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Partial Transcript: Beck Interviews Elizondo: UFO Crash Retrieval Question Still Trying To Be Answered

15 Aug , 2020  


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by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter!

Limited Transcript

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Friday Exclusive: The Glenn Beck Program with Guest, Luis Elizondo

Glenn Beck Intro Excerpt: There’s something going on. I feel, and maybe this is just me, but I feel we’re being prepared to be introduced. “Hey everybody, we wanna introduce you to Harry the Martian!” There’s something going on and we are, according to the government, being visited or observed, a lot now. And we are observing them. And nobody ever asks the question, “What objects do we have?”

* * *

Glenn Beck (GB): This came from the New York Times. They were talking to astrophysicist, Eric Davis. And he described, “retrieval from off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” Wait. What? Do we know about this? Do you know about this?

Luis Elizondo (LE): Uhh, I, I am are of, of, of these statements. Umm, that is precisely one of the questions we are trying to answer. You’re looking at unique, isotopic ratios that aren’t naturally found here on this planet. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t engineered by somebody. But they’re not found naturally in those ratios. So it’s a very fascinating…

(Kudos to Glenn Beck because Elizondo changed the subject from alleged retrieval of off-world vehicles not made on this earth, back to the study of materials. Beck wouldn’t let it go. ~Joe)

GB: But there’s a difference between finding a hunk of metal in a field, and a retrieved, off-world vehicle. Isn’t there?

LE: Uhh, boy. I’m going to have to politely pass on that question. I think that’s a question that is still trying to be answered and I wanna give those people in positions of authority, the time to…time necessary to get the answer to their satisfaction.

(Stay tuned and buckle up. And if you wanna know about Dr. Eric Davis, UFO crash retrievals and the secret government program that allegedly deals with that, check out Part 2 of my Mega-Blog. ~Joe)


GB: Okay. There’s a new declassified FBI document from the 1950s. And it mentions a fifty-foot in diameter flying saucer, or several, near Los Alamos. The sightings near nuclear facilities or ICBM sites goes on and on for decades. And you told me last time that we see increased activity now around ICBM sites and in specific, our military. Are other nations also…is China also experiencing this? Do we know? Have we talked to other large militaries around the world?

LE: We have every reason to believe that this is a global phenomenon and that there are other militaries and governmental institutions, not U.S., that are absolutely looking into this problem as well. They have every bit as reason to look into these issues as we do, from a national security perspective. Especially as it relates to strategic nuclear capabilities.

Beck asked Elizondo about an article published in the Arizona Central, which covered an incident where drones, two feet across, with white and red lights, spotlights and the ability to “loiter” in the air for over an hour, were reportedly seen over a nuclear power plant two weeks ago on consecutive nights. Elizondo said it was “pretty strange” and that the flight time of a small drone is measured in minutes and not hours. He also said it wasn’t new as we have had many, many, many reports of “these types of things flying over our controlled airspace and particularly, over sensitive nuclear facilities.” If, due to stigma, we’re saying they’re drones instead of UFOs, Elizondo said it “prejudices the jury” later on when we try to figure out what it was. If it looked and felt like a drone, then that’s fine. Describe it like that. But if it looks more like a traditional UFO, it needs to be reported that way so the report is accurate. But more data is needed to come to any conclusions in this case. You can read the article here.

GB: A few weeks ago, the New York Times reported that the Pentagon was getting ready to make some private findings, public. Some of their UFO findings. Any idea what this might be? Is this a nothing burger? Any ideas?

LE: Mr. Beck, I think if we were to have this conversation just three years ago, you probably would kick me off of your show and ask me never to come back. Let’s look at how far we’ve come with the government in just three years:

They have acknowledged that we had a UFO program called AATIP.

They have acknowledged the fact that we have a program now called a UAP Task Force.

They’ve acknowledged that Senators and senior leadership in our government are being briefed on a classified level.

They have admitted that the videos are real.

They have admitted that the videos depict Unidentified Flying Objects or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

And now they have just come forward with the announcement that you have none other than Deputy Secretary of Defense, [David] Norquist, who’s gonna be leading the charge on this new UAP Task Force.

So, I think when you look at this, from a temporal perspective, we’ve come a long way in this conversation. I think we still have a long way to go. But you have been reporting on this for the past three years diligently and don’t look now but everything you have put out has been accurate and 100% correct when other media outlets did not wanna cover this.


GB: I know. Lue, my gut just tells me there’s something big that’s coming our way. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but there’s something big coming our way. Whether we know it as a government or not, we’re just in a different time than we ever have been. And it’s hard because this has been kookery for so long and I don’t think it is now. It science and it’s undeniable, but I want make sure that we cut through the crap and the conspiracy and actually get to the real science behind it and that’s why I appreciate you so much.

LE: You’re absolutely correct. There is a lot of charlatans and a lot of snake oil out there. It’s been relegated to the fringe for so long and there have been individuals to make a cottage industry out of it, peddling false narratives. And this is why it’s been, really a radioactive topic. It’s been something that from a political perspective and from a media perspective, nobody would ever wanna touch. And certainly, from a governmental perspective, the perspective I come from, it is something that would be a career killer.


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  1. Michael Landsman says:

    Controlled slow non disclosure disclosure. They will never reveal it all as it is a global disrupter. They deemed that it would dismantle the framework of the current paradigm. Lockheed would never let the vault open. This is a way to give a small piece but keep lid on 95%.

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