Hang Onto Your Bootstraps. Next Wave of Information is Coming as Early as January or February

26 Sep , 2018  

Thanks to the heads up I received on this interview from…you know who you are.

Roger Marsh, Director of Communications for MUFON and author of several articles about UFOs for Huffington Post, was on “Midnight In the Desert” with Dave Schrader on August 8th.  On the show, Marsh spoke about attending the 2018 MUFON Symposium in July, featuring the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO (AATIP) program, Luis Elizondo. During that weekend, Marsh said he was able to speak with Elizondo several times, including at Elizondo’s table during dinner. My comments are in bold.

“So, [Elizondo] told me, and I don’t think that Lue Elizondo would say anything to me he’s not permitted to say…but he told me privately that there are MANY more videos that are going to be released in the near future and they’re going to be even better…more spectacular than the first three.”

I’ve heard Elizondo speak about the other videos before but the most I’ve heard him say is that they’re as compelling as those first three: Tic Tac, Gimbal and GO FAST. I’ve never heard him say that what’s coming is better or more spectacular . If any reader can show me that I’m wrong (very possible) about that, I’ll edit this article. I hope Elizondo did say that and we do get to see “more spectacular” UFO videos in the near future from the Pentagon. We all want that.


“And he’s telling me that in the next wave of information, and he says…basically…hang onto your bootstraps…that the next wave of information is coming as early as January or February, 2019. Of course, we tried to get Lue to tell us…please! You know, what’s the intelligence? What is it?!”

We’ve heard Elizondo reference next year (during his lecture at this MUFON conference) and how he thinks we’ll be having a different conversation. We’ve also heard how he hopes we get more fidelity and more details about the videos that have been released thus far. This seems to be more of the same and hopefully, he’s trying to give us a heads-up about what he knows is coming.  

“[Elizondo] keeps saying…whatever you think and whatever your top ideas are about UFOs…just sit back because it’s going to get weirder and weirder and weirder. So I’m like everybody else. I’m waiting.”

During the interview, Marsh said that our government is saying these objects in the videos are unknown. This is not true. Our government hasn’t commented on what’s in those videos and has even denied releasing them. I think “weirder and weirder” could be a reference to Skinwalker Ranch and the alleged incidents that have been reported there

“One of the things Lue Elizondo told us at the head table was as humans, we have. built craft that can go under water. We have submarines. We can built craft that go on top of the water. We built craft that goes through air space. And then we have craft to go through outer space. These objects can do all of the above.”

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