Former Intel Officer & Naval Academy Graduate: Retired Defense Intel Officer Who Says She Encountered Multiple ETs, “Briefed To The Office Of The President”

17 Aug , 2021  

If you like what you see on my blog and my Twitter and appreciate the time and effort, here are my Patreon and Pay Pal. PayPal – ~~~ by Joe Murgia (Note: This was first published on March 12th, 2021) In the past week, the story of Añjali (not her real name), who […]

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Robert Bigelow

Flashback 2007 Transcript – Bigelow on UFOs, Life After Death, Reincarnation, Cattle Mutilations & More

26 Dec , 2019  

“I do believe in a God-force. I think I come at that from a cosmological prospect as well as a belief in that the cumulation of all these other things suggest that to me very, very, very strongly. And I do think there is a survival of consciousness because there are just far too many […]

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