Transcript: Elizondo on Glenn Beck: “All Sorts Of Things That We Would Consider Magical, Become Possible”

25 Sep , 2019  

“And some of the physicists now have come to the conclusion that really, what we’re seeing, all these capabilities, may, and I’ll emphasize may, be a manifestation of a single type of technology. I think it’a still a little premature right now to come out with any type of real theory on it, yet. We’re hoping to…in the next maybe…eight months, maybe have that.”

~Luis Elizondo


Transcript of Luis Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s UFO program, otherwise known as AATIP, on The Glenn Beck Program.


His interview begins at 33:41 into the show.

Glenn Beck (GB): Luis Elizondo, welcome to the program. Director of Global Security, To The Stars Academy.

Luis Elizondo (LE) : Thank you for having me, Mr. Beck.

GB: You bet. You’re one of the more fascinating guests that we’ve had on. I think you were on about two years ago and we were talking about the video that was verified last week.

LE: Right

GB: First of all, your thoughts on that video and what do you think that could be? Is it most likely something we are doing but the Defense Department just doesn’t talk to itself?

LE: Mr. Beck, that’s fantastic, fantastic question. Since we spoke, actually, we decided to dedicate some of our time and attention to it, to a docuseries that actually looks at some of those questions. Whether or not, this could be a super-secret, U.S. technology or perhaps even some sort of foreign adversarial technology that has somehow managed to leapfrog ahead of the U.S. and you know, gain strategic surprise. In reality, we really don’t know what they are. These things have been seen for quite some time. What do I think about the first video you just asked me about? I think if you look at the video and you know what you’re looking at, you’ll see some performance characteristics that are well beyond our current understanding of aerodynamics.

GB: For instance, we don’t see any propulsion in it. If I’m not mistaken, it was a flat surface. It can start and stop and go at speeds and we can’t tell how it’s even propelling itself, right?

LE: Right. Right. In essence, you have these five observables, so to speak, that anything that we have that flies in the sky, whether it’s an aircraft or even like a balloon or something like that, they all have to abide by the same physics. And when you see something that can perform in ways…high G-force acceleration, hypersonic velocity sustained and then stop on a dime and hover. Things that have the ability to potentially travel in low-Earth orbit, in atmosphere and potentially under water, those are some of the things that you have to kind of scratch your head at that point and say, okay, is this some sort of new technology we’re seeing or is this really a completely different paradigm?

GB: Can you even tell? Is there a heat signature from it? Do we have any concept as you’ve been looking into these things?

LE: Well, we do. We have some very bright physicists and scientists that have partnered with us over the years. And they have come up with some really startling hypotheses. And these hypotheses, when you look at them collectively, one of the things that until recently – probably the last three years only, really this new development – we were looking at these observables, if you will, under the lens of different types of exotic technologies that could explain each and every one. And some of the physicists now have come to the conclusion that really, what we’re seeing, all these capabilities, may, and I’ll emphasize may, be a manifestation of a single type of technology.

GB: What does that mean?

LE: Well, that means that if you have a certain type of…potentially…propulsion drive or unit, you will have the ability do all these things that we’re seeing these UAPs do. In a way that…you don’t need five different type of technologies to explain the five different, if you will, the observables that these things are displaying. It’s all really one technology…potentially. And if you understand how to bend, or even flex, the fabric of space time, just a little bit, then all sorts of things that we would consider magical, become possible.

GB: Holy cow.

Pat Gray (PG): Does that include this cigar-shaped UFO that people are seeing all over the world now? It’s been spotted in the United States. It’s been spotted in Europe and Asia. Have you seen these? Obviously you’ve seen these things? These cigar-shaped…uhh…UFOs?


LE: Yeah, of course. We prefer in the government to refer to them as UAP.


LE: But they’re really rather interchangeable, those, I guess…that terminology. But yeah, I mean…there’s commonalities that are seen around the world. Whether they are disc-shaped vehicles or they are  larger, cigar or Tic Tac-shaped vehicles. Or, in some cases, the very, very large triangular-shaped vehicles. We simply don’t know. And from a national security perspective, if these things really are potentially an adversarial technology, then A: They’ve been around a long time. B: They’ve managed to hoodwink us on our ability to collect signature data. And C: This is something that we need to get on top of, if indeed that is the case.

GB: And then only country that really would have the ability to do something like this would be us, wouldn’t it? I mean China and Russia are not…not up to speed where even we are.

LE: Well, you know, I wouldn’t underestimate the Chinese or the Russians. I think they are very, very capable. They’ve been able to, on occasion in the past…in some cases, surprise us. But yeah, one would say…well if this is some sort of secret technology, then more than likely it’s the U.S.. But let’s breakdown that argument for just a brief moment. We do not test super, secret aircraft in and around large Carrier Battle Groups that are underway. Whether it’s in a combat theater or even back here at home. We just don’t do that without proper coordination. Because obviously, you have issues of air safety. You have issues of a technology potentially being leaked. And there’s all sorts of organizations in the Department of Defense, particularly, the Joint Staff. Their whole job is to deconflict those type of efforts and activities.

GB: Right.

LE: That’s why you have areas like Area 51 where you can fly these things in secret and you’re not gonna get a whole lot of people looking at it.

PG: Likewise, you would assume they wouldn’t be tested over large population areas like Phoenix.

LE: Right. That is certainly not the way we do business. That is not the way that our national security apparatus tests super-secret, stealthy technology.

PG: Now that Phoenix situation where thousands and thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, saw all those lights in the sky back in (19)98 or whenever that was? (It was March 13th, 1997. ~Joe) The triangle shape and some said it was miles across? What have you found out about that? Has there been any new information over the last twenty years that’s come out about that situation?

LE: Uhh, yes and no. Not that has necessarily come out but that has been studied and researched? Yes. And this kind of goes back to the more recent theories that what we’re looking at here may potentially be a culmination of really one type of exotic technology being used. Umm, again…unfortunately, I’m really can’t go into a whole lot of detail with that. First of all, I’m not qualified. I’m not a physicist or a scientist. But two,  I think it’a still a little premature right now to come out with any type of real theory on it, yet. We’re hoping to…in the next maybe…eight months, maybe have that…

GB: Do you believe that it is homegrown technology? Earth-bound technology?

LE: Mr. Beck, with all due respect, I usually don’t like to give my opinion on things like this because the one thing I learned as a intel officer, you can be absolutely sure of something and still be absolutely wrong. I think collecting the data, let the facts speak for themselves and let the American people make up their own mind what this might be.

GB: Totally reasonable and much more wise. Not great radio but… (all laugh) but very wise. Let me ask you this way: If these were from another planet or species or whatever it is…if it’s otherworldly, doesn’t that say something really calming about the…being watched…they have been around for a long time and they haven’t really…it’s not like they’re coming here to terraform us. They’ve been here for a while.

PG: We’re not vaporized.

LE: Well, that’s a great, great point, too. I mean, I think depending on how you look at this philosophically and even sociologically, as a society, some people will look at this and say, oh this is comforting to know that we’re not alone. And others may look at this and actually, it could be a little bit disturbing a hard pill to swallow for some. It really depends, I think, on your personal view of the world. From a national security perspective, the one question they always ask me is why does DoD consider this a threat? Well, our job in DoD is to consider everything as a threat, potentially, until we’re sure it’s not a threat.

You know, the one, if you will, the one allegory I’ve told people,…say imagine at night you go to lock your doors…your front door, your lock your windows and you turn on our alarm system…and one morning you wake up to get a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning and downstairs in the living room, there’s muddy bootprints. Now, the doors are still locked, the windows are locked and the alarm is on. But somehow, you have these muddy footprints in your living room. No one’s been hurt. Nothing’s been taken. Nothing’s out of place. But you have these prints that weren’t there the night before. So the question is: Is that a threat? Well, I don’t know if it’s a threat but it has a potential to be a threat if it wanted to be. So that’s why I think, from a national security perspective, we do look at it from that optic. Does it necessarily mean it is a threat? No, absolutely not. But we need more data. We need more information before we can make any type of assessment whether or not these things are a threat or not.

GB: You said to me two years ago that the evidence with the DoD of UFOs is overwhelming. What does that mean?

LE: That’s correct. It means, during my time with the AATIP program, that there was enough data there that not only we were able to collect but other organizations and agencies were able to collect, that allowed us to recognize the reality that these things are real. Now what they are and where they’re from? I certainly don’t want to speculate. But are they real, physical objects? Yes, they are. They are there.

GB: So why this sudden openness with the DoD? Is it just because of the Internet? Why are we hearing something that has been denied forever and that’s crazy talk and you’re crazy if you even think you saw one? Why is it now coming out that…yeah that…why does the DoD take two years and then finally come out and say…yeah, that really did happen? They’ve never done that in the past.

LE: Well, in all fairness…in defense of the department, DoD is a large bureaucracy. And DoD is fantastic once it has a defined threat in addressing those threats. But here’s something that we have no idea how it works, what it is, where it’s from or anything else like that. None of the interrogatives. And that’s hard for an organization like DoD to come out and say, yeah, these things  are real or they’re not real if we don’t even have enough data. And information’s not getting to the right people in senior, DoD leadership. But I will also say that I think it’s a tremendous testament to the courage of the Navy to come out with this statement finally and say, yeah, these things are real. One of the reasons why I think maybe they’re changing their tune a little bit – and again, I don’t like to speculate too much – but it may very well be the fact that so many pilots now are coming into contact with these things. And, by the way, let’s not forget, every single person out there has some sort of smartphone with very capable, digital collection capabilities such digital cameras and even IR. So, we may be reaching a critical mass where there’s enough individuals out there that it’s gonna be really, really hard to deny that information.

GB: Luis, thank you so much. Luis Elizondo, To The Stars Academy.com. The national security director there. Thank you so much.

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