AAWSAP, George Knapp, James Lacatski, Skinwalker Ranch, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon

“Skinwalkers” Transcript: Oct. 29th – Strieber’s Dreamland – Knapp & Kelleher: “UFOs Are Bad For Your Health, But Are UFOs A Threat?

30 Nov , 2021  

“Maybe one of the keys to us taking the next step in the UFO investigative scenario would be to start looking at consciousness in a new way. And maybe from that, there will be new avenues of research..” ~Dr. Colm Kelleher ~~~ Click on the photo above or HERE to buy the book, which I […]

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Whitley Strieber

Strieber: “I Think That We Are In Contact With Ourselves” – Malibu Lecture Transcript

15 Nov , 2019  

“I think that’s another level of the human species. I think that we are in contact with ourselves. I think that’s the joke of the whole thing. We’re all looking up in the sky when we should be looking at each other.” ~Whitley Strieber, Malibu 2018 ~~~~~ Comments, links and transcription by Joe Murgia – […]

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