Luis Elizondo Posted On “The Paracast” Forums, Nine Days After Going Public

29 Jan , 2019  

Luis Elizondo outed himself as the former head of the Pentagon’s UFO program on October 11th, 2017, during the “To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science” (TTSA) live broadcast.

On December 28th, 2017, a few months after that event and twelve days after the paradigm-changing, New York Times article went live online, a thread on Reddit was started by user, “LiquidC0ax.” He/she claimed to have spoken with Elizondo:

“In light of the recent revelations regarding the Pentagon’s Disclosure of Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) {Megathread Here}, there have been a lot of good questions being raised about the program, as well as the person in charge of that program: Mr. Luis Elizondo. There have even been a number of people interested in having a Reddit AmA session with To The Stars/Mr. Elizondo.

“I reached out this morning, and spoke with Mr. Elizondo via telephone and expressed our collective interests in getting the opportunity to pose some questions. I was pleasantly surprised that he was very keen on the opportunity to address and answer our questions and concerns directly with our community. A chance to clear the air (no-pun intended) of any misconceptions people might have as to what this IS and what this IS NOT. His only concern was that of format and who we would like involved.”

That Reddit session never took place. But after clicking on various links, I learned that a person claiming to be Elizondo had already engaged with some members of the UFO community by answering questions on “The Paracast” forums. The posts by “Lue” began on October 20th, 2017 nine days after he was introduced to the world on the TTSA stage. In my mind, there was no way Elizondo would spend time on a message board. So I read some of the posts and forgot about them.

Until a few weeks ago, when I watched a video of Martin Willis interviewing Chase Kloetzke, Director of Investigations for MUFON. Willis described how Elizondo handled the publicity he received right after he went public and the fact that some folks in the UFO community were saying some not-so-nice things about him. Some of that included people accusing Elizondo of being a disinformation agent:


“I know that he was rather hurt by some of the jabs that were thrown at him….Because he was getting involved in like, Reddit and, you know, places like that where people were slamming him.” ~Martin Willis

After hearing that, I decided to take a second look at “Lue’s” posts on “The Paracast” forum. And after communicating with someone who I’ve grown to trust, I came to the conclusion that they were the real deal. I’m always interested to hear new thoughts from DeLonge, Elizondo, Mellon, Nolan, Semivan, Justice, Puthoff, Davis and others related to TTSA. So finding “new” material from Lue was exciting.

I’ll screen shot the first one but cut/paste the text for the rest. And as always, I edited for clarity. If there were spelling errors or typos on the part of “Lue,” I left them in. You can read his actual posts and what he was responding to if you go to the forums.

October 20th, 2017

Thank you sincerely. Will keep you posted as things progress. Please have patience, I am truly confident it will make more sense in the near term. Lots of loose ends to tie up on our end so we can do this the right way…the scientific method way. I would rather give you the facts instead of suposition and mystery. Again, thanks for your patience…will update in the near term.

Lue Responding to LiquidCoax (LC), October 20th-21st, 2017

Sorry for the delay in my reply. I am currently on travel. I will return home tomorrow and perhaps if you have time we can discuss. Work for you?

Just returned and grabbing a bit of rest. Can you send me via email direct contact information for you? I can call you directly in the morning (EST) if that works for you?

LC, I don’t suppose you are in the D.C. or Annapolis area are you? Would offer to have an informal discussion over coffee if it was convenient sometime…

I am going on 28 hours and no sleep. Look forward to chatting…after a civilized cup of coffee of course, or two…



October 21st, 2017 – This is after Lue and LiquidCoax (LC) allegedly spoke on the phone.  

LC, thank you sincerely for your time this afternoon. I will be ser to check in from time to time with this blog. Fantastic knowing there are sensible yet curageous individuals out there leading the charge on this topic. Again, thank you sincerely….

February 3rd, 2018

(On February 17th, Elizondo was supposed to speak at the 2018 International UFO Congress. But conference organizers explained that he had a health issue, wouldn’t be attending in person and they would instead be showing a pre-recorded video of his remarks. Folks in the UFO community accused him of faking the health issue so he didn’t have to answer difficult audience questions in real time. ~Joe)

Folks, sorry to be the cause of so much discord among members. I am a private person. For those who already know, I will be in surgery and sadly unable to attend any forums for at least a month (hopefully sooner). Despite what some may think, this is not “careful dodging” on my part, I have had this scheduled for some time and I will be under the care of my wife and daughters while recovering. 

Also, I regret that my actions have been misinterpreted as anything other than genuine and sincere by some. However, there is certainly a difference between constructive criticism and disgruntled “provocateurs”.. I hope cooler heads will prevail for all of our sake when studying this phenomena. Afterall, it’s up to you to take the ball to the finish line at this point. I also ask that you continue to ask the hard questions but in a constructive manner and not assume pretense, motivation, or intent of individuals who you have never met. I do not believe it is helpful to the overall effort and it hurts our collective credibility by jumping to presumptions. Everyone has something to contribute. And lastly, my recommendation would be save the mashed potatoes for a worthy cause like Thanksgiving or shepherd’s pie…

Through mutual respect and common decorum we can have an exchange without devolving into crass behavior and subversive inuindo.

(Regarding the public benefit corporation, the stock offering and the SEC. ~Joe)

I will try and make this short. I am not a company man per say so I will explain it as it was explained to me.

First, the corporate structure you are referring to is a “B” corporation which deals primarily for public bennefit. Very few of these exist because of the additional requirement and oversight required to demonstrate some sort of “public good” a company is alligned to. The DPO was an effort to allow anyone and everyone to join the fight. As you probably know, an IPO is usually limited to a select few and angel investment could jeopardize our abilite to remain focused on the research.

Second, the purpose is not to “make money”, instead the company is trying to “raise money” so it can conduct the research and modeling to bring the various applications forward to a mature state.

Third, the motivations of my colleagues are question you should ask them…preferably in a sincere and non-accusatory manner. These folks have taken great risk to be part of this endeavor, and for better or worse, they are entitled to their positions and opinions like the rest of us on this forum. Honest inquiry is always more preferable over hostile interrogation. I don’t blame anyone for not responding to a potential ambush…I am only doing it this time because i have faith in several members of this discussion board that we (collectively) are trying to have fruitful discussion about a serious topic. Otherwise, I would gladly be gone and avoid the backbiting and accusatory tone. 

Lastly, I frankly don’t care who supports my efforts and who doesn’t. I knew when I made the decision to leave that I would catch the arrows from all sides. I accept it. What I DO care about are the many individuals who are trying to learn more about this incredible mystery of our universe and instead are being led down roads fraught with personal egos, agendas, and bias. Even worse, I have been deliberately misquoted and then that is used to perpetuate mistrust and anti-government propaganda among the discussion boards.

Please let me expoubd on this for just a moment: From intellectual arrogance to scientific tyrany, I am completely stunned by manner in which I have witnessed a response in recent months. In some cases, the very same scientists who made an early (and successful) career studying non-observables such as black holes (which by deffinition can only be observed through indirect measurements) are the same scientists who are ridiculing their own methodologies that we are trying to use to study the elusuve phenomena. On the opposite side of the argument, you have well respected researchers who now feel their efforts are in jeopardy and their funding sources may be in danger so they have decided to launch a full frontal assault by making false accusations we are pursuing FLIR fuzz and exhaust plumes…

As for addressing people’s questions…I have made every effort to directly answer many of them both in the media and in upcoming events. In several cases I have been advised NOT to engage but I have chosen to do so in order that the myths can be dispelled once and for all. In most cases, at personal expense. As much as i would like to attend certain forums and engage with you directly, unfortunately mother nature has a vote and I can’t push off my surgery any longer.

As with my other posts, I am sure several will nevertheless interpret my response as disingenuous or obfuscation. I assure you it is not. Hopefully in the near future it will become evident that i have made a boy scout attempt at trying to remain fair, honest, and reachable.

Our frustration with dealing with the SEC is the extreme nature in which we are prohibited from discussing anything about the company publicly other than what is expressly indicated in the SEC filing. If we deviate even a little (even for the sake of clarification) we would face stiff penalties and fines. We have been advised by attorneys not to engage in any discussion unless it comes from our Board and we are in complane with SEC rules and regulations. Admittedly, I am not an expert either legally or operationally in the left and right limits of our corporate communications strategy nor the strict declarations made by the SEC. However, with that said, we recognize full well how in the absence of data, the void will be filled by something else. As such, we are working very hard to dispell some of the myths associated with our effort and it’s my understanding we will begin to address some of these concerns (in a legally sound manner) in the near term. Uncle Sam does not take kindly when speaking out of turn (ask me how I know) and we certainly don’t want to make any mistakes with the SEC.

I will ask our legal staff to help us develop a means to help clarify some of the ambiguity concerning the filing to see if we help clarify some of the common misconceptions in the comming weeks and months…point noted.

Also, I will have limited access to a mobile device so if I don’t respond immediately, please do not take it that i am ignoring members…

I guess I am at the age where the body is not as agile as the mind. Then again, according to my wife, I may be losing my mind too! smile.png I will pass on to Hal your regards… thanks again for your kind words of encouragement.

Realm, you have a valid point. If we, as a company, are not communicating effectively then the issue is with us and not the audience. I was not aware of the communication issues to the degree that I am now. I will engage the Board to see how we can fix this while remaining SEC compliant. The discussion began last week but I will elevate specific examples to the attention, beginning with the one you just provided. Currently, we are separated geographically by thousands of miles (East Coast vs. West Coast) which has made is exceedingly difficult to collabirate. This is precisely the reason I recently sold my House in Annapolis and relocating my family to San Diego. Bottom Line: I have this for action.

Regarding “absence of data…filling in the gaps” I was referring to the fact that as a company, if we don’t communicate effectively, we subject ourselves to scrutiny and mistrust. Precisely what is now being discussed. Not sure is that answers the question that was asked of me???? But that was the point I was tryin to make.

I am hopeful that in the comming days (a few weeks max) you will have the answers you are looking for. I recently recorded an interview with questions entirely from the puic blogosphere addressing precisely some of your questions. I believe it will be made public in the very near term. You have my comitment, if your questions regarding videos and material are not addressed, I will address them for you here on this forum. I have confidence that several individuals from the community are working hard to.

1) Regarding Nimitz…this is only one of many events encountered. By “best” I presume you mean well documented? In short, no. Other events were recorded long after Nimitz. This includes the collection of electro-optical data, electro-mechanical returns, and eye witness statements from military personnel. Then of course there is the analysis (trajectory, pattern distribution, and other signature data) performed by experts within Government agencies.

Regarding radar data retention from Nimitz: data was collected via multiple platforms on site and remote. E-2 Hawkeye serving as combat/engagement control, Princeton Aegis array serving as air controller, and F-18 Super Hornets (x2) as on site/scene at merge plot. All with unique and distinct capabilities. Radar data is not always maintained but in this case some of it was.

Regarding investigation report: simply put, yes. I believe it will be available eventually…and perhaps not to far off. Much if it remains unclassified. CDR Fravor and CDR Slaight accounts are accurate to a “T”.

Unfortunately, this will be my last post for a little while…heading on a plane and then the Hospital for pre-op. Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to explain my position. I will try and do a better job of interaction in the future…

And S.R.I, for the record, I actually love mashed potatoes but my wife has me on a strict diet these days so can’t have any. Besides, I have a face as ugly as a cement truck, the last thing you want to do is waste mashed potatoes on a bust of me!

February 4th, 2017

Ok, so I have to catch a plane in a few hours and trying to get a couple hours of sleep, but DARN-IT! Saphire and Thomas, your comments were profoundly insightful. 

Saphire, spoken like a true scientist. Sadly, I too have been subject to analytic bias from time to time and struggle like hell to avoid it like the plague. I don’t blame people for our natural human behavior despite my frustration with it. Perhaps I am more frustrated with the behavior writ-large knowing full well I have been victim to it far too often myslef!

Thomas, are you sure you arn’t one of my AATIP guys cleverly disguised as a blogger? You seem to have keen insight into some of the very areas we are currently working. It’s actually a little scarry (as I feverishly search for hidden microphones and cameras in my home office and hotel rooms). If I didn’t know better, I would say you have some background in the field of intelligence or investigations? “Actionable intelligence”? A term that is familiar to few on the outside. ..

Either way, you are tracking at 100%, congratulations. Now, off to bed i go (and a reminder to have my hotel swept for listening devices next time). 

Good night all!



Last point of clarriffcation for Saphire…when I wrote I was subject to analytic bias, I meant that I was guilty of it

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