“Unidentified” E3 – Notes/Transcript: You Are Looking At Something That Is A Demonic Presence

19 Jun , 2019  

Fishermen may not be trained military observers but have similar accounts of spherical objects flying in ways they can’t explain.

UFO dove into the water

Fisherman witness saw something come down and stop. And then it suddenly dove into the water.
More fishermen/witnesses.
Elizondo recounts how fishermen are seeing lights under the water and then coming out of the water. Lights underneath their boat. Things coming out of the sky and floating/hovering above the water.  And then splashing into the water. He’s struck by the similarities to Nimitz incident.

Gary Voorhis

Mention of churning water that pilots first on the scene saw in Nimitz case. And Gary Voorhis talking about how sonar folks on the Princeton said they got a hit under the water.
Trans-medium travel through air, space, water…

Elizondo interview: “This had affected Sean profoundly. He didn’t talk about it much because quite frankly, he thought people were going to look at him like he was crazy.”


When Elizondo was in AATIP, he says there was no way he would have been able to go into a foreign country and start asking questions about UFOs to civilians. There was no way that would have happened.

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