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Thirty Years Later: The George Knapp Mystery Is Unveiled

7 Nov , 2019  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter

“Most of the news stories aired only once on television and haven’t been seen since. The unedited interviews have never been shown anywhere.”

~George Knapp

You had me at “unedited interviews.” The above quote is from the intro. video on the new, George Knapp/KLAS website, Mystery Wire. The site features a collection of mysterious and unusual stories, many which have aired on KLAS over the past thirty years. Subjects covered include UFOs, Area 51, Bob Lazar, haunted dolls, Bigfoot, Alaskan triangle swallows 16,000 people over 20 years, and a whole lot more.  From what I’ve seen on the site, if you’re interested in UFOs, the paranormal or stories that you won’t find anywhere else, there’s enough there to keep you busy for a while. And new content is on the way.


I’ve worked as a cameraman in television (news, sports, reality shows, etc…) since 1988 and I know how rare it is for unedited interviews or unedited anything to be released to the public. So the fact that Knapp/KLAS have posted unedited interviews (along with transcripts) on the site is very exciting to me. Having all of these stories in one place is a brilliant idea and one that is a long time coming. No need to search the entire KLAS site for that Harry Reid, Tom DeLonge or Luis Elizondo interview. And this time, you’ll get the whole enchilada!

Speaking of unedited, Elizondo interviews…

A lot of people feel that there must be someone in our government who knows all the answers to the UFO mystery. Here’s an excerpt from one of the unedited Knapp/Elizondo interviews that deals with that issue:

George Knapp: One of the question deals with disclosure, capital D disclosure. I’ve been hearing that for as long as I’ve been involved in studying this topic, and people are convinced that somewhere there’s someone who knows the big picture and knows all this stuff. I don’t know if you can answer it. You were deep inside. You weren’t Secretary of Defense, but this was not disclosure. It disclosed some stuff. Is there somebody that knows the answers to this, the questions that we’re raising here?

Luis Elizondo: I sure hope so. I think part of my frustration is that the government doesn’t like to talk to itself. And there were isolated stovepipes and pockets of expertise that may have existed. But because no one had wanted to have the conversation, we had to operate in isolated pockets. And again, that’s a problem. That’s a problem for the government. It’s a problem for our national security. It’s a problem for the American people. It’s like a corporation, like let’s say Hewlett Packard or one of these big companies that’s building a new type of computer over here and yet, these folks over here don’t realize there’s another component over here that doing the exact same thing, right? That’s not a very efficient use of resources. I can tell you that I worked with within pockets of the U.S. government outside of the office of Secretary of Defense, there were several pockets that we worked with, and they knew who we were, we knew who they were. But was there somebody who had the master strategy on the phenomena? In the 10 years that I worked the program, that was not the case. Sad to say, I wish there was somebody. Maybe somebody comes out in a year from now and is encouraged by what other people are doing and says, “Okay. Hey, you know what, this is it.” But I never met that person, unfortunately, if a person like that exists. From my understanding, everybody kept telling me I was that guy.

That’s just one example of the interesting tidbits I expect will be found in the unedited interviews that never aired in the original story due to the time constraints of TV news. That alone has me wanting to dig deeper into the site to see what else I can find.

The website went live today, thirty years to the day of when the nine-part series, “UFOs: The Best Evidence,” first aired on KLAS. The first part of that series can now be viewed on the “Mystery Wire” site. It’s excellent. And according to Knapp, “To this day, it ranks as the highest rated, most-watched local news program ever produced here.” The following month, KLAS aired a two-hour prime time special with much of the same content but with a slicker (music/graphics) look. And in February 1990, they broadcast another nine-part series, “UFOs: The Best Evidence?” which took a more skeptical view of the UFO field and people involved. I’m hoping all of that will eventually make it onto the site.

Some of the content posted on “Mystery Wire” features summaries of articles from other websites such as the “Bigfoot legend creeps into Teddy Roosevelt writings” and “Interstellar space mission in 10 years might be possible.” But the Knapp/KLAS effort stands out from the competition and shines when they post the aforementioned, unedited interviews, KLAS original reports and videos such as the one with Knapp talking about how he first learned of Area 51. It includes an excerpt from one of the original KLAS stories done about the secret base.

I only have a few minor criticisms of the site.

I’m hoping they add a tab that says “Unedited Videos” so they’re all in one place and I don’t have to search for those.

And…right now, the unedited videos, like the one with Luis Elizondo, are broken into         multiple segments/videos. Elizondo is ten, short segments. I’d love it if it was all edited into one, long video so I can watch it straight through. Or at least have the videos play back to back so I can binge watch them. I’m told they’re working on that.

Here’s the link to the unedited/raw, Elizondo interview segments.

And here’s the link to Part 1 of the DeLonge, unedited/raw interview segment. I haven’t found a link that shows the entire series like the Elizondo link does.

The site is brand new so I’m sure any glitches will be fixed as time goes by.

A huge thank you to George Knapp for giving me a sneak peak at this site. I’m excited to delve deeper (especially to watch the entire unedited interviews with Elizondo and DeLonge) when I get more time.

Full disclosure: Knapp is one of my favorite people in Ufology and in investigative journalism overall. So when I heard about this effort, I was pretty excited. If people out there have a problem with some of the stories that will be posted, (like Lazar) too bad. I have my issues with Lazar, too but that won’t stop me from enjoying the site and learning all that I can by dissecting everything that gets posted. Even the Lazar stories. My mind is still open on him. This site is a good thing for folks interested in getting as much information as they can about the UFO phenomenon and related subjects. Congrats to George and KLAS for getting this site up and running.

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