AAWSAP, George Knapp, James Lacatski, Skinwalker Ranch, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

“Skinwalkers” Transcript: Oct. 12th – Mystery Wire – Lacatski & Kelleher: “Probably The Largest UFO Database In The World”

30 Nov , 2021  

“You have that database, probably the largest UFO database that exists in the world and is currently being used by the U.S. military. So yes, [AAWSAP] was completely a UFO project.” ~Dr. James Lacatski ~~~ Click on the photo above or HERE to buy the book, which I think is one of the most important […]

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Skinwalker Ranch

AMA: Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Travis Taylor, on Skinwalker Ranch Phenomena: “My Car Turns Itself On And Off.”

28 Mar , 2020  

I went to the Reddit page and cleaned up the AMA so its more readable. I did some light editing for clarity and punctuation. For a nice history of the ranch, check out this History.com article. ~Joe Hi, my name is Travis Taylor. I’m an aerospace engineer, optical scientist, author and part of the team […]

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