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Transcript: New Video from TTSA: Did General James Mattis Have A UFO Encounter?

20 Aug , 2019  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter.

ABC News Anchor: New reports…five pilots coming forward over the weekend, saying they’ve had multiple, mid-air encounters with high-flying, fast-moving objects.

Gio Benitez, ABC News: The New York Times, speaking with five Navy pilots who’ve all said they’ve encountered UFOs during  training missions, up and down the East Coast.



Brian Kilmeade, Fox News: Now our next guest is sounding off on a brand new series on History Channel, called, “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.” Christopher, do you believe that UFOs exist?

Christopher Mellon: We know that UFOs exist. This is not a…no longer an issue. The Navy itself has publicly acknowledged the fact that they exist. And Navy pilots – active-duty pilots – have gone on the record in the New York Times, acknowledging the fact that they exist. So the issue now is: Why are they here? Where are they coming from? And what is the technology behind these devices that we’re observing? Ultimately, Lue concluded and I concluded that the only way to make progress on this issue was from the outside. To take the information to the public and the Congress. That’s what this show is about and that’s what these military pilots are helping us with.


Luis Elizondo: Just catching up on the news right now. It seems that this story that the New York Times wrote, day before yesterday has gone a bit viral.



Elizondo: So, I guess I’m looking right now at The Hill – the front page of the defense section – U.S. Navy Pilots Detail Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.



Elizondo: Here’s another one…Washington Post…UFOs Exist and Everyone Needs to Adjust to That Fact.



Elizondo: Hey, To The Stars Academy is right on the front. Pretty cool. There is a new arti…there are new arti-cles, plural, every day.


Daniel Drezner, Washington Post: And there’s a fair amount of evidence now that clearly UFOs exist. And the fact that Navy pilots are willing to go on record to say that is encouraging. Because for the longest time, if you said the word UFO or if you said you believed in UFOs, then it meant you were sort of relegated to sort of conspiracy theorizing or sort of a crackpot. And it was very easy for the establishment to sort of not take you seriously any more. You want them to actually be willing to come forward and say these things without the stigma that has historically been associated with the acronym, UFO.

Willie Geist, MSNBC: So the question for a lot of people is: Do we know what they were? What were those unidentified flying objects? Or at least, what are the suspicions of the Navy about what they were?

Daniel Drezner: I think the important point is, we need to recognize…we don’t know at this point. And therefore, we need to investigate further.


Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo

Elizondo: Can you imagine that headline just a year and a half ago?

Mellon: Yeah! I know. It’s incredible.

Elizondo: UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact.

Mellon: He quotes a paper in there…

Elizondo: Yeah, I saw it down here! Sovereignty and the UFO.

Mellon: And I know one of the coauthors. So that was coauthored by a fellow that served with me on the board of UFOData.

Mellon: You know, once again, it’s hard for the mainstream to engage on this issue. I noticed, you know, in my Hill article, I briefly looked at the comments…

Mellon: And, even though I was very careful to mention the extraterrestrial hypothesis as sort of a tertiary possibility,

Elizondo: That’s what people prefer.

Mellon: That’s all anybody wanted to comment and talk about. It was all aliens, aliens, aliens, aliens.

Elizondo: I know. I know.


(Joe’s comment: The other possibilities Mellon suggested in his article were that these craft represent a foreign adversary that has somehow, technologically leap-frogged us. Or, that they’re human technology that someone like Elon Musk has secretly developed. To most folks interested in the subject of UFOs, those are very low on the totem poll of possibilities. On the other hand, theories that these craft represent something non-human (ET, interdimensional, ultraterrestrial, time travelers or any number of alternative explanations) will always be more interesting to folks speculating about the origin and intelligence behind, these craft. You think Mellon would know this.)


George Stephanopoulus (GS), ABC News: Is it fair to build it down to two possibilities: Either another country has leap-frogged the United States in technology. Or, extraterrestrial?

Mellon: Those are the leading hypotheses, yes.

(Joe’s Comment: If ET is the one of the two leading hypotheses then why was Mellon surprised that so many people wanted to focus on that in the comments section of The Hill Op/Ed?)

GS: And, what do you think?

Mellon: I don’t have a conclusion at this point. We’re trying not to jump and leap to conclusions. We think that’s actually an impediment to progress because once you start talking about aliens, a lot of people just shut down.

GS: Tune out.

Mellon: Right. So what we need is more information.

GS: But how do you explain that there have been so many of these sightings and nothing has happened?

Mellon: It is in part, a social phenomenon. There’s a stigma. It’s been difficult to get people in the bureaucracy in the military and the intelligence community to understand they can deal with this without being penalized. Nobody’s been assigned responsibility for collecting on this. So, our different agencies and departments are not sharing information on this topic heretofore. Not pulling it together. So the picture hasn’t come into focus. And it’s taken the pilots themselves, speaking out publicly, to really get this on everybody’s agenda.


Elizondo: Well I think it’s also part of our psyche…culturally, that we automatically assume, again, that the things are of extraterrestrial origin, without…and the problem is that when you do that, you…we, potentially leave a lot of other data out, right?

Mellon: Right. We also make it far more difficult to build a consensus for action because that is such a reach for so many people. Turns them off so badly at the outset that you lose them right away.

Elizondo: Take that reaction and multiple it by a hundred and that was what we were facing in the Pentagon.

Mellon: Yeah!

Elizondo: I mean, you remember that. It was literally…

Mellon: People just shut down.

Elizondo: …literally just shut down after an hour briefing…

Mellon: I’ve been in touch with both those guys  in the last 24 hours…that you briefed. The two individuals who direct reports to Mattis.

Elizondo: Wow.

Mellon: Who I don’t wanna…

Elizondo: How are they doing?

Mellon: They’re doing great! And they’re supportive.

Elizondo: That’s fantastic.

Mellon: It is fantastic.

Elizondo: That’s hugely fantastic.

Mellon: They’re both in the private sector now but still, you know, very engaged. And still, I think, in touch with Mattis.

Elizondo: Well, you know, maybe they’ll be an opportunity sometime in the future to sit down with him and get, you know, gauge, gauge…get his thoughts and…

Mellon: He and several others that I can name that may have been involved with or touched part of this phenomenon that we haven’t addressed yet as well.

(Joe’s Comment: I wish they had been more clear with this. Has Mattis had an experience with the UFO phenomenon? If so, it’s easily the most important piece of information we’ve learned from TTSA. Who are the several others? And did they or didn’t they? Why is it “may have been involved or touched?” May? I hope we can get some clarification on all of this. Or was it just a tease/promo for Season 2?


We see various shots of Elizondo and Tom DeLonge at A&E headquarters in NYC and various news stations to help promote “Unidentified.”

DeLonge on ABC News: This is not just a show to entertain. This is a mechanism to change the way the government acts. You’re gonna see us dealing with the Senate, us meeting with the intelligence service of other governments. And everyone is coming out of the woodwork and saying, “This is real. We gotta do something about it.” And it very well could be a threat. But we can’t put our head in the sand.

DeLonge on ABC Radio: We have guided Congress with getting all the data, all the briefings and all the people in various parts of the government, to brief the Senators and Congressmen. We did all that. It actually leaked a handful of weeks ago when you saw these articles in the New York Times and wherever, where it said the Navy is creating formal mechanisms for reporting UFOs. That was us. That was To The Stars Academy. That was our show. It’s on the show. It’s really just following around what we do at To The Stars Academy. We deal with the U.S. government every single day. And so, we were organizing all of this and we just kind of followed it around with a camera.


Shepard Smith, Fox News: The U.S. Navy is preparing new guidelines for pilots, on how to report sightings, of UFOs.

DeLonge on ABC News Radio: I know personally and directly, Senators are…they’re falling out of their seats that this is real. They had no idea. And so now they’re moving. And the show will keep their continents energized, which will keep the pressure on them.

Elizondo makes his way to Fox News and an interview with Tucker Carlson. The now infamous question is asked…

Carlson: Do you believe, based on your decade of serving in the U.S. government on this question, that the U.S. government has in its possession any material from one of these aircrafts?

Elizondo: Ohhh. I do. Yes.

They left out the rest of the interview that went like this…

Carlson: Do you think the U.S. government has debris from a UFO in its possession right now?

Elizondo: Unfortunately, Tucker. I really have to be careful of my NDA. I really can’t go into a lot more detail than that.

Carlson: Okay.

Elizondo: But, simply put? Yes.

Elizondo is shown in a car and asked about the interview that just took place with Carlson.

Voice Off Camera: What was the question?

Elizondo: Does the U.S. government have material? (he looks right into the camera)

Voice Off Camera: And what was your answer?

Elizondo: It was, yes.

(Joe’s Comment: I still don’t understand why, if this issue is so sensitive, Elizondo didn’t just say, “I’m not at liberty to discuss that.” Or, give a, “no comment.” He’s done it plenty of times in the past.)


Brian Kilmeade: And we’re not the only country who’s having these encounters?

Mellon: Absolutely not. And in fact, as our investigation unfolds over the first six episodes this season, we’re gonna be presenting information from a NATO ally that’s been having very similar experiences.


Nick Pope: I think it will take Congressional hearings to get to the bottom of all this. Not just in the United States but all around the world. And I’d like to see those Congressional hearings.


Elizondo (shown walking around NYC at night):

Elizondo: Pretty, profound, experience. Something that transcends your personality and character. Something that goes deep to the core of the human spirit. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of this mystery? Or, maybe this is the end of the beginning?

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