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Transcript – Mellon: Eight Members of Congress Can Gain Access To The Most Sacred And Tightly Held Special Access Programs (Crashed UFOs and Bodies?)

5 Jun , 2019  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter

Transcript – June 5th, 2019 – Interview with Christopher Mellon of “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science” on “The Fox News Breakdown.”

Harris Faulkner Narration: The Truth? Is out there…

(The X-Files theme music plays)


We just don’t know what it is, yet.

But I’m not talking about something out of a TV show. Or a movie.

(Close Encounters of the Third Kind music plays)

We’re talking about real, close encounters with flying objects, definitely not identified.

(Audio from Go Fast UFO video plays)

“Oh my gosh, dude. Wow! What is that, man? Look at it flying!”

That’s actual audio from an actual UFO sighting, by Lt. Ryan Graves, one of the Navy pilots who talked to the New York Times about the incidents he experienced in 2014 and 2015. Dealing with objects flying at speeds estimated to be thousands of miles an hour. Faster than our fastest fighter jets. Christopher Mellon’s been studying these encounters. A former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush administrations.

Christopher Mellon: This has been going on in…and I think it’s important to know, there’s probably more than one phenomenon here. It’s not just, you know…this covers a range of different incidents and kinds of vehicles that we’ve seen and encountered over the years. So famously, for example, in 2004, November 2004, the Nimitz Carrier Battle Group had an extremely well documented interaction with UFOs off the coast of Southern California. And what was so important about that incident was that multiple, Navy platforms – different ships, different aircraft  and different pilots and radar operators – were all independently validating and seeing the same thing.

Harris Faulkner: And what were they seeing exactly?

Christopher Mellon: Right. So, in this particular case, these vehicles and on close approach, were approximately forty-five feet long, white, described as being shaped roughly like a Tic Tac mint. Solid, no windows. And for people who…for the pilots and aeronautical engineers and people like that, what’s so stunning and baffling and amazing is that there are no control surfaces. There are no wings. There are no inlets for air. There’s no exhaust.

Harris Faulkner: You don’t see an engine at all?

Christopher Mellon: There’s no evidence…there’s no clue as to what it…how these things propel themselves. How do they remain aloft? And what is their form of propulsion? So they descend from above 80,000 feet, from the maximum radar detection range of the, in this case, the Princeton Aegis destroyer or cruiser. And they have a low radar cross section so they probably were much higher before they were detected.

Harris Faulkner: 80,000 feet’s pretty high!

Christopher Mellon: Incredible altitude. So the famous old SR-71 and the U-2 aircraft…their maximum altitudes would be roughly in that range.

Harris Faulkner: Alright, so we don’t fly higher than that, typically. Unless you’re actually launched.

Christopher Mellon: We don’t have anything flying up there…these days. Occasionally, maybe a hyper-sonic test vehicle, you know, or an ICBM. But, we’re not…even the U-2 spy plane would max out around 70,000 feet.

Harris Faulkner: And you say 80,000, they come down. Do they just drop?

Christopher Mellon: Yeah, they were descending vertically. So the radar operators were so stunned on the USS Princeton – and the technicians – they shut down the radar. They rebooted it. They rechecked everything. Because they were seeing numerous targets descending from these altitudes.

Harris Faulkner: Right, they’re thinking it could be a glitch, right? They were thinking, ehh, there’s something wrong with these…

Christopher Mellon: Well of course. This is so stunning when this is happening. They can’t really believe it. They’re having a hard time thinking that this is, you know, real. Maybe there’s some technical problems. So they shut down the system. They reboot it, run all the system checks. They get the same picture. And so after this is going on for a day or so, they’re actually…F-18s are diverted to engage one of these targets. When they close on it, they see this vehicle that I just described. And it reacts to their presence. It engages…easily outmaneuvers  the F-18s. And in fact, accelerates away from them at speeds that would absolutely destroy an F-22 or an F-35…would rip it apart and kill the pilot.

Harris Faulkner: Really?!

Christopher Mellon: The acceleration forces that have been calculated…we know from the radar data how far that vehicle travelled and what time period. And strangely, bizarrely, it went from the point of which it was engaged by these F-18s, low over the water, where there was a disturbance in the water – as though there was something there and it was hovering over it – it started moving around erratically. And it spiraled up, behind the F-18, then shot away like a bullet, traveling fifty miles in a couple of seconds. And then it hovered – came to a complete, full stop – at what they call the cap point. The rendezvous point that the F-18s were using for their military exercise.

Harris Faulkner: Wow!

Christopher Mellon: And the Princeton radios the pilots who had just engaged this thing, and this was the commander of the squadron. The most senior aviator in the unit: Commander Dave Fravor. A commander of the famous Black Aces, F-18 squadron. And he says, “Commander, you’re not gonna believe this but he’s hovering at your cap point.”

Harris Faulkner: So whatever this is, it’s like toying with the crew.

Christopher Mellon: That is the impression the pilots themselves had.

Harris Faulkner Narration: Those encounters and others are chronicled in a new History Channel series,  “Unexplained: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.” (Show is called,  “Unidentified” ~Joe) And Christopher Mellon is a lead investigator on that show.

Christopher Mellon: There are incidents continuing to this day. This is still going on.

Harris Faulkner: Still going on. These little Tic Tac are still out there?

Christopher Mellon: Well, it’s not just those vehicles. So, what Lt. Graves and his comrade. Lt. Accoin, who were deployed on the East Coast with an F-18 squadron. Some of the vehicles they’ve seen and described, in the New York Times article, are spherical. They’re perhaps six to ten feet across. And they’re transparent, like a soap bubble with a black cube inside. And the edges of the cube are touching the interior of the bubble. Now…

Harris Faulkner: Again, no engine, no nothing, no…it doesn’t look like…wings?

Christopher Mellon: No idea how something like that…if it were a helium filled balloon, you know, that would make sense. But then, how does it fly? How does it maneuver? So these things are observed going hundreds an miles per hour. Sometimes, close to supersonic speed. And too small, evidently, to have any kind a pilot aboard. These things…one final point that you might find of interest..these things are sometimes seen flying in formation.

Harris Faulkner: Like birds or like our own fighter planes?

Christopher Mellon: Yeah, like, you know, a v-shaped formation.

Harris Faulkner So, what could these be? I mean, immediately people are thinking these are aliens.

Christopher Mellon: Everybody runs to the alien hypothesis. And understandably. And in fact, some of the pilots go there, even if they don’t…and some of them will admit that publicly just because this technology is so radical. So orthogonal to anything we do, that it inherently feels alien. There’s something about it that seems unnatural. It’s just so different than anything that we have ever designed or built or deployed. However…

Harris Faulkner: Could we have this at Area 51 and we don’t even know it?

Christopher Mellon: Uhh…

Harris Faulkner: Is this American?

Christopher Mellon: This is not. And the reason that we can say that with a high degree of confidence is…first of all because the Navy itself has acknowledged, these are not ours. So the Navy has come out and publicly said they’re not ours.

Harris Faulkner: And you wouldn’t have any aggressive something try to…

Christopher Mellon: Well, this is the other thing…

Harris Faulkner: They could have been shot down! Right? In theory?

Christopher Mellon: Right. In fact, there has been, and again – this was revealed in the New York Times article – it was already been a near, mid-air collision with one of these. And, you know, from a flight safety standpoint, our military is very disciplined. They would never be deploying objects like that, into military exercise airspace without some kind of deconfliction (change the flight path to avoid accidental collision ~Joe), coordination. That would be unprecedented, unheard of. That is…

Harris Faulkner: They’re not going to put their own pilots in danger, right?

Christopher Mellon: We do not put our people at risk like that. And that was in fact the tipping point for some of these pilots. That near, mid-air collision. Because some of them were thinking the same thing you’re thinking: oh well, this must be some super-secret program we’ve got. And at that point they said, “No way.” Nobody involved thinks these are ours.

Harris Faulkner: Okay, so…could this be some drone technology the Chinese or the Russians have?

Christopher Mellon: It could. And we need to remain open to that possibility. And what we really need is less speculation and more information.

Harris Faulkner Narration: Now to Christopher Mellon, Area 51 isn’t just something in a movie. He’s been there. And it was part of his job as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, to know what happens there. The secrets kept there.

Christopher Mellon: We’re developing the next generation of weapons technology in some of these remote, desert facilities that…White Sands and other locations. I think, most of what goes on there, if not all of it – probably all of it – are things the American people would be proud of and support. And if we could share that information with them without it also getting to the Russians and Chinese, we would.

Harris Faulkner: But everyone wants to know if there’s aliens like in Independence Day? Are there aliens floating in a tank?

Christopher Mellon: Right. You know, that’s a great…what I will tell you about that is that…and I don’t think I wanna go beyond this. There are eight individuals in Congress…

Harris Faulkner: I’m not trying to get you in trouble but I wanna know. (Laughs)

Christopher Mellon: I understand. And, you know, there are certain…I’ll be as forthcoming as I can. Transparent as I can. What I will say on that particular topic is that there are eight individuals in Congress, stipulated by law: Section 119 of Title 10, specifically, who can ask that question and get…and deserve and are entitled to a straight answer from the Department of Defense.

Harris Faulkner: Really?

Christopher Mellon: I used to help prepare the briefing book that went to these eight members. So by law, even the most sacred and tightly held special access programs, are required by law to be shared with these eight members. Now they don’t have to take the briefings, and they often don’t, because they’re doing other things. And they’re very busy and it’s rather technical and it doesn’t necessarily advance their careers. But that information is available to them. And they are entitled to ask and get a straight answer.

Harris Faulkner: So I don’t have to be president to know this stuff? All I have to do is be one of these eight members of Congress?

Christopher Mellon: In theory.

Harris Faulkner: In theory. (both laugh) The program is a series on The History Channel: “Unidentified”: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. The first one was last Friday and there’s five more…

Christopher Mellon: Correct.

Harris Faulkner: Alright. Christopher Mellon, thanks so much for joining us.

Christopher Mellon: My pleasure. Thank you.


Joe’s Comments

We’ve all heard the rumors and claims about government crash retrieval programs and bodies. Recently, Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO program, was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show. Elizondo was  asked if he believes, “that the U.S. government has in its possession, any material from one of these aircraft.”

Elizondo: “Woe. Uh…I do. Yes.”

Carlson: “Do you think the U.S. government has debris from a UFO in its possession right now?”

Elizondo: “Unfortunately, Tucker. I really have to be careful of my NDA. I really can’t go into a lot more detail than that.

Carlson: “Okay.”

Elizondo: “But…simply put. Yes.”

And not long after that interview, James Iandoli tweeted this out:

Elizondo said debris and material. Davis said hardware. And that’s not the first time Davis has addressed UFOs crashing and being retrieved. Seems like we’re finally getting closer to the answers regarding what our government has in its possession when it comes to UFOs.

The Carlson interview with Elizondo can be seen here…

And for more (alleged) information about what secrets our government (or certain Special Access Programs within our government) has been hiding, check this out:

Paraphrased notes on Michael W. Hall’s interview on Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott, March 11th, 2019 from ufo

If somebody with the credentials of Thomas Wilson couldn’t get access to the most secret of these SAPs, will these eight members of Congress fare any better? I’d be real curious to see them try. If they’re rejected, I predict they won’t take it very well. And if that happens, it will be game on! Things seem to be progressing very quickly.








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