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Aliens And Our Souls – 2016 Tom DeLonge AMA Chat On ATS

29 Jan , 2019  

(Since this was a “live” event,  folks were rushing to ask their questions and DeLonge was most likely rushing to answer. So, I tried to fix all spelling and grammatical errors in an attempt to make it more readable. ~Joe)

On April 11th, 2016, Tom DeLonge participated in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) chat on the website, “Above Top Secret” (ATS). To read DeLonge’s entire introduction, click here. Here’s a small excerpt:

I used to believe it all…I mean ALL. Every Serpo, Dulce, Schneider, Burisch, MJ12, Redlight, Hybrid, etc…On and on and on. Then, after a bit of time and 150 books, I didn’t believe anything. I was pissed, felt duped, felt like there was no treasure hunt needed, no rabbit hole to fall into.

What a waste of time. Well, not exactly.

Now, guess what. The UFO phenomenon is TRUE. And yes, I know it is. I’ve been told very important information about it, by the people who run the programs. Not every legend is true, but this one is. But be careful. There is a lot of crap out there. By design, to do what it has done to me. To prepare us for the small bit that IS true. And guess what? I didn’t freak out when I was told. I didn’t panic and burn down my house. I sat quietly and listened. And got excited for all the great things that could happen as the result. The ramifications are massive.

He went on to answer questions from ATS members. It was hard to follow along with some of it because you couldn’t see the questions he was responding to. So, a few months ago, I had a plan to go back and try to match up the questions that went with Tom’s answers. I started getting ready to do it today and then I discovered that a little less than two years ago, Reddit user Anthony_182 had already done the job for me. Yes! If you haven’t seen that, check it out. He didn’t include a few of Tom’s answers so I’m posting those below, along with the questions asked. But definitely start with Anthony and his thread.



CC182AvA: Physically, how are the aliens? Are they like advertising has shown for years or are they completely different?

DeLonge: I believe that is them.


solo45ats: Sociologically and psychologically speaking, on individual levels, what are the most significant effects, in your expert opinion, of the tech boom in recent history as well as the incessant coverups orchestrated on a global scale? (OR – How’s all that junk screwing our heads up bro?) 

DeLonge: Weapons developments. The tech was given to us so we can create better ways to kill each other.


Raedar: 20 minutes to say aliens are here and they are both Gods and demons. No proof or any sources. Just gonna have to trust Tom. 

DeLonge: It’s the best you’re ever gonna get, so I’d listen a bit if I were you. You treat this material and the men working on it like its a joke. It’s a subject that they have lost lives over, something that almost ended up in Nuclear war. Please be grateful and stop complaining.


Wrinkledreality: I’ve watched some of your interviews and am very intrigued with the information you have to share. How did you manage to meet and get in with the crowd who actually knows the truth? There have been dozens of people trying to break into that group of people who are in the know and it seems like you are one of a very few if any that have gotten there. What separates you from them in being able to talk to meet and talk to these people and have them share their information with you?

DeLonge: The thing that separates me from others, is I presented a thesis to a group of people that resonated with them. They realized that I was onto the correct line of thinking about the phenomenon. I then was respectful, had an idea that they believed had merit, and earned their trust by executing willfully over a year and a half.


CC182AvA: Government decisions are taken by aliens? 

DeLonge: Government decisions are made by enormous amounts of information leading up to a few people. And those few people have to add together multiple scenarios that they believe may or may not happen based on that information. Those people also know that there have been numerous crashes from a race that has been manipulating all sides against each other for quite a long period. They have to assume that the other countries are not considering the manipulations on the part of the others. I believe the UFO information makes its way into every decision we make as a country.


Raedar: Any chance you can give us a bullet point summary? An overview of the massive truth regarding the UFO phenomenon? 

DeLonge: The docu-series will have a lot more information, and we will be talking about many other things. It’s not the time or the place to get into these things here. Religion, Nuclear War, submarines, Greek Mythology…


Davg80: Which gods are you referring to? 

DeLonge: They are the “gods” of mythology. Not gods in any other sense. Very physical beings that have advanced technology. That is it. Nothing more. There are different ones created to do different tasks.


Im2kuel: I too thought this AMA would have more participation from the OP

DeLonge: Sorry, I can’t dedicate all hours to one event. I have press to do internationally, as well as run a company. I’m trying though.


johnthejedi24: What is your opinion on the validity of the descriptions of the various ET races encountered (Greys, Nordics, Reptilians, Insectoids…etc)? Are these depictions “true”? Is it all BS or have we encountered weirder things out there? 

DeLonge: Good question. I asked a question to the veracity of the Reagan briefing document, and I got an answer that was ambiguous.


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