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Bigelow and Microgravity: “Maybe There’s Two Kinds Of Species”

12 Dec , 2019  

By Joe Murgia@ufojoe11 on Twitter

Back on November 22nd of this year, George Knapp and Mystery Wire posted an interview Knapp conducted this past August with billionaire and space entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow. Bigelow spoke about UFOs and referenced their technology, which he described as, “the epitome of potential that we are barely able to even sniff at.” And at the very end, Knapp brought up the subject of zero gravity:

Knapp: I just remember when you were first talking about what your inflatable habitats could do. Providing space in space where you could work. You could have labs that produce things in zero gravity. Materials, drugs, pharmaceuticals and things of that sort, that you can’t make down here. I mean, that sort of goes, whether we like to say it or not…it goes hand in hand with…the two topics (UFOs and producing things in zero gravity ~Joe) sort of go together.

Bigelow: Well there may be a connection to our laboratories in space that we’ve never really had opportunities to fundamentally push. Where you have the effects of creating certain things under a One G environment…maybe that contaminates and doesn’t provide the possibilities that a microgravity environment can produce. It’s hard to predict what we don’t know.

A little birdie got my attention and pointed out that those last few sentences might raise some eyebrows. But I didn’t put two and two together or see anything worth pursuing, until…I listened to Knapp’s interview with Bigelow from September 28th, 2008, on Coast To Coast AM:

Bigelow: “[UFOs] are real. How do they do it? Do they have to fabricate something in microgravity? In order to get the strength…in order to get the purity of conductivity through the crystal or nanotube or whatever structure it was, in order to integrate that in a One G environment.  Or maybe that’s why? Maybe there’s two kinds of species in the Universe: Those that have large, robust facilities, both in microgravity and on a planet, to make their advanced technologies. And then those like us, that essentially only have what we can do on Earth. You know, in a One G environment.

For the full transcript (and comments/analysis by Keith Basterfield) of that historic 2008 interview between Knapp and Bigelow, click here.


What future plans does Bigelow (or NASA, or the space programs of China, Russia, etc…) have in mind for his inflatable habitats, currently located in a microgravity environment? Will we one day get our wish and see a flying saucer land on the White House lawn, only to watch the hatch open up and gasp in amazement as Robert Bigelow steps out? We can only hope.

For a more comprehensive look at what’s been said about manufacturing materials with exotic properties in a microgravity environment, read this excellent article by Danny Silva of The Silva Report from January of this year.

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