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Flashback: Silva vs. Church – Down Goes Church! “Nothing Out Of [Elizondo’s] Mouth Has Been True.”

3 Feb , 2021  

By Joe Murgia

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO program, will be the guest tonight on “Fade to Black,” with host Jimmy Church. Seeing that Church has taken repeated shots at Elizondo and his former employer, “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA),” over the past few years, many of us in the UFO community were surprised when this interview was announced. So, I wanted to take look back on one of the more memorable calls to the show in recent memory and show folks some of the uninformed garbage Church spewed back then as a warm-up for tonight’s interview. Church has continued to criticize Elizondo and TTSA  up until present day so it should be interesting to see if he has the intestinal fortitude to say it to Elizondo’s “face” on live radio.

After the show was over, somebody from the “Fade to Black” team edited out the more incendiary material from Church that was directed at Elizondo and posted that version on YouTube. But luckily, a friend of mine saved it before it was edited. So this is the full transcript.



Fade to Black – April 5th, 2018 – My Friend, Danny Silva, Calls In

Jimmy Church (JC): Let’s go the phones. You’re up next, who’s calling? You’re live.

Danny Silva (DS): This is Danny from Twitter.

JC: This is Danny from Twitter. Hi Danny from Twitter.

DS: Yes, sir! We’ve been talking today.

JC: Oh, okay. Oh, you mean earlier?

DS: We were talking about To The Stars.

JC: Oh, Danny! I got you. Okay.

DS: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

JC: So what’s on your mind?

DS: Basically, I just wanted to call in and, you know, I’m a big fan of yours, I’ve listened to you for a long time. Your Tom DeLonge interview was incredible. I’ve listened to it, I think, probably ten times, twenty times. You know, we feel like “To The Stars Academy” isn’t getting a fair shake lately from your show so I felt like I should call in and address that.

JC: To The Stars has always had a fair shake on this show. What do you mean?

DS: There’s just been a lot of negative reporting…Dr. Garry Nolan….

JC: I’ve never…

DS: “(Inaudible)” criticizing him for the Atacama story.

JC: Nah. See, this is where…but you’re entitled to your opinion, but one thing has to be very, very , very, very clear here, and I stated this at the beginning of the show tonight. To The Stars Academy, what they have done, in pushing out the UFO agenda out into the public, it is one of the most extraordinary things that’s ever happened. And I’ve said that from Day 1. From Day 1, period! That checkbook and the amount of money that it costs for that kind of PR campaign is way beyond my means. So, as long as he wants to put that pen to the check and get the stuff out, there, keep doing it, keep doing it.

His problems, all of his problems, are his own. He’s his own worst enemy and that’s on them, that’s not on me. I haven’t done anything, you know? I haven’t done anything. if somebody gets caught and somebody makes a mistake and I don’t say anything about it then I’m part of the problem. That’s it.

DS: I just feel like we’re focusing on some of the mistakes that you were tweeting about today.

JC: Wait a minute. Are you saying that I shouldn’t? That I should ignore it?

DS: Not necessarily but I think it’s getting focused on too much compared to other things that they’ve accomplished.

JS: Okay, all right. So, you’re saying that I shouldn’t do it and we should just ignore it and… (Church must not have been listening because, as you can clearly see, Danny didn’t say that. ~Joe)

DS: No, not at all. You don’t have to ignore it. You can mention it, but it just seems that lately, almost all the shows have been anti-To The Stars Academy.

JC: Okay. Well, do you wanna look at our guest list for the last, uhh, let’s go back to December 16th? You wanna break down the guest list and see how many shows were quote, unquote, anti-To The Stars? I bet you that…

DS: I mean, I haven’t listened to every single one, I’m just putting the last (“indecipherable”), especially the Atacama story.

JC: (laughs) Look. Look. You’re the one that called in. You’re the one that’s saying this, okay? So you really need to have your ducks in a row. I will, and I’ve stated this already…I listen to all points of view, okay? And the community itself will always police itself. So, if you are going to go out there like…To The Stars Academy is not the only one that has gone and dipped their toe in the water and found out how vicious and how policing this community is. And everything that I have said, I’ve just responded to the questions that are put out there by the community. And it’s that simple.

DS: And that’s fair, that’s totally fair.

JC: So that’s it. I haven’t done anything that the community hasn’t done. (So, for Church, anything goes if someone in the community says or does it first? Seriously?  ~Joe) And the other part of it is…

DS: Right. But I mean, for example, on Twitter today, you were saying that you don’t respect Elizondo’s opinion.

JC: I don’t. I don’t.

DS: I mean, this guy’s worked at the Department of Defense. I mean, he…

JC: I…Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. This is where you are putting all of your ducks in one basket. And you are entitled to do that, Danny, okay? One hundred percent, you wanna put all of your faith in Elizondo and everybody else is wrong and Elizondo’s right? That’s…

DS: I mean, not, I wouldn’t say one hundred percent, necessarily but I think we should listen to what the man’s been saying for…

JC: I have listened to what he has to say and nothing out of his mouth has been true. And these are his statements, not mine. When Elizondo says that he worked for AATIP and he can’t get the name of that right, then I got a problem. Those are his words, not mine.

DS: How do we know that the name isn’t right?

JC: The Pentagon said it! (laughs) The Pentagon said it! The Pentagon said…

DS: Are you talking about the Freedom of Information Act?

JC: No, I’m not referencing any of that. I’m talking about statements from the Pentagon. Now…

DS: Elizondo also has said he’s gotten a lot of pushback from the Pentagon. There’s a lot of people that don’t him to be saying what he’s saying.

JC:  Of course!

DS: I mean, you know about that, especially in the UFO community.

JC: Of course!

DS: So, he also has a lot of people that say he did do what he does.

JC: Right! Of course! And again, you’re putting all your…you’re saying, why can’t I trust Elizondo? Elizondo said, his words, “I’m a disinfo. agent.” Now if that’s where you want to go, and you want to put all of your trust there, that’s on you, Danny. That’s…

DS: Wait but when did he say he’s a disinfo. agent? I don’t remember that.

JC: Okay, well, then again. I um, eh, and…and  I may be even paraphrasing here. I…he may even have taken it a step further. Now, if Elizondo hasn’t been part of any disinformation, then let him come out and correct everybody out there that is quoting these. Okay?

DS: I mean, he’s done a lot of interviews, he’s done some great interviews. I mean, Tom DeLonge’s been on your show.

JC: That’s right!

DS: That was an incredible interview.

JC: Absolutely.

DS: But yeah, Elizondo never has said he’s a disinfo. agent, for sure.

JC: He’s never said that?

DS: No, he’s never said, “I’m a disinfo. agent.” No.

JC: Okay. All right. There ya go. That’s it. That’s on you. That’s on you. That’s totally…

DS: I mean, do you remember when he said that so maybe I can go back and look it up?

JC: Uh, I have read…I have read and have had that quote sent to me…fifty times. And the other part of it is this, and this is where we need to really, really focus. We’re talking about the Department of Defense. And when have we ever gotten a straight story from anybody that is employed there? (And yet Church was willing to believe the Pentagon spokespersons when they said it was “Aviation”? ~Joe) From anybody? From any…I mean, from anybody! Let’s go back…think about things like the Vietnam War and the disinfo. that came out of there and all the way up. Every single…there has not been a day that we have not been involved in a war, for some reason, around the world. And the way that that entire machine operates…and then suddenly, suddenly…not only me but the rest of this community, wants to come out and trust somebody from the Department of Defense (laughs)? This is like, wait a minute here. You need to get a track record…

DS: Yes, sir and I understand that…

JC:  Wait, wait…Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, just let me finish, okay?

DS: Yes, sir.

JC: And you called. I’ll let you have the platform but I need to address this directly.

DS: Fair enough.

JC: Before, I go and have somebody that has stepped up to a microphone and said, “I just retired and I got out of it. Today I’m in the UFO community.” Right? “Trust me, I’m from the Pentagon. I am your savior.” You need a track record. A track record! And that’s it. If it comes out, man, a year from now and Elizondo has just done everything right by us and everything is great and correct and he’s fixed these errors from the past, and there’s answers for everything, fantastic. Fantastic. But right now, it is what it is, And when you go out and you literally say “Aerospace. Aerospace. Aerospace,” and it turns out that it’s Aviation, All right?

DS: But that wasn’t happened, though.

JC: I just told you it did. I just told you it did and I’ll stand by that. I’ll stand by…

DS: We haven’t had confirmation that it’s Aviation. The thing about the cynicism…

JC: Who is we? Who is we? Who is we?

DS: I mean, no one’s had the word “Aviation” being confirmed. It’s been reported, people are going back and forth on it. Elizondo himself has said, “Aerospace.”

JC: Well, let me ask you this, Danny. Do you represent “To The Stars Academy?”

DS: No, not at all. I wish I did, to be honest with you. But if I could just comment on the criticism.

JC: Do you have stock? Do you have stock in the company?

DS: Yes, sir. I spent my two-hundred dollars, so it’s not a whole lot.

JC:  Right.

DS: If I never get anything back, that’s okay.

JC: Okay.

DS: But it’s two-hundred dollars worth, it’s not a whole lot of money in the world. The thing about the criticism, sir, you know, it’s fair to say that they’re government and maybe we shouldn’t trust them and that’s okay. I think what’s unfair, sir, is saying they’re in it for the money or things like that. I mean, everyone’s focused on getting money and a lot of these guys, they work extremely hard and they could be making money a lot of other ways. It also costs a lot of money to make one of these craft.

JC: Again, hundred percent correct. A hundred percent correct and I couldn’t agree with you more. And in this country, the United States more than any other country on this planet, we have a capitalistic system. And if you can figure out a way to make some money in this country, god bless, right? God bless. (This attitude explains why Church felt it was okay to give a platform to David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith. ~Joe)           

Kiss went out, put on make-up, and danced around on the stage, became millionaires. I don’t have any issues with that. Some people do. But that’s okay, if you can figure out your way to do it. If Tom DeLonge has figured out a way to monetize this with his entertainment division, the scientific division? Go for it! Just don’t make mistakes.

DS: Fair enough.

JC: And the stumbles that I have seen, and the stumbles are visible, these are mistakes that can’t be made. And we’re talking about somebody from the CIA, Mellon (Christopher Mellon never worked for the CIA. ~Joe), we’ve got Skunkworks with Justice, we have Elizondo, allegedly, from the Pentagon, you’ve got Hal Puthoff, that everybody here respects, including myself, and others that work for TTSA. That’s a lot of brain power. They’ve biologists and chemists and things and PhDs and a nice long list of people. But you cannot step up on the day of your live, press conference, going out to the world, asking people to buy stock in your company and today it is launching and the public offering is three, and have a picture of a balloon in the background and state, “This is alien technology. Now invest in us.” (This never happened. ~Joe) That smells of fraud.

DS: And that was a mistake.

JC:  Wait, wait, wait, wait. You cannot say it’s a mistake and it doesn’t matter. It does matter. And a balloon pic, to the UFO community, is the biggest slap in the face of all. And when you get busted on doing that and  you wanna go silent and release some press, some boilerplate, they (changes this voice): “Well, you know, we made a mistake, it was an error, we didn’t know, there was somebody else and we didn’t know it was gonna.” They rehearsed that forever! And all the faith that is in Elizondo…all of that was orchestrated, word-for-word, planned out and those pictures and images were flashed up there in orchestrations, time-stamped, time-coded, read to go. So I don’t but that excuse.

And the other part about it, is this: Luis Elizondo says that he ran a UFO investigation, secret black project for the Pentagon. And that guy that says he ran that project, didn’t have the wherewithall or the ability or the intelligence to right click on that balloon pic and check it out. He’s supposed to know UFOs from anything. He’s the lord and savior on this. And he can’t do a Google search on an image that’s a balloon pic that’s been on the internet for fifteen years? And you’re telling me you’re the brainpower behind this? I call bs! So who is running To The Stars? Mellon didn’t have the ability? He’s supposed to…you know? Justice? I like these guys. I really…well, not so much Mellon.  But Justice I respect. And Hal Puthoff I respect. And everybody that’s there, these PhDs, don’t know the different between a balloon pic and alien technology? And you want me to buy stock in the company? I call bs.

So these are their mistakes, not mine. And I’m not gonna sit back and go, “Well, you know, okay, uh, it was a mistake. It’s cool.” Not the UFO community. We have been up against this kind of stuff, time after time, after time after time. So, if they are going to stand up and get the respect from the UFO community, quit betting busted. Quit getting busted! The three videos, that were put out, allegedly, by TTSA, were not. They were on the internet forever, number one. Number two, the Pentagon…

DS: That’s not true, sir.

JC: Oh it is way true!

DS: The third one released, was not, sir.

(Actually, out of the three videos, only one (FLIR1, aka the Tic Tac, was on the Internet. I believe starting back in 2007. ~Joe)

JC: Okay. See? If you want to make excuses for them, that’s okay. You can’t make those mistakes.

DS: No, sir. There was some controversy about it but no, sir the third one was never on the internet, sir.

JC: So the third video was released by Pentagon and given to TTSA, right? That’s what you’re saying. We’re talking about the Go Fast?

DS: I don’t know, I’m not sure, actually, sir.

JC: Okay, because there would be a paper trail about security releases, who signed off on it, what department and that would be accompanied with that video. And on top of it, there would be Pentagon and military references in that video.

DS: Yes, sir. Leslie Kean and the NYT said that they’ve seen the chain of commend on that.

JC: So where is it?

DS: The New York Times, if you could trust them, at least. Maybe you don’t. But they know what they’re doing and they’re not gonna run the story without seeing the chain of command and they claim that they did see it.

JC: And that’s where I appreciate the PR response and the power of To The Stars because they were able to push this story through. Now let’s go back for a second. So, those three videos, and this is where it’s misleading to the UFO community, all right? Is this: Those videos that were running on CNN, Fox, BBC, RT, live on television for weeks, with (David) Fravor and Elizondo doing interviews. Everybody, everybody mislead the community that Fravor shot those videos. That those came from Fravor’s camera. Fravor…

DS: I don’t think…

JC: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Fravor knew that those videos didn’t. But Fravor never said, Elizondo never said that those weren’t all from the incident from San Diego. One is fifteen years old and one is three years old, one is East Coast, one is West Coast but nobody says anything and that’s just not right.

DS: It was stated that it was two different events. It was the Nimitz and the Gimbal. Two different things. And then later on it came out that the Gimbal was on the East Coast.

JC: Exactly! Exactly my point!

DS: They never said it was the same thing.

JC: Do you understand what you are saying here. You are agreeing with me. And so, if they go and they do those kinds of things, that’s on them. I didn’t do it! Do you understand?

DS: Wait, I don’t understand the problem on that one. They released the videos and they were great.

JC: You didn’t understand the problem with the first time that Fravor did an interview, the first time that Fravor did an interview and those videos are running. Elizondo goes, “Well, just to be clear here, these videos aren’t from Fravor’s plane. In fact, this one video was shot off of the East Coast in Florida.”

DS: No, the East Coast facts came out way later.

JC: That’s what I’m saying!

DS: And the fact that more than one plane recording these things makes them more credible.

JC: And if you are cool with that, that’s on you. The community, is not.

DS: I’m confused. Cool with what?

JC: If you’re cool with the misleading of how things are presented. If you’re cool with that…

DS: What did they mislead that was presented? I don’t think we’ve established that.

JC: What’s that?

DS: What did they mislead on that one? I’m not following.

JC: Did Fravor or Elizondo, from December 16th to January 23rd, ever say that those videos, that they weren’t from the same event? That one was East Coast and one was West Coast?

DS: Yes, it was the Gimbal and the Nimitz, two different events.

JC: When did the say it?

DS: They said that from the beginning.

JC: No they never did…oh! Stop!

DS: They always had two different names, it was two different events, Gimbal and Nimitz. Also, the Nimtz report came out the same exact day. You could that report and it was from the battle carried group with the Nimitz. But they claimed that the Gimbal was the same thing.

JC: Again, all of this is after the fact. This was only because the UFO…

DS: No, sir that came out the same day, sir.

JC: Noooooo….stopppp!

DS: Yeah. The Nimitz report came out the same day as the videos, sir.

JC: Okay, all right.

DS: It was on To The Stars Academy website and still is.

JC: Okay, all right, all right, all right. Good luck to you, Danny.

DS: If I could plug, one more time, www.uapinfo.net (This sire no long exists. ~Joe) is the website.

JC: Okay, great, great. Have a good night, man.

DS: Yes, sir, thank you.

JC: There ya go.


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