Former Intel Officer & Naval Academy Graduate: Retired Defense Intel Officer Who Says She Encountered Multiple ETs, “Briefed To The Office Of The President”

17 Aug , 2021  

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by Joe Murgia

(Note: This was first published on March 12th, 2021)

In the past week, the story of Añjali (not her real name), who has claimed multiple close encounters with non-human beings, has taken Reddit by storm and caused a lot of controversy. At this point in time, it’s impossible to verify her claims and various aspects of her story are hard to believe, but I’m trying to remain neutral until we can learn more and hear from other witnesses. In the meantime, her background and former job have me very intrigued. According to Xxxxx (who I spoke with on the phone in early April and whose identity I am not sharing now because of an every day, life issue NOT related to this story), who you’re about to meet, Añjali is a former Intelligence Officer who, “has briefed to the Office of the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” If she’s making this up, that’s a story in itself. I’ll let you read what she posted on Reddit and listen to what she said in Clubhouse (available as an app for iPhone users) and decide for yourself. The only thing I’ve been asking people to do is refrain from name calling, including, “She’s a liar.”

I’ll do my best to briefly summarize some of her story but I highly recommend you read and listen to all she has shared thus far (links below) and read Xxxxx’s introduction. He was part of the Clubhouse conversation the other night. And for the folks saying Añjali is lying about her background, be prepared to call Xxxxx a liar, too.

Based on Añjali’s post on Reddit…

Everything took place in Southern California. In early 2017, Añjali was deathly ill and in ICU at a local hospital when an old woman walked into her room. She asked her nurse, “Who is that woman?”, but the nurse didn’t see anybody. Añjali soon realized this woman was an apparition of the patient in the room next door and she had just died. She explained all of this to her nurse but to no avail. Not long after, the patient in the next room, an old woman, had a code blue emergency and died. The woman who had been standing in the room was now gone. Two similar situations happened twice over the next couple of days as other patients in the ICU passed away, and that soon turned into “a parade of departing souls.”

Once she recovered and was sent home, the deceased visitors  continued to pay her visits. And for nine months, everyone who lived in the house reported, “seeing apparitions, hearing disembodied voices or sounds, feeling touched, witnessing inanimate objects move, etc..” Then, one night in mid-December of 2017, with her daughter by her side as they watched a movie, another visitor showed up. But this time, instead of an apparition of a deceased human, Añjali says it was an apparition of an extraterrestrial. An alien. And she described it.

“The being was humanoid, and had light purple/lavenderish skin, smooth. His body was spindly, with long, thin arms and legs, a long thing torso, long thin fingers. His head was oblongish horizontally, bulbous and oversized for his slender humanlike shoulders and long thin neck.”

She estimates the being was around four-feet tall and he had a message for humanity.

“I was to let others know, and there were others like me that he (or maybe they?) was communicating with who were also supposed to let others know. He showed me a network of people across the globe whom he was also communicating with, demonstrating our interconnectedness, telling me there were others, I’m not alone.”

The main part of the message was that humans needed to evolve quicker than we are now and we need to develop telepathy because speech and the various languages across the globe are holding us back as a species. She saw this being two more times in January 2018 with a more urgent message that humanity is running out of time and our “survival actually depends on our success in evolving our communication method as he had explained.” (What she described is similar to what other experiencers have described as a “download”) The being told her this type of communication will bring humanity peace and the capability to communicate with our cosmic neighbors. During the third visit, her daughter was beside her and they both had a few hours of missing time.

On Sunday, February 18th, 2018, Añjali and a friend were in the lounge area of a local coffeehouse when a couple, Wayne and Trish, came in and struck up a conversation. After Añjali’s friend left, she stuck around and continued to chat with her new friends. After a while, another couple, friends of Wayne and Trish, came in and there were five people in all. Wayne asked her what she thought of aliens and she said, “Well, I think about them every day, and I love the fuck out of them. Why?” He asked her if she wanted to see one, she said, “yes” and off they all went to his house.

Wayne said he had UFO activity on his property, experienced physical contact with an alien one night and the being told him they had a base within the mountain and they meant no harm. Next thing he remembered was being back in his home with no recollection of how he got there. Another missing time episode? Now obsessed, he excavated the mountain and found them.

Now with all five at Wayne and Trish’s house, the men donned headlamps and everyone headed into the tunnel and down an incline. As they rounded a corner, twenty feet in front of Wayne and Añjali, stood four humanoid beings.

“There were three extraterrestrials I can only describe as the tall whites — humanoid, they were approximately 6’6″ tall, all of them seeming to be relatively the same height. Their skin was so incredibly white and luminescent, it appeared to glow with light while simultaneously not emitting any ambient light…The fourth being stood before the two tall whites, facing them, back partially to us. This being was approximately 4′ tall, humanoid, a classic grey in that it had smooth grey skin, a thin and spindly frame with long, thin arms and legs, a thin torso, a longer thin neck, long thin hands with long thin fingers, an oversized head with features that include oversized dark eyes, slits for nostrils, an unsubstantial, thin mouth, hairless, no visible ears. He turned slowly to face us.”

The grey being said everybody needed to leave except Añjali.

“Then, with ease, the grey communicated with me, conveying directly to me through imagery, ‘Oh, hello Añjali, we’ve been meaning to talk with you again.’ I stepped past Wayne and walked right up to him as if it was the most natural reaction in the world. I felt no fear. I was filled only with awe and peace, and a deep-rooted hope. I have no explanation for this.

“The grey led me down a corridor to a tall, wide half-circle door approximately 7′ high at its highest point. The door opened, sliding from left to right, recessing into the wall. On the other side of the door stood a being, and it was looking down at me. As soon as our eyes met, I knew who this being was. This was my being. The being. It was undeniable, and I gasped for breath.

“I had been quite mistaken regarding the size of this magnificent lavendar-skinned being with whom I had been communicating for some time. They were approximately 7’6″ to 8′ tall, not tiny as I had thought. Though much larger, the body was much like a grey in its general lankiness, but the torso was slightly more substantial than a grey’s, with broader shoulders more like a human would have proportionately, and a large, bulbous head that is shaped much like an oblong mushroom cap. Their eyes were large, nose slightly more prominent than a grey’s, a thin mouth, an expression of recognition.”

Añjali says she was told there was a council seven of planetary governments that oversaw human life on Earth. Due to “lousy humans” and our abysmal behavior, four of them left. Apparently, “our behavior has had negative consequences in other places that exist right here where we are that are undetectable to us at this time.” And the four are heading back here.

[They] “are finished with the current human experiment. The remaining three members on the council are outnumbered, and humanity’s days are ending in this era. The era ends when the four members arrive. Humankind must transcend this human existence, evolve, prepare, because those that fail to do so will not make the transcendence. We will be separated by effect by those who make the needed change and those who do not. The urgency is now. We must evolve, or we will fail to transcend. They stressed the interconnectedness and oneness of all living things; they expressed a oneness of consciousness. They told me I — we, humans — could reach out to them through a conscious connection, demonstrating how to do so in the very act of telling me.”

One more note: I’ve seen people on social media criticize the advice about humans needing to learn telepathy with the usual complaint being, “That’s not going to bring us together and I don’t want everyone knowing what I’m thinking!” But it’s not simple telepathy that was described.

“Within individual human languages, the nuances lead to miscommunications. There is nearly always room for subjective interpretation, and too often ego-biased misinterpretation. Our current human language capability is simply inefficient, and primitive. It leaves room for bias, fear, selfishness, and invites destructive thought, leading to destructive action.

“Therefore, we must learn to communicate with each other in the manner in which he was communicating with me — an encrypted image that instantly downloaded metadata to my iOS, my brain. It is imperative to our evolution that we learn to do this, as it will unite humanity’s ability to communicate with one another as a race.”


That’s a “brief” summary, and like I said, you need to read everything she said or listen to her entire Clubhouse chat because I left out a lot.

Here are the possibilities as I see them.

1) She’s delusional. After listening to the Clubhouse talk, I don’t see this as a serious option.

2) She’s making up a story to sell books and tour the world. She’s a writer and a damned good one. So, until we see where this goes, this option should be on the table.

3) She’s sharing disinformation to confuse the field of UFOlogy and waste everyone’s time. While UFOlogy has a history of having to deal with disinfo., I don’t think that’s the case here.

4) Everything she said happened exactly how she described. I’m hoping this is the answer because it’s an amazing story. But for now, it’s not something we can prove. I’d like to hear from Wayne, who you’ll learn about as you read and hear Añjali’s story. I’d also love to hear from her adult daughter who had the missing time with her. And if anybody in the family could share their poltergeist-like experiences, that would help a lot. She said the poltergeist activity preceded the contact with the ETs. Why is that important?

“Poltergeist phenomenom is always, always attached to UFO encounters. It is something that’s not very well understood or recognized by many in ufology…. Every time you have UFOs you’re going to have poltergeists associated with them.”

~Dr. Eric Davis on Coast to Coast AM


This the transcript of Xxxxx intro. to the Clubhouse talk with Añjali.

Xxxxx: Hi, my name is Xxxxx. You can find my contact info. in my (Clubhouse) profile. My full name is Xxxxx. My dad is Xxxxx…so I go by Xxxxx. And I mention that, because if you want to…I’m gonna serve as the person who verified the identify of our experiencer who’s gonna speak tonight. And I think you’ll understand why, here in a moment. So if you wanna look me up, that’s great. I’m on LinkedIn, under Xxxxx, that’s what I go by, instead of Xxxxx. And also, you can just Google, Xxxxx Xxxxx. There is a web app, where you just type in my name, it will just show that I’m exactly who I say I am.

So, real quick background on me. When I was a child, I witnessed something really unexplainable, about the size of a football – gun metal in color – approached myself and my mother in our backyard. And I thought, at the time, that it was like a dull-colored, mylar balloon and convinced myself that this thing was zipping around because it must have been perforations on different sides of it or something. And I thought that for years, until I got older. So, fast forward to 2004, September. I was a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, which is like West Point except for the Navy. So I was a student there and I was out, working out one night, running down the seawall that borders the Severn River, when a classic, black triangle UFO came zipping down the Severn River about 100 meters away from me and then took off at extraordinary speed into the sky above the Chesapeake Bay.

So, since that time, I’ve thought more deeply about it and then thought more about that event that happened as a child and I became very interested in the topic. When I graduated from the Naval Academy, because I’d been studying…well, my graduating class was the first class to have a pilot program for Arabic language, which I was a part of, due to my aptitude for learning languages quickly. And because of that, they switched me over to the Army as an intelligence officer. When I graduated, I was in Iraq at the time. And that’s how I found myself to be an intelligence officer. So, I was an intelligence officer until I got out in 2014 [and] became a civilian. So, since then, I’ve been working with data, I now work for the State of Indiana doing similar work to what I was doing in the intelligence community and the military, in that I work with data.

I’ve still been obsessed with the topic that we’re all discussing today. The reason being, not that it’s fantastical, but because it seems to me what the obvious truth is. And it blows my mind that the rest of the world does not seem to. I think it goes without speaking, in a Universe that’s 3.5 billion years old and within the last 50 years, we’ve gone from a computer the size of a warehouse to the size of a cell phone. So yeah, technology can advance really quickly. Even the fundamental understanding of how the Universe has changed, rapidly, in the last 100 years, so why couldn’t this phenomena be real? And I wanna get that across to the masses. That’s why I have an interest in this.

Now just recently, I heard, on the Tim Dillon podcast, they were talking about Clubhouse, so I scored myself an invite and got on here and speaking to the same group of people, every Tuesday, Thursday night at 9:30. It’s [Roderick Martin’s] room that we’re in right now. And after like the first couple of talks, as I do all the time, I was lurking around on the alien and UFO-related subreddits on Reddit. And I read this fantastical account, which come to find out, was written by our experiencer, Añjali, who will be speaking to you here momentarily. I read it and it really struck true to me. One thing, she claimed to be a retired, Defense Intelligence Officer. I share that background. The story was so amazing, it couldn’t be true, is what I thought. And most of the audience on Reddit, partly due to the culture on Reddit, they really raked her over the coals. Everybody was just giving her a really hard time, she was taking her time because [she was a giving] perfectly rational answers to almost everybody. She must have been doing that for days. Like, just giving a number of responses – very calm, cool, collected responses – that she was giving. So obviously, at least, not a loon, according to everything I was reading. Very well put together thoughts.

So I contacted her personally, through a direct message on Reddit, and I asked her if she’d be interested in speaking to our club here. I shared with her my background and she shared with me hers. And eventually we got to a point where she doesn’t want to go public, yet. And that’s very understandable if you look at the reaction that she got on Reddit. You would understand, that’s gotta be very taxing on a person, to be attacked, really, for a story that you’re telling. And second, this doesn’t appear to be a career move or something. She’s retired, she’s got a pension, you know? She doesn’t want to be a public person so it’s not for fame.

And I spoke to her at length, over the phone. She sent me a copy of her passport and her DD214, which is a standard form that you get when you leave active-duty military service. I sent her mine as well, so she knew who I was. And then we exchanged LinkedIn accounts and we were able to sniff each other’s butts, like dogs do, you know? And we got to know that we were both exactly who we say we are. She went even further and provided me some contacts from her former chain of command. And since then, I’ve spoken to multiple of her former hires in her chains of command from when she was in as an active, intelligence officer. So a civilian contractor. I confirmed that she has briefed to the Office of the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. That’s all been confirmed by contacting her former chain of command. I also did some background stuff with some friends of mine that are still in the reserves and the intelligence community and they also verified all this.

(March 30th Update – Xxxxx contacted me and wanted me to add this clarification: “Anjali’s intelligence analysis products were briefed to the Office of the President. She did not claim to personally read the products to the audience herself. But her products were in direct support of the intelligence requirements of the Office of the President and briefed by someone other than herself.”)

So, what I’m here to do is…you can look up who I am, okay? I don’t care if I’m a public person. I mean, I am a public servant so it doesn’t bother me at all. I am not a spook, all right? I am not a CIA guy. I thought it was funny, the other night, when we were talking about this topic, in a different room with Tom Green, the comedian and Dave Foley, the comedian and Tom Green, jokingly, suggested that I was some CIA plant, just because I…the reason you have two former intelligence officers speaking to you right now, myself and Añjali, who is the experiencer, os that it was our shared experience that established a rapport between she and I, and that trust. She trusted me to keep her identify confidential and I even signed a confidentiality agreement with her. So, you’re not getting anything out of me (laughs) if you wanna know who she is or anything. And I appreciate that trust. I would just ask that you please not try to affect my employment. I’ve got no dog in the fight, other than a genuine interest in this topic and I’m compelled to try to get this message out there. Largely because it just boggles my mind that, in a world post-Fravor, Commander Fravor, I don’t understand why everybody isn’t asking the same questions and sharing the same assumptions that I share and most of us in this room share.

<End Xxxxx’s Comments>


I suggest you start by reading Añjali’s original post on Reddit that created the stir and then move on to the Clubhouse audio linked to below.



You can also listen on Apple podcasts.

And here are all of her comments on Reddit.

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