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AMA: Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Travis Taylor, on Skinwalker Ranch Phenomena: “My Car Turns Itself On And Off.”

28 Mar , 2020  

I went to the Reddit page and cleaned up the AMA so its more readable. I did some light editing for clarity and punctuation. For a nice history of the ranch, check out this article. ~Joe

Hi, my name is Travis Taylor. I’m an aerospace engineer, optical scientist, author and part of the team that is analyzing paranormal and UFO-related activity on the Skinwalker Ranch for the History Channel. Ask me anything about the ranch!

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cgomezmartello: What, if anything, can you tell us about the Bigelow research/findings?

Travis Taylor (TT): Bigelow will not release the findings and we have very little access to It. We have spoken to people on his team, but they are bound to non-disclosure agreements. The team members that have spoken to said we had more interactions in our short experiment time than they have had in an entire decade.

DBurkett55: What exactly is a “skinwalker?” I know the Navajo cursed the land, but what do they consider a “skinwalker?” Thanks Travis! Good Luck and thank you for your efforts.

TT: Everyone has a different definition. Some believe Skinwalkers were just Navajo wearing animal skins to present themselves as if they’d changed themselves into an animal. Others believe it’s a being that can change between human and animal shapes. No one knows for sure if it’s either of these, a mix of the two – or something else.

VAL3NTIN3S: Sooo, was there an actual finding?

TT: You need to watch the show to find out, but it’s going to blow your mind the definitive evidence and the information we’ve uncovered. I never once thought I’d have radiation sickness in my life… And that was just the beginning!

Skinwalkerranch: Have you seen any parallels between what is happening at Oak Island and Skinwalker Ranch?

TT: Interestingly enough, there has been some common threads from investigations on Oak Island, where there might be free mason connections, and Ancient Aliens, where there might be an ancient astronaut connection.

Wint81: Has the ranch ever made you feel batshit crazy?

TT: Absolutely yes because I have missing time that I can’t explain.

Applepie1000: No offense, but the History Channel doesn’t imbue me with a sense of confidence regarding its ability to convey unbiased, unsensationalized, and unfiltered info. on the ranch. Why should I trust the show, and will there be other channels through which more authoritative reports of your work will be disseminated?

TT: Because I wouldn’t be involved in it if it were fake. Feel free to look up my credentials, publication history, and career background. Dr. Jim Segala and I are currently working on a peer-reviewable scientific paper for publication in respected scientific journals based on our research at the ranch.

TinyFlyingWizard: Little late to this but in your own opinion, what do you really think is going on there?

TT: My original thought was that it was some sort of classified defense program. But after having investigated it for a long period of time with boots on the ground, I’m thoroughly convinced that humanity cannot reproduce the phenomena we’ve observed. Other than that, I have no idea.

LauraWells91: Why do you think the chains and the bolts on cabinets were there at some point?

TT: Everybody perceives reality in their own way and whatever the phenomena on the ranch is, it’s an exposure – like a toxic exposure or an intoxicating exposure. We don’t know what it is, but everyone will perceive it differently. This family perceived fear. Whether it was real or not, I can’t say. But it was real enough to them that they needed all the locks and chains. I can say I locked my door every night that I was on the ranch.

Loose_sign: Did anything ever scare you at the ranch?

TT: Let’s put it this way – I’ve had more nightmares in the last six months of my life than I’ve had in the previous 50 years.

Lisasmatrix: I’ve been a follower of this Ranch for a few years. So, I have many questions for you, Travis! I first like to ask if you and your team have any new theories as to what happening there? Portals, accurances? What has been going on as of late. And is Bruce still owner or involved with your project? Oh, and what have you personally encountered. Thank you for this!

TT: The phenomena changes so often and we never get the same results from repeated experiments so at this time, it’s difficult to have one repeatable theory. We all have our own science fiction ideas, but none with evidence that it’s true or not.

As of late, all sort of things, you just have to watch the show to find out.

It went from Bob Bigelow and the new owner is revealed on the show.

Smilingangel: Have you watched all of the episodes, and if so, what is your favorite out of all of them?

TT: No, to me, out of all of them, it’s one long episode of my experience on the ranch. There is no singular moment because they were all exciting, amazing, crazy, and scary as hell. Because it’s so amazing, people will have a hard time believing it! And you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see in episode 4!

IlluminaughtyUFO: There’s talk from the guards hired by Bigelow that there was non-lethal weapon experimentation there. Not surprising Col John Alexander would be involved considering that’s his specialty. Do you think there’s truth that the Ranch was a military testing ground during NIDS?

TT: Absolutely not. It’s absolute, UFO conspiracy theory non-sense. That was what I thought originally when I went out there. And the evidence doesn’t support it.

Skinwalkerranch: There is a rumor that those who visit Skinwalker Ranch can have a “hitchhiker” like phenomenon follow them home, causing misfortune to both the individual and his/her family’s lives. Have you experienced anything unexplained following you home since filming the show?

TT: So, yesterday, while recording a podcast, everything was fine for 40 minutes. As soon as I mentioned the “hitchhiker,” our connection was frozen and shut down. That is a very minor example of the “hitchhiker” that has followed me home. My car turns itself on and off. One morning, while driving my daughter to school, I went to turn on our butt-heaters and every time I’d turn mine on, on the driver’s side, it’d shut off. I switched with my daughter on the way home and her heater worked fine while mine, now on the passenger side, didn’t.

Wastelandwanderer15: I’m curious if you or anyone on your team has been contacted in dreams. You spoke about having nightmares. Have there been any that were lucid enough to suspect contact?

TT: I can’t speak for the others. Many of my dreams were extremely lucid and there have been events where my family members and some of the others’ family members had the same dream. And they don’t know each other!

IlluminaughtyUFO: Skinwalker Ranch appears to be a “rite of passage,” some might say, to a company or individual becoming a trusted United States Government partner in aerospace. Do you think that yourself and others have aspirations to bid for federal contracts down the road?

TT: In my career life, my day job is actually as a government scientist for the Department of Defense. While there are no DoD duties to study the ranch, my bosses are perfectly fine with me being involved in these extracurricular activities. I have no aspirations of quitting my day job and starting an aerospace company. I took a research sabbatical from my day job to do the ranch investigation.

Captainbuttsreads: What’s the best part of being an aerospace engineer?

TT: It’s having access to the coolest technology to what mankind uses on a regular basis.

Dobbyismyelf: Has the area experienced storms or strange weather after a Portal has known to be opened or closed?

TT: Yes.

Pinkabrinka: Have you ever seen anything that has creeped you out?

TT: No – but while on the ranch, I had extreme nightmares. They were usually stopped by the ranch dog waking me up barking. It could have been caused by unusual phenomena occurring on the ranch.

Autismobenismo: What is your opinion on the glowing spheres that travel through walls? Do you think it’s ball lightning or what?

TT: I have yet to experience that phenomenon but I know and trust credible people that have witnessed [it] and the descriptions I have gotten from them are something else. But until I see it, it’s purely conjecture.

Aiox123: Hi Travis and thanks for taking our questions. Mine would be:

  1. What are your thoughts on Dr. Alexander’s naming – precognitive sentient phenomena?
  2. What kind of evidence are you looking at in your research?
  3. Is there any validity to the presence of something subterranean causing this?


  1. I have no background or scientific data on his concepts.
  2. Anything that we consider evidence must be repeatedly measurably on multiple instruments that are NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable. Eyewitness accounts are NOT considered evidence. Only information.
  3. We are seriously looking for that. We often heard very strange noises underneath the ground.

MT_Straycat: Of the phenomena witnessed, do you consider them to be originating from a sentient presence, a not-yet-understood result of various factors like local geology/specific atmospheric conditions/etc. that sometimes trigger weird effects, some of both, neither..?

TT: I am 80% convinced that what we have observed is not a natural phenomenon, but mother nature can surprise you. I am also 99% convinced that the phenomenon is NOT man-made.

1075gasman1978: I’ve seen you on other shows and appreciate your “open mindedness.” I’m wondering if you saw or experienced anything that would back up the previous ranch owners claims (the land owners that George Knapp wrote about). Lastly, is History Channel making you do this AMA?

VideoGameplayer1991: Have u seen any UFOs? Or has scary stuff happened to you? Besides missing time.

TT: If radiation sickness counts, I would call that scary. We saw, and measured with all sorts of scientific instrumentation, strange and unexplainable phenomena. Watch the show and let me know what you think. I saw – there were plenty of witnesses.

Mmayem28: Thank you for answering our questions today! What was the most profound piece of information/evidence you discovered that leads you to believe the phenomenon at the ranch is 99% unnatural?

TT: If you mean why I think it’s 99% not man-made, the phenomena we saw exhibited technological feats way beyond physics we currently understand today.

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