Congressional Hearing

Transcript: Senate Hearing On UFOs: Gillibrand – “We Don’t Know Where They Come From, Who Made Them, Or How They Operate.”

29 Apr , 2023  

“In the event sufficient scientific data were ever obtained, that a UAP encounter can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin, we are committed to working with our interagency partners at NASA to appropriately inform U.S. Government’s leadership of its findings.” ~Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick – Director of AARO ~~~ If you like what you see on […]

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We (Almost) Have a UFO Office! – Final (?) NDAA Language

7 Dec , 2021  

“I read the unwritten message underlying the bill language as something like this: We, the Congress, have concluded that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are serious business. We want you to start treating it as serious business: Get your act together and get a grip on this problem! Expect to be held accountable. “I think it likely […]

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