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Edgar Mitchell in 2008: “Sounds like [Admiral Wilson] Has Joined the Other Side”

5 Jul , 2020  


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by Giuliano Marinkovic@OmniTalkRadio on Twitter

Edgar Mitchell Emails

Edgar Mitchell Weighs in on the Admiral Wilson 2008 Denial:

“Sounds like he has joined the other side.”


Discussions about “The Wilson/Davis Leak” are again very popular across social media groups dealing with UFOs. The fifteen-page document revolves around the 2002 meeting notes in Las Vegas between Dr. Eric W. Davis and Thomas R. Wilson. Notes were allegedly written by Dr. Davis after the fact. Discussed topic: Pentagon briefing from April 1997 where Rear Admiral Thomas Ray Wilson (at that time, the Vice Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, later promoted to Vice Admiral and Director of DIA), met with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Commander Willard Miller (ret.) and activist Steven Greer. As claimed, Admiral Wilson was briefed by them about hidden UFO programs. After the briefing, he allegedly located UFO SAP (Special Access Program), but the contractor and higher Pentagon authorities denied him full access that he believed his position warranted. The document leaked back in April 2019 over image sharing platform Imgur and was linked via two Reddit communities. Besides Davis’ notes, it also contains an attached letter from CDR Will Miller. Latest debates about the document’s authenticity were ignited thanks to a June 15th, 2020 article by Billy Cox and Joe Murgia’s investigative series about the affair. For a deeper insight into involved parties and events, readers are encouraged to read Joe’s series before this companion piece.

Conflicting Claims

Billy Cox’s article covers Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson’s (ret.) latest denial about his subsequent search for the UFO program. He also described the leaked document as a “fiction.”

Another main participant – Dr. Eric W. Davis – has commented on the affair several times to different researchers with “no comment.”

CDR Will Miller (ret.) stated to researchers Frank Stalter and Chant Hannah for the UFO News Network Sunday podcast (published on June 11th, 2019) that his letter appeared to him like a cut and paste job. In the June 2020 interview with Joe Murgia, Miller was interviewed again. Asked if the letter was fake, he replied that he has no recollection of the letter. Joe then asked what parts of the letter are problematic or possibly cut and paste job. However, Miller didn’t want to discuss that particular topic further.

On June 12th, 2019, Dr. Hal Puthoff stated to researcher Richard Dolan that “it is in the best interest of the USG…not to comment on any documents that purport to describe classified USG programs or information.”

On June 23rd, 2019, prominent Australian researcher Keith Basterfield revealed on his blog, via source James Rigney, that “The Wilson/Davis Leak” came from the files of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

In the July 11th, 2019 article by Billy Cox, Oke Shannon stated that he doesn’t “know the provenance of that purported document.” He added: “I don’t know whether it’s real or not real. Let’s just leave it at the fact that I do know both of these gentlemen. Tom Wilson is an honorable man. And if this has embarrassed Tom Wilson, I am really sorry.” Several secondary parties mentioned in the document were also contacted by Billy Cox in series of articles. Neither of them could confirm alleged events or claims.

On August 24 2019, Richard Dolan published an interview with Dr. Christopher (Kit) Green on the Wilson leak. Green stated he has “no authority to confirm that it is a legitimate memo.” He adds: “The fact that I’ve seen it, the fact that I think one thing doesn’t give me the authority to declare its provenance as legitimate. I can’t do that so I won’t say that.”

During a November 30th, 2019 lecture (published on June 4th, 2020), prominent Australian researcher Bill Chalker also stated that it was determined the document came from “the papers of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell” and it “appears to be legitimate.”

In the November 2019 interview with Steven Greenstreet for the NY Post (which awaits to be published in the near future), Dr. Davis also confirmed that the noted document was leaked from the estate of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

During a UFO Denmark video podcast from March 28th, 2020, respected filmmaker James Fox stated that he was able to confirm through his contacts that document probably did come from Edgar’s files from the estate of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell.




On June 22 2020, during the Mystery Wire podcast, investigative reporter George Knapp also stepped forward and stated he is fairly certain that the leak is an “accurate representation” of the 2002 meeting. Subsequently, he gave an expanded statement to Joe Murgia.

In the July 5 2020 story on Joe’s blog, Dr. Bob McGwier claims that during his professional career, he saw the email where Admiral Wilson confirmed details of the meeting with Dr. Davis.

However, all these statements are confronted with the energetic denial from the main participant himself – Admiral Thomas R. Wilson – which is the main catalyst for the current controversy. However, this is not the first denial by Wilson. Several researchers previously went through the similar algorithm of debates, and history is now repeated. Although the latest Wilson denial is mostly focused towards the “leaked document,” he also denied once again the alleged SAP search.

His first denial about the SAP search was given to researcher Richard Dolan back in 2006. Then it was given on the record to journalist Billy Cox in an earlier article from August 2008. Wilson denied it for the third time to my source in 2009 (this written denial was never released publicly).

There is a whole story behind the 2008 denial. At the time, journalist Billy Cox, Grant Cameron and I were working on this important story. Everything started when I wanted to replicate Richard Dolan’s steps to locate Wilson’s contact data so he could be contacted on the record for a media outlet. On July 28th, 2008, I was able to locate contact data for Admiral Wilson. I immediately suggested to Grant Cameron that we should forward it to Billy Cox for a potential article on the Pentagon 1997 briefing. History of the entire affair was mutually collected and shared. The outcome was the historic August 6th, 2008 article by Billy Cox: “Admiral Never Looked for UFO Data“.

At the time I was also running a private and very active mailing list with leading UFO researchers and I also continued to collect all media items on this story. Email traffic was particularly high during that period and many messages were exchanged regarding Wilson’s 2008 denial (the same pattern is happening now for the new generation via social media with the latest 2020 denial). One sample of those 2008 messages was published on my media index page.

Additional drama happened behind the scenes, too, but I have decided to withhold those messages for the distant future. An important participant in the story – astronaut Edgar Mitchell – also commented on Wilson’s denial to researchers Bozidar Kemic and David Haith through several email chains in 2008. Those were later shared on my list as a summary. Recently, I obtained permission to publish relevant raw emails from parties involved in those discussions. Although I will not go into an authenticity debate with this piece, I hope this additional overview will be helpful for new researchers who just recently started to read up on the entire affair. I will continue to preserve the historical record so others can better understand the chronological spectrum of relevant events.

Bozidar Kemic and Edgar Mitchell

Bozidar Kemic

Croatian physicist Bozidar Kemic organized Mitchell’s 2007 appearance on the Croatian Public Television. He reached out to Mitchell again in 2008, one day after Wilson’s denial to Billy Cox. This is the screenshot of his original email.

Mitchell replied the same day.




David Haith and Edgar Mitchell

David Haith

Another email chain comes from the retired UK journalist and researcher, David Haith – a good colleague with whom I have been corresponding with for almost two decades. Haith also reached out to Mitchell after Wilson’s 2008 denial and Mitchell replied to him on August 10th, 2008, pointing to the 2000 Jane’s Defense Weekly article on SAPs (Special Access Program).

Referenced Jane’s Defense Weekly article link is now obsolete, but the mirror link is still available via Back on August 1st, 2019, I tried to help new researchers with additional leads, so I also tweeted it at the time:

Haith also sent another email to Mitchell.

Mitchell replied the same day.

On the next day, August 11th, 2008, Haith summarized his entire email chain in the form of a short article. The article included main highlights from the email chains noted above, plus two additional points (not presented in previous screenshots) were emphasized in yellow. Unfortunately, it seems that particular sub-chain of raw emails has been lost, but thanks to Haith’s summary below, they are preserved in that form.


During January 2009, one researcher reached out to me and asked me for my summary of the Wilson affair up to that point. I wrote my overview on January 29th, 2009, which was also sent to my private email list. The next day, Researcher Robert Morningstar forwarded my email to Edgar Mitchell. Ed wrote back the same day stating “it is very accurate.”

The research continues…

Giuliano Marinkovic
July 05 2020



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  1. Michael Landsman says:

    I was in contact with Hal P a few years ago, he was very careful with his words, new exactly what to say and what not to say. He always tried to leave breadcrumbs for me without totally giving something away he couldn’t. He did say he was close was Mitchell and they were close for a long time. He mentioned that he was from Roswell and he(Mitchell) also believed the story and according to Hal “ Mitchell was always told the truth”.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Michael. And folks still doubt the veracity of the Wilson/Davis notes and Mitchell because he studied consciousness. They’re grasping at straws.

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