Or UAP? Plus, What Did Bob McGwier See?

11 Mar , 2021  

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By Joe Murgia

I planned on this being a blog about my notes and a partial transcription of the “Mystery Wire 2020 in Review” Podcast, featuring George Knapp, Ron Futrell and Duncan Phenix. But as time went by, I kept adding to it and adding to it. As far as the Podcast, I only touched on the parts that stood out to me so this is by no means an exhaustive synopsis. Unless otherwise noted, I paraphrased and transcribed Knapp.

Also, I edited for clarity.

You can watch the entire Podcast here:


The New York Times and December 16th, 2017

Knapp starts off talking about how the December 16th, 2017  NYT article, that revealed the Pentagon’s UFO Program (AATIP), is a game changer and, “its effect is tectonic. It flipped the UFO world upside down” and “its effects are still being felt today. I think it inspired so many other things, so many other people to come forward, that I think it’s hard to overstate its impact.”


Chad Underwood is one of those people who came forward


While the NYT article left out information about how AATIP, “was sort of a smaller remnant of a larger program,” that being AAWSAP, it still, “changed things in a way that I never expected to see after all my years of chasing this. The changes that have happened as a result of that story have been dramatic and they’re still unfolding. Revealing that there was a secret Pentagon [UFO] program, sort of confirmed what we all suspected: that the government has not been honest with us about this topic” and “they’re still not being honest with us and certainly not spilling a lot of beans.”

Thanks to the “distinct” credibility of the NYT, other media outlets covered the story and started asking questions, such as: Are UFOs a legitimate subject for study? And because of that, members of Congress started asking similar questions.


George Knapp (GK): “Most of those members of Congress had no idea that Harry Reid had engineered this program, that it had spent $22 million. And although the New York Times story about AATIP wasn’t exactly correct, that was some of the most fun stuff that Mystery Wire has done…is sort of correcting the record. We’ve reported that the actual program was called AAWSAP – that was the acronym for it – that it had a much broader focus than just UFOs. AATIP…was the study of military encounters with unknown aircraft and the original AAWSAP program included that but it was so much broader. Skinwalker Ranch, poltergeist, Bigfoot, all kinds of really strange activity that seemed to happen in the proximity of UFO encounters.”


GK: “Our ability to report about that program, I think, set ‘Mystery Wire’ apart from everyone else. The kind of information that we had was unique in the world and I think our insight really paid off and it gave other researchers a lot of inspiration to go digging on their own.”

(Joe’s Comment: It still baffles me that more than three years after the NYT article was published, journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal have yet to mention or write about AAWSAP. Why? How can they ignore the UFO/paranormal program Senators Reid, Inouye and Stevens created in 2007, at the behest of DIA scientist James Lacatski? Around 2006, Lacatski read the Knapp/Kelleher book, “Hunt for the Skinwalker,” sought out Robert Bigelow and visited Skinwalker Ranch. While there, he had an anomalous experience. Realizing if we wanted to understand the phenomenon, we needed to study UFOs and the paranormal, so he contacted Reid and made his case. That’s a big part of how AAWSAP came to be and will hopefully be covered in depth one day if Lacatski ever decides to go public and grant an interview. Bigelow was with Lacatski that day and described his take on what happened in this recent interview with Knapp.



Knapp Saw a Different UFO Photo Than What Was Published in “The Debrief”

George Knapp (GK): “Back in 2018, 2019, before we put up ‘Mystery Wire‘ as an entity, I had been doing some reports and public presentations about the secret study, what was still going on. And 2018, there was an ongoing UFO flap off the East Coast of the U.S.. Fighter pilots, F-18s, flying out of Virginia, would go out across the ocean to their training area, where they would routinely do exercises and train, and they kept seeing these objects. I mean, almost daily. And I think when I first reported that, people didn’t believe it, but it was true. And before there was officially a UAP Task Force, which is now the central clearinghouse for UFO-related information at the Pentagon, it was the U.S Navy which had appeared before Congress and had given several closed-door briefings to members of Congress about these weird things being seen in the sky.”


GK: “The Navy changed its policy to make it easier for pilots to report UFOs. So, they’re seeing these things off the coast of Virginia, almost every day. And the Navy, very subtly, encouraged pilots, ‘Hey, when you see these things, get us some information. Document it any way you can.’ What I was told was several of these pilots had taken their iPhones along and were taking pictures of these things that would just sit out there. They were cubes with a circle inside, just sitting there. No wings, no tail, no known means of propulsion…just sitting there in really high winds…twenty, thirty knot winds, sitting there for hours at a time. The F-18s would fly by. Some of the pilots would try to get photos, some of the pilots would ignore it, thinking that, ‘Look, if I take a photo of this and I report it, I’m not gonna get to fly any more.’ So they did not cooperate. But a few of them have and it has continued to this day.

“So, July of 2019 – this is me fessing up. July of 2019, I went to a meeting…I was invited to be sort of a fly on a wall of some…it’s a very small group but a very powerful and interesting group. And at that meeting, I was given a copy of this photo that was taken on a cell phone, in the cockpit of an F-18, of an object that was out in the sky.”


GK: “When we started seeing the reports from ‘The Debrief’ and then they released the photo, I thought it was the same photo.”

From “The Debrief” Article                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~~~                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Close-up of Photo from “The Debrief”


GK: “There are similarities to it, so we reported it. And it was my mistake and I wrote a correction for it. And a lot of people have speculated about why we had to do a correction…because that’s who we are, we’re journalists. If we screw something up, if we don’t get it right, we correct it as soon as we can. So, we corrected it. It is not the same photo. The thing that I was given, was given with conditions, I can’t release it. And so after this other photo came out and we had said we had the same thing, we had to report it, that it was in fact not the same one. The way I made the mistake is, the photo that I have, after I got it in July of 2019, I put it away in a safe place and I hadn’t see it since. After ‘The Debrief’ posts the photo that we’re showing in this podcast, I realized that it’s not the same one. It is not the same object, it’s a different color, it’s a different size, it’s a different shape. So, I went and dug it up and I asked for permission if we could publish the photo that we have, from the people who gave it to me, and they said no.

“So, that’s where we are. I wasn’t trying to make it unnecessarily mysterious. The photo that I have is not the rumored triangle coming out of the ocean, by the way. It’s different. And I hope some day we’re able to release it. But, for now, I can’t violate the confidentiality agreement that we entered into but it’s pretty cool. Pretty cool photo.”

Ron Futrell (RF): “You keep looking to your right like you’ve got the photo right there with you, yes?”

George Knapp (GK): “Yeah. Yes. I don’t mean to tease but yeah, I’ve got it there.”

RF: “And, the fact that it’s different…now the fact that it’s clearly a different object, speaks to these things, whatever they are, there’s more of them, certainly. And you know that already but now you’ve got evidence of a different one, of something more.”

Duncan Phenix (DP): “Yeah, that initial picture that came out was kind of debunked…well, on the debunking side, many people said it looked like a big batman, mylar balloon. It kind of does. But a lot of people said it didn’t, too. But clearly the one we’re talking about, George, it’s not that, it’s different.”


(Joe’s Comment: A few months ago, I was told by a source that the F-18 pilots were able to get an up-close look at the object some people believe to be a Batman balloon. The source doesn’t believe it was a balloon.)

GK: “[The object in the photo that I have] is different. And I’ll tell you this: I’m not ready to agree with the debunkers on that Batman balloon thing. I don’t know how an F-18 traveling that fast can get a photo of something as small as a Batman balloon at whatever that was, twenty thousand feet, or whatever. Can those balloons go up that high? I don’t know. I tend to think it was something else that maybe has been wrongly debunked. This photo is not a balloon, it’s something different and we are told that there’s a third photo of a triangle coming out of the water and that’s pretty spectacular. I haven’t see that, I have no idea what it really shows. But, the thing is, you can be sure there are other photos. These pilots have been asked to get photos on their cell phones, when they can get them and I think a lot of the ones that have been taken are now classified. Even though they’ve been taken on on a private cell phone, they become classified and I’m not sure we’re ever gonna see them.”


On the December 20th “Coast to Coast AM”, hosted by George Knapp, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO program, Luis Elizondo, waded into the the Batman balloon debate.

Luis Elizondo: “I think it’s important that we don’t look at each individual incident. I think we need to look at the trend. In this particular case, if this object was a Batman balloon, then great, we’ve figured it out. But there’s other ones where we’re definitely not dealing with a balloon. We’re dealing with something that is far more technically advanced, frankly, than anything we have in our inventory. And again, I am confident that information will eventually come to light.

“In this particular case, the quote, unquote Batman balloon, that you are referring to, there’s still some conjecture whether or not it is a balloon or not. I really am rather agnostic, I’ll let the experts decide if it’s a balloon or not.

“I don’t look at this as an embarrassment, at all. I look at this as a, you know, okay, here’s a case where maybe we were able to provide an answer, a solution, to a problem.”

George Knapp: “Well, as you said, there are other photos and I don’t know high up, at what altitude a toy balloon can go or how it can be photographed on a cell phone of a guy flying an F-18 at whatever the speed is. It seems like that would be a tall task, to catch a little toy balloon.”

Luis Elizondo: “Well let’s face it, George, it hasn’t been proven to be a balloon. I mean, there’s some aspects to it where you can  look and say, ‘Yeah, it vaguely resembles, so to speak, a Batman balloon or some sort of odd balloon.’ But there’s just as many people out there that say, ‘Ah no, actually, it’s not. If you were to improve the quality of the photo…(commercial break occurred so Elizondo never finished his thought).”


Whatever that object was, I agree with Elizondo that we shouldn’t focus on one photo, video or case. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon, echoed a similar sentiment on Twitter.

From Mellon’s tweet


What Did Bob McGwier See?

Knapp wasn’t the only one to see a leaked photo of a UFO taken from an F-18 before “The Debrief” published their articles. On November 24th of 2020, Science Bob McGwier, who is part of the Wilson/Davis story, told researchers Nicole Sakach and Grant Cameron that he saw a photo of a triangle craft that was “taken from an aircraft.”



Nicole Sakach (NS): “We’ve been hearing rumors about another big drop of information maybe coming from Tim McMillan or a few others. We’re hearing whispers about maybe a triangle craft.”

Science Bob McGwier (SBM): “I’ll just tell you…I have, without having any of the necessary metadata to tell where it came from, I have seen a picture. And it came through classified channels. And this picture is of a triangle. Now, so I don’t get anybody in trouble, or even myself in trouble. I’m hoping that’s what’s coming out. But I can tell you that it was seen from the air and it was a picture of a triangle. And I don’t recall seeing lights in that picture, because I’m gonna tell you, I saw it a little less than 12 months ago. But it was from an aircraft and the picture was taken from an aircraft. And I saw a triangle. I’m just going to tell you, that that picture got passed all over the intelligence community. And it’s part of what stirred everything up.”

Grant Cameron (GC): “Are we talking a big craft or small craft?”

SBM: “This is not small. It’s not like Phoenix lights two miles across but it’s not small. Oh, it was way bigger than the airplane. They were high. I saw nothing else in the photograph with the triangle craft. And again, I don’t personally know where the picture came from other than I could tell the equipment that they were in that was taking the picture. So, it was a U.S. aircraft.”


Then, on November 27th, on “Spaced Out Radio” hosted by Dave Scott, the subject came up again.


SBM: “Grant asked, Nicole asked, and I said, ‘I’ve seen a picture of a triangle UFO,’ and it went from there. So I believe two things: That there exists a picture of a triangle UFO taken from U.S. asset, and that it has been the cause of consternation in the government.”

To state the obvious, McGwier repeatedly said he saw a picture of a triangle craft. And when you look again at the photo that “The Debrief” published, it’s clearly not a triangle. So what photo did he see?


Did McGwier see a photo of the triangular craft coming out of the water that we’ve all heard about? Or, did he see the same photo Knapp has in his possession?

A week later, on December 3rd, and once again on “Spaced Out Radio,” McGwier seemed to have a massive, memory malfunction. 


Science Bob McGwier (SBM): “The picture was the one I saw. The one Tim released is the one I saw.

Nicole Sakach (NS): “I think what else is causing confusion is the artist’s rendition that was in the original article that dropped on the 2nd. And, in that rendition, I know people asked you, ‘Bob, Is that what you saw?’ And it clearly had a triangle with the lights on each edge, it was smooth-shaped. And you had answered, ‘Yes.’ And to all comparisons…”

SBM: “I never answered yes, that that is what I saw.”


That’s not true. Here’s me asking McGwier if that artist’s rendition is what he saw and his answer is below that.


McGwier continued…

SBM: “I said, I saw an object out the canopy but it was not a triangle and I did not see lights.”

NS: “Okay, well then maybe I misread the tweets or read too quickly. I thought you had agreed, in general, that that was basically what you had seen.”

Sakach is extremely sharp, didn’t misread anything and wasn’t mistaken. She was just being nice and not pushing the obvious discrepancy. It’s a mystery as to why McGwier backtracked about seeing a photo of a triangle craft but maybe he spoke about something he wasn’t supposed to speak about publicly? Or maybe, like Knapp, so much time had passed since he had seen the photo that he had forgotten details, including the shape of the object? I tweeted the above transcriptions on Twitter and tagged McGwier but he never responded. Most people, including me, like and respect him so this isn’t personal. I just want to know why he changed his description of what he saw.

On March 4th, filmmaker, James Fox was on the YouTube show, “Impaulsive” and added this interesting piece of information to the triangle equation.


James Fox: “I was told by intelligence people that there’s footage, taken from an iPhon – in an Air Force jet, in the Navy, in 2020 – of an object the size of a football field, triangular shape, that came out of the ocean and went straight up, passed these jets. I know…I’m telling you this footage exists…”

Logan Paul: “I can’t wait to see this stuff. It’s gonna happen one day.”

James Fox: “Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, told me that it existed. I’m trying to put pressure on the government to have it released, they know it exists and they know there’s lots of other very compelling photographic evidence that has yet to see the light of day, but it’s there.”


Back to Knapp’s comments on the “Mystery Wire” podcast…

GK: “The people who are running the program, the UAP Task Force program, I think their hearts are in the right place, they’d like to resolve this mystery and I think they’d like to share information with the public and be honest. But as has been expressed to me, you can’t tell your friends without telling your enemies. Their mission is to figure out how these things work and, if they can, duplicate the technology to get a jump on the Russians or Chinese whom we’ve reported before, after speaking to Senator Reid, [the] Russians and Chinese are doing the same thing. They’re trying to do what we are trying to do, [which] is…reverse engineer this technology because the country that gets it first, wins.

“I suspect that we’re going to see more of these photos, or I hope that we will. I know that there have to be a bunch more that have been taken and maybe videos as well, but for the time being, they go into the UAP Task Force’s vaults and files. And that Task Force is still in it infancy, it’s been waiting on this defense authorization bill to get passed so it can have a budget and hire more people and get down to work. For now, though, they’re keeping their cards pretty close to their vest. They don’t want to give away any information that may help our adversaries around the world and so we have to be patient. But, the UAP Task Force, from what I understand, is still a pretty small organization. What’s been happening is they’ve been giving briefings to the larger intelligence community and also the aerospace industry and have had to show some of this material to scientists and engineers. What they’re trying to do is amplify their personnel, they’re trying to get other people in those fields, aerospace and intelligence, if you come across this kind of information, please be our eyes and ears and send us information. Because they’ve had these briefings with large groups, there have been these leaks like this and I suspect there will be more.

I think to somebody that’s looking at the big picture and not familiar with the history of the subject, it looks like all of these different silos of information that are popping up all over the place are related. TTSA, Dave Fravor and the Tic Tac video, the Navy admitting it’s briefing Congress or the creation of the UAP Task Force. Some of the interviews that have popped up online with space scientists and politicians and others. All these different silos of information are popping up and it kind of looks like it’s all part of some giant program to get us ready for capital D, Disclosure. I do not think that’s what’s happening. I think what’s happening is that all these things are sort of mutually supported. That the New York Times does a story so some other media outlet does a related story and gets new information and then encourage somebody else to come forward with theirs. So it might look like it’s all part of a giant, coordinated campaign by the Deep State or something [but] I don’t think that’s what it is. I think it’s a whole lot of people who see that they can come forward with the information and nobody is going to blow their brains out or discredit their professional integrity.”

Later on in the podcast, Knapp gave some hints about “things in the works for 2021.”

George Knapp (GK): “There were going (I believe Knapp meant to say “are going” ~Joe) to be more photos released…leaked, from within the ongoing UFO study. The UAP Task Force is going to get its budget, it’s going to be above to hire more people, it’s going to be able to do boots-on-the-ground investigations, more than what it’s doing right now. It’s kind of treading water, I think, right now, trying to analyze the information that it already has. And it’s reaching out to, as I mentioned, the intelligence and aerospace communities hoping that they will help provide information from cases that comes across their desk.

“And I think we’re gonna have more whistleblowers come forward in 2021. People that, maybe, we would never expect to be experts on this subject. I mean, we just saw in the last couple of days, former CIA director, John Brennan come forward and talk about UFOs and he hinted in very vague but enticing terms, that he thinks there’s other beings, that we’re gonna find out more about other beings. Doesn’t call them ETs or interdimensionals or time travelers, just very vague. But the fact that he, who was right there in the middle of things and got to see every classified, sort of, document that he wanted to see, would talk about this, is, I think, encouraging for the future.


January Gloom?

After watching Knapp talk about what he expected to happen with the UAP Task Force, I was encouraged. And then came January. More specifically, January 15th of 2021. That’s when he uploaded a video entitled, “Deadline Looms for Pentagon UFO Report” and the outlook wasn’t as rosy.


George Knapp (GK): “The first public mention of the UAP Task Force came in June 2020 when the Senate Intelligence Committee formally asked the Pentagon for a comprehensive analysis of the UFO mystery. Over the previous three years, members and staff of key committees had received closed door briefings about startling encounters between the U.S. military and unidentified aerial phenomena – UAPs. The Senate Intelligence Chairman, Marco Rubio, acknowledged to Mystery Wire, that lawmakers consider this to be a serious matter.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “This is a very simple equation for me. There are things flying over our military installations. We don’t know what they are or where they’re they’re from. We don’t know if some other country that’s doing it and we need to know the answer to that question. Simple.”

GK: “In August 2020, the Pentagon formally announced the creation of the Task Force, and in late December, the massive bill containing government funding and COVID relief was signed into law, as first reported by blogger Danny Silva. A provision in the bill authorized the Task Force to prepare a comprehensive analysis of the UFO mystery and submit it to Congress within 180 days, meaning around June 1.

“Getting a straight story out of the Pentagon about its interest in UFOs has always been a challenge and the same is true of the UAP Task Force. For one thing, it’s not exactly a new creation. Veteran intelligence officer, Lue Elizondo, spent years as the program manager for AATIP, the Pentagon’s previous UFO investigation. When the New York Times first revealed the existence of AATIP in December 2017, the Pentagon said the program ended in 2012 and that it didn’t really have anything to do with UFOs. Neither claim was true. Elizondo said the program never ended. It continued even after he left the government as a loose confederation of personnel in different parts of the national security apparatus. Elements of that investigation formed the basis of the newly named UAP Task Force.

“Members of the public and media excited about the scheduled report to Congress might want to temper their expectations because there are significant barriers to anything resembling full disclosure. For one thing, the report to Congress will be unclassified, meaning it will not contain the most sensitive, most classified cases or incidents because those directly involved national security matters. Key committees will likely receive separate, annex reports regarding classified incidents. That information isn’t likely to be made public.

“Secondly, while the funding bill ordered the task force to produce a comprehensive analysis of the UAP mystery, it provided no funding. The task force was not provided with an actual budget, only marching orders. Mystery Wire asked the Pentagon to comment on this but received no reply.

Thirdly, sources familiar with the Task Force say there’s been a major change at the top. The high-ranking official who’s led the UFO investigation for years, is out. The name has not been made public but we’ve learned it’s the same official who’s been briefing Congress since 2018 and who’s been directly responsible for getting elected officials interested in the subject. The Navy assigned the official to other duties.

“Can the task force finish its job by June 1? Maybe not. It’s a gigantic undertaking to search the entire national security system for all relevant videos and files and then to seek input and analysis from other intelligence agencies. It is entirely possible the task force will have to ask Congress for more time.

“In a radio interview in late December, Lue Elizondo announced he has left To The Stars Academy, the company which coaxed him into coming forward in 2017. Also departed, is veteran intelligence official, Chris Mellon. Both men say they’re still supportive of TTSA but are now largely focused on behind the scenes work in Washington to encourage Congress and the Pentagon to move the UFO ball down the field.

“Elizondo cautioned the public to lower its expectations about the Task Force report saying, ‘This is a process, not an event. We’re asking the U.S. government to engage in something that historically it never wanted to do engage in. I think a lot of people have these false hopes that disclosure is here and all of a sudden have this huge announcement by the U.S. government.’ Progress is being made, Elizondo says. The Task Force report will be just the beginning. He hopes Congress will authorize a permanent UAP program, one that has a budget and the authority to truly investigate a perplexing mystery.”


Also in January, Knapp uploaded an interview with billionaire and space entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow, whose company, BAASS, was a contractor to the AAWSAP and AATIP programs. The precarious state of the UAP Task Force was discussed.

Robert Bigelow: “A friend of yours and mine, who up until just very recently, ran the whole program for the United States, right? Of things off the East Coast and West Coast and so forth. And he just ran it, and so he is the best qualified person to run this program the United States has, and he now no longer runs it and they’ve got somebody that’s a couple of ranks lower than him to run the program. And my personal opinion is, there’s an effort that’s going to try to eliminate this or put this back in a back drawer compartment now, because they changed the rank as to who’s in charge.”

George Knapp: Changed the rank, take took the guy who’s most knowledgeable out of it, giving them an impossible task to write the master report in six months, with no budget.

Robert Bigelow: Right.

George Knapp: And the guy who’s in charge of it, by the way, is doing it on his own time.

Robert Bigelow: Yeah, that’s right.


In an interview with, “The UFO Podcast,” Elizondo didn’t specifically address the change in leadership at the Task Force but he did attempt lower expectations and called for a rethinking of the process and a possible extension on the deadline.


Andy: “So we are now counting down. 144 days as of recording…to seeing a declassified report from the UAP Task Force. You have spoken several times now that we are in good hands with those overseeing this. Why should people be excited about the report coming out, but also beyond that, what can we expect to come from the Task Force itself?”

Luis Elizondo: “I think it is a tremendous accomplishment that Congress has asked the Director of National Intelligence for a 180-day report. It shows that there was commitment and interest by Congress, and that there’s a willingness by the executive branch in the government. So that is a win scenario right there. The question is, A: Is 180 days long enough to provide a comprehensive report that Congress deserves? And Two: Will all the relevant information be in there in order for Congress to make informed decisions?

“If it was up to me, I would probably request a 180-day extension. Now I know people right now are gonna be probably lining up with pitchforks wanting to burn my house down but as I’ve said before, there’s a difference between doing something right and doing it right now. And I prefer we got one shot to do this right. So, we’ve come this far, we’ve waited this long. You know, I wouldn’t be opposed to a little bit longer, just to make sure that we get it right. There’s a lot happening between COVID, of course, the pandemic, and then, of course, we have a new administration coming in, and they’re trying to get their feet on the ground. The transition process takes at least 180 days. And, of course, we still have, you know, our regular jobs trying to protect this country.

“So, you know, I’m not sure, as you say now, 144 days is long enough. I’m not sure that we have an adequate structure within a Task Force to answer the mail on that. I think what we need is a permanent capability, not just a Task Force, that is properly resourced, with the right talent, and the right authorities to do what it needs to do. Look, the people in the Task Force are amazing human beings, they’re friends of mine, dear friends. I’ll go to combat tomorrow with them, and I’ll die with them. But they’ve been given an impossible task. To some degree, the same task that I was given when I was in AATIP. It’s not enough! You can’t expect just a handful of people to provide this information that has historically been been sitting within seventeen different intelligence agencies in various little pockets and enclaves for decades. I mean, it takes longer to build a house than 180 days and we’re expecting a comprehensive government, whole government approach to this topic?

“To me, if you were to ask me, I think the Task Force is being set up for failure. And not by Congress and I don’t think it’s deliberate. I think we need to take a step back and I think we really need to to assess what is it we’re trying to achieve and then let’s set up these people for success. You know, if we really want the right answers, well, we got to be prepared to give them the necessary resources to do this. Otherwise, you know, all you’re doing is setting up a bunch of patriots for failure and putting frustration into the system.”

After the Knapp interview with Bigelow was uploaded to YouTube, Elizondo apparently watched and then tweeted about it several times. He focused on the head of the UAP Task Force being replaced, answered questions from concerned folks on Twitter and tried to keep things positive. I copied and pasted the text from those tweets.

As a reminder, Bigelow told Knapp, “A friend of yours and mine, who up until just very recently, ran the whole [UAP Task Force] for the United States, right? Of things off the East Coast and West Coast and so forth. And he just ran it, and so he is the best qualified person to run this program the United States has, and he now no longer runs it and they’ve got somebody that’s a couple of ranks lower than him to run the program. And my personal opinion is, there’s an effort that’s going to try to eliminate this or put this back in a back drawer compartment now, because they changed the rank as to who’s in charge.”

Luis Elizondo: “The former UAPTF Director (that replaced me) is a true American hero. However, as all military persons know new duty assignments are always just around the corner. BRAVO for a job well done buddy!! ‘Keep calm and carry on.’ This is only a minor speed bump in the overall campaign for disclosure. The individuals involved with the TF are competent, rational and motivated. I believe they deserve our support. I appreciate your concern but have faith!”

@UFOCollage: “The man running the program now in the Pentagon is a few ranks lower than Lue Elizondo and [they’re] gonna try and put this back in the box.”

Elizondo: “There is no putting anything back in the box.  We are too far down the tracks to turn the train around. As for the new UAPTF Director, please know that we are good hands. Chris and I are working with many others behind the scenes to bolster this effort for long term success.”


Time will tell whether or not the concern Knapp and Bigelow expressed was warranted or, as Elizondo said, it was just a minor speed bump on the road to disclosure.


The following are my notes/quotes from the segments of the podcast I found worth noting.

Knapp discussed the impact of documentaries such as “The Phenomenon” and added,  “I know that there are multiple documentary films in the works already.”

Former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, and his controversial claims, was discussed and an interview between Knapp and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell is shown. Corbell interviewed Raanan Shaked, the Israeli journalist who interviewed Eshed. That interview Shaked conducted with Eshed garnered attention from media around the world.


Both Knapp and Corbell hit on the most important point: It’s vital to find out which of Eshed’s claims are backed by insider information he gleaned from Israeli insiders and contacts with colleagues (including Americans) in the space and intelligence world and which claims are things he learned from UFO books, websites or documentaries. Since the interview was in Hebrew, it makes it harder to judge his words. Until then, it’s impossible to know how much weight to give each of his claims.


The January Surprise

George Knapp: “We’ve got something really big coming in January and it’s gonna make international news. It’s gonna make some waves, I think. It’s a name that people will know immediately, in association with one topic, who will be sharing with us things that he has learned about an entirely different subject. And if that seems mysterious and vague, yeah well, then, I’m guilty of that. But that’s coming in January and it’s gonna be really cool.”

We now know the name is billionaire businessman, Robert Bigelow and the main topic is survival of consciousness, otherwise known as life after death or the afterlife. Here’s an excerpt from Knapp’s story, which was published a few days ago.

Today, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) announced a global essay contest. BICS is seeking input from scientists, religious scholars, consciousness researchers, and anyone else who can provide evidence of an afterlife.

As an incentive, BICS will award $500,000 for the top essay, $300,000 for the second best, and $150,000 for third place.

“The Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies, was formed to try to conduct research and facilitate research into the possibility of the survival of human consciousness beyond bodily death, Bigelow told Mystery Wire in an exclusive interview, “and, if that is true, then to explore what is the other side all about?”

Here are some of the other topics:

Robert Bigelow rarely grants interviews and has never answered questions on the record about the BAASS/DIA study. However, he opened up to Mystery Wire about his UFO investigations, his ownership of Skinwalker Ranch, his interactions with UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar, and many other subjects.

And here’s the complete, two-part interview of Bigelow by Knapp.


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