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Updated: Where in the World is Tom DeLonge?

23 Oct , 2018  

Update – 10/23/18 – 9pm

Tom DeLonge went to Italy.


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By Joe Murgia


Yesterday, Tom DeLonge posted this on Instagram:


So, what part of the world could offer Tom and “To The Stars Academy” a guarantee of privacy and anonymity? Being of Sicilian descent, I would head to Palermo. My family is from Catania but the people of Palermo are known for practicing the art of Omertà, the code of silence. In Palermo, if authorities ask questions, the chances that someone will spill the beans are between zero and zero. What better place to keep a secret?

If Tom and TTSA are interested in a nice, thin crust pizza instead of the thick squares of a Sicilian pie, they could  head to Rome, where the Vatican might wield some influence over UFO secrecy. With their own observatory and Pope Francis on record saying he would baptize aliens, why not give it a shot?

The Brits and Germans will toe the line and avoid challenging the Pentagon on the Cosmic Watergate but Italians have always been free spirited and a bit crazy. Maybe Tom and company can use the Vatican’s influence and get an audience with Parlamento Italiano? Or, if they’re feeling really lucky, Italian President Sergio Mattarella? Why not reach for the sky?

Just throwing out a guess and some speculation for now. Ciao. 😉

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  1. Ryan says:

    Based on A Fire Within, which he helped write, Italy would be a good fit.

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