Transcript – Congressman Asking Tough Questions: Does U.S. Government Have Wreckage From a UFO and Is Pentagon’s UFO Program (AATIP) Still Active?

27 Jul , 2019  

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By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter 

Tucker Carlson: Well after decades of denial and secrecy and flat out lying, America’s defense establishment is finally admitting, some of what it knows about UFOs. The Navy has admitted that its pilots encounter unidentified aircraft so often, that they’ve had to draft new reporting guidelines to allow pilots to come forward. It’s easy to find this funny but it’s also scary if you think about it. Our vast, well-funded defense establishment is seeing things in the sky they cannot account for. Doing things they cannot understand. Should we be worried?

Congressman Mark Walker is a Republican representing the state of North Carolina. He just sent a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Spencer, about the military’s UFO investigation. We recently spoke to the congressman. Here’s part of what he said.



Tucker Carlson: Should we be worried about this?

Congressman Mark Walker (R) North Carolina: Well, we are concerned about it. As the ranking member of terrorism and counter-intelligence, we have questions. It comes down to, some of the new infrared radar systems that we’re putting in some of our new jets…are detecting some things out there. We call them Unidentified Aerial Threats. And that’s something that we’re looking at. UAPs is what we call it. We want to know the information. And that’s why it’s important that we take a look at this.

Carlson: So this has been going on an awfully long time and there’s a lot of data the government have stored about this. Most of it, I think, is still classified. But there must be theories about what these objects are. What these aircraft are. What’s the most plausible theory, do you think?

Congressman Walker: Well, we don’t know for sure, obviously. What we do know is the question that we’re wanting to get to is: Is this something that’s a defense mechanism from another country? We do know that China’s looking at hypersonic missiles. That’s 25,000 kilometers. Or to break it down into our language, that’s getting from DC, where I’m at, to LA in about nine minutes. We don’t know that nuclear warheads can be attached to those. Is it something like that or is it something more? We don’t know. But I feel like it’s something that we must take a look at and that’s why we’ve written Secretary Spencer of the Navy.

Carlson:  Is there any indication that you’re aware of that these sightings are foreign aircraft, Russian or Chinese aircraft?

Congressman Walker: We don’t know. We have no evidence to support that. We do know there’s something that’s traveling at that speed of what we call hypersonic now, which is a Mach 4 or 5, (3045 mph or 3806 mph ~Joe) not to get too technical. That is something that we want to know. Is this something that another defense system, in another country is more advanced? Or is it something else? We’re not trying to spit people out. But the A-A-T-I-P was basically a program that monitors this – was to close down in 2017. So part of my question, Tucker: Is it really closed down? Are we still spending resources? Or is there more documentation that this program is still being able to file somewhere?    That’s something that we need to know. Even if it’s just for defense purposes alone.

Tucker: We spoke to a government employee (Luis Elizondo ~Joe) who has worked on this issue who said that the U.S. government has wreckage from one of these aircraft, Do you know anything about that?

Congressman Walker: We don’t know. But that’s one of the four questions that we are asking. Is there evidence being held somewhere – not to get too spooky once again – but if there is evidence, I believe it’s important for people, specifically in my position as the ranking member of terrorism and counter-intelligence, we need to know what this is.

Carlson: Of course. And those are all legitimate questions.

Congressman Walker: I believe so.

Carlson: And I’m thankful that you’re not being bullied or mocked into not asking them. I hope you’ll come back and tell us what the answers are.

Congressman Walker: We look forward, when we find out, to coming back. Thank you, Tucker.

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