Transcript/Audio: Elizondo on IG in DC – Things Are Going Very Well & New Data Is Coming In Every Week.

20 Jun , 2021  

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“An elected official had indicated that, at some point, congressional hearings will probably be forthcoming. Now that’s huge, that’s tremendous.”

~Lue Elizondo


Lue/Church – Narration/Summary/Comments – Part 1

Lue/Church – Narration/Summary/Comments – Part 2

Lue/Church – Narration/Summary/Comments – Part 3



I wasn’t happy (I never am) with all of that audio so I tried another one. 

Lue/Church – Narration/Summary/Comments – Alternate Version


by Joe MurgiaTheUfoJoe on Twitter.

The beginning of the show featured Lue calling in from a hospital where his father-in-law was nearing the end of his life and Jimmy also spoke about the recent passing of his dad. Condolences to both of them. Had I known Jimmy’s dad had recently passed, I would have said something to him when I was in Laughlin at MegaCon. You can listen to the full exchange on the YouTube video but the UFO/Inspector General (IG)-related transcript (edited for clarity) is presented below with my audio comments and summary above for those who don’t want to read it or want to supplement it with my rambling.


Jimmy Church (JC): Hi, you’re live on Fade To Black. Who’s calling?

Lue Elizondo (LE): Hey, Jimmy, this is Lue Elizondo.

JC: Lue, I don’t mean to giggle. It’s funny man. Your phone calls now are breaking in while I’m working.

LE: But Jimmy, are you really working? (both laugh)

JC: Oh, man, I got so much crap for that. You knocked it out of the park. That was really funny.

LE: Well listen, I just came back from DC and I just want to let you and your listeners know, things are going very well. I think we are at a point where we’ve reached critical mass. There are conversations happening at very senior levels. They all are taking this topic very seriously. There is new data that is coming in on a regular and routine basis and when I say regular and routine, I mean literally every week, there’s new information, more data…

JC: I don’t know how far you can go with this right now but let me ask you, and you know I’m going to…I’m gonna ask you a few direct questions and let me see what I can get out of you tonight, Lue. You did make some comments with the Washington Examiner, which definitely blew up around the media, and the comments about that. I want to address that in a second.


Elizondo says it is a credible line of government inquiry that these UFOs are “extraterrestrial, extradimensional,” or the creation of an Earth-based intelligence entirely unknown to our human society. Elizondo says it is “nothing more than an infinitesimally small possibility” that these extraordinary UFOs are of either U.S., Chinese, or Russian origin.

~From the Tom Rogan piece in the Washington Examiner


JC: But there’s the other part, I know that it was mentioned over the weekend, and I spoke to you about this and Danny, that you were going straight to Washington. I talked to you before you left and then I talked to you after you got there. And that you were going to sit down with the IG. Did that sit down happen and was it an interrogation, or was it a meeting of the minds?

LE: No, it happened. And it was…well, it’s the first of many conversations. It was very lengthy. They were extremely interested to know the facts and the details of what I’m aware of and also they want to talk to additional people. I’ll tell you, Jimmy, I’m cautiously optimistic with the effort of the IG. Harvey Stone is an individual, he’s the one who actually initiated the initial evaluation and he seems to be very genuine. You know, maybe I’m wrong but my initial assessment of him, he really does want to help the department and he wants to help the department find a solution. And that solution is in line with the solution that everybody wants: transparency, openness, truth, disclosure. So I was surprised, and I think Danny was, too. I mean, you’d have to talk to Danny, I certainly don’t want to speak for him. But they were very open and they had indicated that they are, let me see if I can put this right, they are interested in finding the solution that will help the department, help the Intelligence Committee (I messed up and said, “Intelligence Community” on the audio), help the government move forward on this topic. I don’t feel that they’re being shy about it. I don’t think that they are – when I say they, I mean the IG – I don’t think they’re trying to whitewash this. I think they seem genuinely concerned the fact that there are elements within the U.S. government that have deleted my emails and all my files. Look, here’s the bottom line. Jimmy…

JC: That was my next question, Lue. Let me cut you off, if I may. Did you ask the IG what the f**k (JC said “eff”) about Susan? These statements that are coming out about my background and my involvement in this are contradictory to the facts that I have presented. Somebody here is not telling the truth.

LE: They are absolutely aware of it. Look, they wouldn’t be talking to me and my attorney if I wasn’t a part of AATIP. I mean, obviously that’s the bottom line. They’re not going to waste their time with it. But I think, more importantly, from my perspective, here’s what I told them. I said, “Look, I had two portfolios when I was in the Pentagon the last 10 years. The two primary portfolios were Guantanamo Bay, which I have now been open about, and UFOs. And so, in one hand, you have a topic that is regarding, literally, the trial of the century, the people that have been accused of being responsible for the September 11th attacks in New York and with the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Those are the individuals that I was involved with, to a degree, and I won’t go into detail on that. And then the other issue is perhaps the greatest question that has faced mankind since our existence, and that is: Are we alone? And more importantly, what has the Pentagon’s role been in this for the last umpteen years? Now, if you wanna tell me that neither one of those topics are historically relevant, and you deleted not only my emails, but my files because someone in the Pentagon deemed that 911 and UFOs were not historically relevant, then we’ve got a much more significant issue on our hands.” And I’m certainly not going to speak for the IG but I think they get it. I think they understand the significance of that.

JC: Now with this conversation with the IG, I don’t know if this is like a civil or criminal case in court but you are being represented. Because of what is going on, have you had access to the UAP Task Force report?

LE: (three seconds of silence) Ooh. Jimmy, I’m going to take a pass on that.

JC: Okay, okay, fair enough.

LE: I know, the report is…the classified version is…when I say fairly extensive, you know, seventy some pages. There’s an unclassified portion that’s supposed to come out. I don’t want to [put] the cart before the horse, I want to give the members of Congress time and the latitude that they need to figure this out. As we know, this week, members of Congress have been given a sneak peak. For the most part, all have come out fairly convinced this is an important topic. I want to to let them have the time and the latitude to do what they deem is necessary. But I will highlight the fact that an elected official had indicated that, at some point, congressional hearings will probably be forthcoming. Now that’s huge, that’s tremendous.

JC: I saw that and that was from Andre Carlson from, I think he’s a representative from Illinois or Indiana. And okay, so back to that point, today, as you know, is the 17th of June. So in logistical, technical side, we’re supposed to be about a week away from this report. You just got back from Washington, what’s the chatter on the street? Are we going to see it on the 24th? Is it going to be the 25th, 26th, is going to be in July? Or maybe before then?

LE: Well, the report will be delivered on time. How it winds up trickling down to the American people is going to be up to Congress. I’m certainly not going to tell them how to do their business. But when you have not only the DoD, but you have members of the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, briefing members of Congress, I mean, that’s pretty significant. And I think Congress, at this point, is fully well aware of the magnitude of this topic. And you know what? They’re not shying away from it. They’re all embracing this and saying, “Yeah, you know what? This is an issue that we all need to take up.”

And I’ll tell you something else, Jimmy, I think a lot of that, the credit goes to people like you and your audience who’ve been been pushing this for quite some time, long before I ever came out public. You have the mainstream media, you have our elected officials, you have senior members and former senior members of our government, to include two now, former presidents of the United States, coming out and saying, “Yeah, this is real. This is important.” You have a former director of national intelligence, two former directors of CIA. That’s a big deal! I mean, I know a lot of people come out and say, “Yeah, yeah, what has Lue produced?” But, you know, I don’t necessarily wear my mind on my sleeve. I don’t tell everybody what the hell I’m doing every single moment of every day. But this has been a working process for the last three and a half years, on my part, and I know, on your part, it’s been probably decades. And same with some of your listeners. So I just want to take an opportunity and say, “Look, we are here today, not because of anything specifically that I did or Chris Mellon, or anybody else. It’s been a collective effort, all of us. We have pushed this ball forward. The team only wins the Super Bowl because it plays as a team. There’s no one quarterback or wide receiver or blocker or anybody else who can say, “Yeah, I won the Super Bowl.” That’s not the way it works.

JC: No, it doesn’t work that way.

LE: We all won it.

JC: It doesn’t work that way.

LE: No, we won it together now.

JC: Now, okay, so…not to say that you have or have not seen the report, but let’s say that, if you did have an opportunity to take a gander at the report, would you expect, in your opinion, to have confirmation of anything, and I’m talking about confirmation of China or Russia or not. Confirmation of us or not.

LE: No, no, no, no, no. Negative. Confirmation that it’s not us. This is not U.S. technology.

JC: It’s not U.S. tech.

LE: It’s not U.S. tech, signed and sealed and delivered by the Director of National Intelligence, by the Secretary of Defense, to Congress. Representative, by the way, of the entire intelligence community, and the entire defense community. So all the assets and resources and special programs that we have going on, this is not part of that. And I think it’s important that people recognize, this is yet another paradigm moment because there were three options on the table. It’s either our tech, it’s foreign tech, or it’s something completely different. Well, we now know for sure, which is something we probably…many of us already knew for a long time, it’s not our tech. So all the stuff about TR-3Bs and stuff like that, for the last thirty years, that’s now off the table. Now it’s either Russia, China, or it’s something else. And obviously, it’s looking increasingly like (laughs), more and more, Russia and China are probably going to be off the table, too. But we have to let the facts speak for themselves. And I don’t want to prejudice the jury here. We need everybody to come to their own conclusion, based upon the facts. And that’s why I’m always kind of cagey about offering my opinion because, at the end of the day, the facts are going to tell the narrative. It doesn’t have to be Lue Elizondo, or Jimmy church or anybody else.


On the audio, I mentioned the NYT article and how the possibility that some of this is our tech has NOT been ruled out 100%.

The important excerpt:

The report determines that a vast majority of more than 120 incidents over the past two decades did not originate from any American military or other advanced U.S. government technology, the officials said. That determination would appear to eliminate the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government meant to keep secret.

Not sure how the “vast majority” eliminates all possibilities that some of this may be U.S. tech.


JC: The other part of this, as you know, it came out yesterday that there was this secret briefing with a House Committee on counterterrorism and a few other categories with that. It wasn’t the Senate and it wasn’t the Senate Intelligence Committee, but they did go into a secured facility for this debriefing. And the members, as they came out, there was a variety of comments, and I thought that some of them were pretty open, Lue. And I know that you read them too, as well. I was pretty surprised about that. There was another…I don’t have his name right here, but another one that said the exact opposite of the other five or six comments, which was something to the effect – I’m paraphrasing – “It was nothing. I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my seat.” And I thought…

LE: Well, actually, what he said is that he didn’t learn…he, he…it was, I think it’s that he would, people, some people are going to be let down. And I think that’s true when you look at what their narrative is.

JC: Sure.

LE: You know, if they’re expecting, you know, Elvis on the mothership or something like that, then yeah. Or you know, that there’s going to be some sort of confirmation that we’re being visited by, you know, things from the Pleiades or Alpha Centauri, well, that’s not what that report’s gonna say. And if you are expecting that, then I think you have unrealistic expectations. This is really the first time the government has…now people are gonna be like, “Well, what about Blue Book and all this other stuff and Grudge and Sign.” But that’s not to the same level that we have now. I mean, this is…if people can’t see that we are having a completely different conversation at this point, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

But we are in a different spot than we were thirty, forty years ago. And it’s gonna take time, it’s gonna take time for us to really wrap our hands and our heads around this topic and figure out really what’s going on. Like I said before, like I said three years ago, this is a process, this is not an event and if you’re looking for instant gratification, then go play PlayStation, go play Xbox, or go to Burger King, because you’re not going to get that with this topic. This is a process that’s going to take a long time. And when I told people, and I know some people got mad at me and they said, “No, no, no, no, BS, BS!” Well, you know, fine, whatever. But when they said, “Where are we in the process?” I said, “Look, we’re not even at the beginning of the end and we’re not at the end of the beginning. We’re probably at the beginning of the beginning.” And, you know, that’s my position.

JC: And I want to get your comments on this. When the…and I know what you’re going through right now and where you’re calling from and so thank you for hanging out with us.

LE: I am literally outside of an emergency room, I am not kidding you. I am standing outside because they were yelling at me for being a little bit too loud in the waiting room.

JC: I’m so thankful. This is just a strange moment for both of us. But, I can’t let you get away without asking you a couple of questions about the articles that came out from CNN and a couple of other media organizations last week that stated a couple of things. And I thought that they were pretty strong to state as fact. And one of them was that there was 120 cases and events that they looked at for evidence in this report. I don’t know the dating of those cases, I don’t know if they went back to the 60s or the 50s or if these are all modern.

LE: No, it was only back to the USS Nimitz.

JC: So they only to  2004.

LE: So they only looked to 2004 and forward, for the most part. But…

JC: If you saw…well let’s let’s be clear here. If you saw the report (laughs), then that’s probably what is in there. Okay, so do you have any idea, if you were going to take a pretty educated guess here, Lue, how many how many cases did they investigate?

LE: Jimmy, I’m gonna let the Task Force answer that question. But what I will say is that these cases haven’t stopped. People look back and say, “Well. Oh my gosh, you mean after the Roosevelt there was the Omaha and the USS Kidd?: No, what I’m saying is these haven’t stopped since last week and at some point when that comes to light, people are gonna go, “Holy crap! Wait a minute. We know about Nimitz, we know about Roosevelt and now we know about Omaha and Kidd because of Jeremy Corbell, and a few others and George Knapp. But you mean to tell me these things are occurring constantly?” Yes! Ryan Graves already said it. To some point it was occurring on a daily basis for two years straight! I don’t know how to get that… (through people’s heads? ~Joe)

JC: Yeah, that’s 700 cases right there. And so that would indicate to me –  and this is my point, Lue – that 120 events and cases, to some, sounds like a lot. To others, and to myself, it sounds like not enough. But I’m wondering what officially is in that…

LE: If I say…I don’t mean to talk all over you real quick but I apologize. But let me just say this.

JC: Take your time.

LE: You know, we can say the Nimitz incident occurred over several days and we call it one event. But the Nimitz wasn’t one event. So, it could be that the government is classifying the USS Nimitz, the USS Roosevelt, the USS Kidd or the Omaha…

JC: As one case…

LE: As one case, when in reality, it occurred over multiple days with multiple sensor units, multiple eyewitnesses, right? So, we need to be careful when we say that and I don’t want to expound anymore because I again, I don’t want to get into detail of the report before Congress has a chance to provide it to the American people to whatever degree they’re comfortable with.

JC: I appreciate that. Okay, so…one last question, then I’ll let you go and get back to your family. If we are looking at three different scenarios and we take our tech off of the table, right? That that is going to be something that is verified in this report, that it is not U.S. tech. That leaves two choices. Not of this Earth, right? Little green men arriving here in their interstellar craft, right? And so there’s that. Or, it’s adversarial and it’s foreign tech. But it could also be a mix of those two, right? Right?

LE: It could be, actually, and I’m glad you said that, Jimmy because you’re right. It could be both. And frankly, it could be neither. I know that’s uncomfortable for people to figure out and to try to contemplate, but it could be that we’re dealing with something that is so revolutionary that it’s not little green men from Mars, in fact, it’s something that’s totally natural to this planet and we’re just now at the point where we can begin to collect information on it. It’s something that could be, like I said, from outer space, inner space, or the space in between. There’s a lot of different options in that third option. And that’s what we need to make sure that all options remain on the table until they’re no longer on the table. We have to really, really, really try to avoid any type of cognitive dissonance or, if you will, analytic overlay, where we automatically presume a narrative without having all the facts and details. And I know it’s tempting to do and I know a lot of people out there say, “Well, we know the answer, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Well, you know what? Fine, maybe you do have the answer but the rest of us chickens don’t, so give us time to catch up. And I think that’s where we are right now.

JC: Well, thank you, Lue, for taking the time to check in with us. And it’s been an insane, intense week, not only for the community, but for the world. This is very fluid and we’re getting stuff daily, coming at us, that is getting bigger and more sensational than twenty minutes ago, right? It’s like that. But I want to thank you for all of your efforts and I want you to get back to your family. And I’m going to talk to you tomorrow and I am going to let you know, the flood of texts and who they are coming in from, right now.

LE: Oh God. I can only imagine. I got a lot of haters, man! (laughs)

JC: You have no idea. Well, some of it’s…well, you know what? We will talk about all of this tomorrow, but it’s pretty interesting. Lue, get back to your family, get back to your father in law and we’ll circle back sometime tomorrow. Thank you so much.

LE: You got it. Take care, Jimmy and thank you for your patience and that of your audience.

JC: You’re the best, Lue. Thank you so much, man.

LE: 10-4, bye.


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