Garry Nolan

Transcript: Dr. Garry Nolan on TC: It’s Clearly Been Here For A Long Time And It Doesn’t Necessarily Care So Much About Us. Whose Planet Is This, Really?

14 Mar , 2023  

“When you see something like that, you never forget it. It’s changes your life in a way that it puts things in perspective. So when you hear other people’s stories about this stuff, I feel inherently like I want to protect them. I want to help them not be attacked for something that they saw, […]

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Transcript: Elizondo on Tucker – Materials We’re Testing Have Either “Been Engineered That Way” or “Came From Somewhere Else”

6 Oct , 2019  

by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter. H/T: Danny Silva for alerting me to Elizondo’s appearance on Tucker and for reminding me where to look for certain Elizondo quotes that I included below. Here’s Danny’s article. Transcript of Luis Elizondo on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” from October 4th, 2019. Tucker Carlson (TC): Just a few weeks […]

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To The Stars Academy

Transcript: New Video from TTSA: Did General James Mattis Have A UFO Encounter?

20 Aug , 2019  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter. ABC News Anchor: New reports…five pilots coming forward over the weekend, saying they’ve had multiple, mid-air encounters with high-flying, fast-moving objects. Gio Benitez, ABC News: The New York Times, speaking with five Navy pilots who’ve all said they’ve encountered UFOs during  training missions, up and down the East […]

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Transcript – Congressman Asking Tough Questions: Does U.S. Government Have Wreckage From a UFO and Is Pentagon’s UFO Program (AATIP) Still Active?

27 Jul , 2019  

Hat Tip: Chris Wolford – @devgru1980mi By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter  Tucker Carlson: Well after decades of denial and secrecy and flat out lying, America’s defense establishment is finally admitting, some of what it knows about UFOs. The Navy has admitted that its pilots encounter unidentified aircraft so often, that they’ve had to […]

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