Speigel: Scientists “Will Be Able To Conclude That Some Of These Fragments Are Not From Earth”

13 Jan , 2019  

“I was holding this stuff in my hands in special containers. And that was just…I kept saying to my co-producer, James…I kept saying, ‘Please, pinch me. I can’t believe we’re witnessing this. This is just amazing.'”

~Lee Speigel


Over the years, we’ve all heard about alleged pieces/fragments of UFOs being studied by Jacques Vallee, Garry Nolan, Peter Sturrock, APRO and others, including “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science,” with their recently created ADAM Research Project. Then we have Robert Bigelow, owner of Bigelow AerospaceAs reported by KLAS investigative reporter, George Knapp, Bigelow, created Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) when he was awarded the DIA contract and $10 million to investigate alleged, paranormal activity at Skinwalker Ranch. In The New York Times article that exposed the Pentagon’s UFO program formerly headed by Luis Elizondo, it was reported that under the direction of Bigelow, BAASS, “modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” Elizondo later explained that it was metamaterials and not metal alloys that were being studied. Still promising.


And yet, after all this smoke, we have yet to have any definitive fire and a proclamation or confirmation that just one piece of metal was manufactured elsewhere. Meaning, not on this planet. That may be about to change. On a recent podcast of “Open Minds News Radio” hosted by Alejandro Rojas, former Huffington Post journalist, Lee Speigel, shared some very intriguing and exciting information on the anomalous materials front. For the past year and a half, Speigel has been a co-producer on the latest UFO documentary by filmmaker, James Fox. If this pans out, it could be the biggest story of 2019. That depends on what else 2019 brings us. Enjoy the transcript.

The conversation picks up with the guys discussing what they think were the biggest UFO stories of 2018 and Spiegel giving details about the upcoming Fox documentary.

LS = Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel

AR = Alejandro Rojas

MW = Martin Willis


Lee Speigel: “We have gathered some incredible, interview footage from people that will take the breath away, we hope, of the audience when they finally get a chance to see this. We’ve got a few more segments that still need to be produced. And we’re looking at, literally, an early spring readiness for the public. And I know there are a lot of stuff that’s coming up on TV about UFOs that are about to hit as well. So the timing is pretty good for us and the project.

“The number one story, may be, for me…what’s still floating around is the idea that there’s a lot of competition out there now among UFO researchers and scientists over the analysis of alleged fragments or pieces from UFOs. This is a very big story. And even I, recently, had a unique opportunity  to see and to hold some reportedly real UFO material that’s being analyzed now by scientists that aren’t yet ready to go public with their amazing findings. But they will. And I can say…I can say that with total certainty because I was there, in their laboratory. And on that particular note, I’ll kind of leave it at, more to come. But it’s going to be amazing when they do release their information and their findings. And they’re going to release it to everybody. They’re not gonna hold back. They’re not gonna ask for money. They’re gonna release it to science and say, ‘Here’s what we’ve come up with. We can conclude very definitely that some of these fragments were not naturally formed and that they were manufactured by someone. And we sure would like to know who did the manufacturing and for what purpose.’ So that’s gonna be amazing when that finally happens.”

Alejandro Rojas: “Now, is this analysis related at all or being looked at by’ To The Stars Academy’? So, Tom DeLonge’s group and the group that says they’re doing all this analysis.”

LS: “No. These are separate individuals who have nothing to do with Tom DeLonge or the ‘To The Stars.’ And basically, I am a witness to the fact that they can – see, without giving it away too much – they will be able to conclude that some of these fragments are not from Earth. Because…”

Martin Willis: “This has nothing to do with Bigelow?”

LS: “Uhh, no. Nothing to do (laughs). No, not even with Robert Bigelow.”

AR: “That’s extraordinary to hear that…first of all, you know, ‘To The Stars’ is doing this work and potentially might have something. And now you have another lead on another source.”

LS: “I’ve always, historically for myself, I’ve always been dubious about claims that people have fragments or pieces of UFOs that either had crashed or exploded. But in fact, these kinds of things did happen! One famous case that comes to mind is…I believe it was 1957 over Ubatuba, Brazil. A seaside community. Something came streaking out of the sky and it exploded and it showered the water, the community, the land. I mean, pieces of it were all over the place! So, before even authorities could get there, people were snatching stuff up. You know, so it’s not impossible that pieces are legitimately from something that’s unexplainable. And this is just one case that comes to mind. And I held and I looked at pieces from this Ubatuba case.

“But that’s not even the bigger part of the story. Okay, fine. You’ve got fragments of something that you don’t know what the something was. How do you analyze it so that science really doesn’t know what to make of this? Well, you have to come up with new technologies that can analyze this stuff. And that’s exactly what these scientists, that I am now aware of, have done. They have come up with brand new technology. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I have photographed it. It’s incredible what they can do now. It took my breath away.”

MW: “So Lee can you give us any more details on this? This didn’t actually come from the Brazil crash, did it? Can you tell us where it came from?”

LS: “Oh…some of the pieces…I mean…I…What they brought on this particular day to the laboratory, uh, was a huge collection of pieces that supposedly came from UFOs, from around the world, going back to the 1940s. A lot of stuff. I was holding this stuff in my hands in special containers. And that was just…I kept saying to my co-producer, James…I kept saying, ‘Please, pinch me. I can’t believe we’re witnessing this. This is just amazing.’ And these people who were doing this research are being very private now and we’re not letting the information out at this point as to who they are. Because at any point, they could just decide to say, ‘No, we’re done. We’re not going any further with this because we don’t trust anybody.’ So, I’m okay with that. And I don’t mean to tease you or to tease the audience. But at this point, the tease is all that I can offer because it will come out. And nothing will be hidden because they want this information to come out. And they wanna share it with science. And they wanna give it to everybody who is a believer or total skeptic or debunker. They want people to say, ‘Here, take this information that we’ve just created. Now, come  up with your own analysis based on it and let us know what you’re getting, you know?'”

AR: “Is there going to be more information about this material in the documentary?”

LS: “Oh yes. We’ve actually already filmed that segment. Yes.”

AR: “So that’s some big news right there. That’s the biggest news of 2019 when it comes to UFOs now.”

LS: “Well I’m hoping that it will be because I think that…anything to do with fragments. You know, this harkens back to the story of Bob Lazar, who claims that he actually worked on and went inside, a flying saucer at Area 51. This is kind of on that level, I think, because now we’re talking about fragments that can be analyzed to prove they weren’t manufactured here! That’s a big story, I think.”

AR: “That is a big story. That’s a really big deal.”

LS: “And I’m not saying to you or to the audience or anybody else…any scientists out there listening in…I’m not saying, ‘Take my word for it.’ Don’t believe anything I say. I’m just saying, be patient. Be patient because I believe eventually – if it wasn’t these people that I’ve witnessed this from – if it wasn’t them, it would be someone else, who I believe will eventually come out with this kind of proof.

“The experience that I had going to this place – and I won’t even say where it was – it was quite obvious that there’s a lot of money behind this research. Totally funded. Just a look at the equipment that they’re using to do the analysis is just mind blowing.”


Joe’s Comments

As Jacques Vallee explained in this lecture, “there is a long history of things disappearing in this field.” He describes Professor Peter Sturrock placing several samples from different cases into a bank vault for safe-keeping only to have them all disappear. So, while I’m extremely excited to see what 2019 brings, I’ll hold back on celebrating until the scientists involved go public, present their findings and we have replication from other labs. Should only be a few months until the documentary comes out and we learn more.

As to which scientists are part of this effort Speigel is talking about? My money is on Vallee and Garry Nolan.


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