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Will Miller Complete Interview: Peruvian Jungle – UFO Crash Retrieval Witness Was Threatened with “Extreme Prejudice”

25 Jun , 2020  

June 18, 2020 Interview with Commander Will Miller – See my other blogs for background.

Joe Murgia: What’s your overall opinion on the Wilson/Davis documents and the story told within them? Sound plausible from what you know?

Will Miller: It’s been awhile since I looked at a photo copy of them; my only comment is that I would be VERY surprised IF ADM Wilson actually granted an interview on the “subject” that he has tried to distance himself from ever since my & SG’s meeting in the Pentagon with him.

On a related topic, IF someone had a “crashed UFO”, and wanted to study its technology, where would you take it?


IF I was going to do any “tracking” of who would be involved, I’d first assume that some DoD entity would assume “first control & acquisition” of the “artifact”.

Other than the DoD and Service Labs (DARPA, NAVY RESEARCH LABS (NRL), Army Research Labs (ARL), etc., one could reasonably speculate that civilian aerospace contractors (like Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, etc.) would have to be involved in the analysis of “hardware”.  They would have the technical expertise and specialized sub-contractors to perform the technical analysis. So….. talking with someone on the “inside’ of those companies would be a ‘first step”….. Boeing has a “black” R&D entity: Phantom-Works, and Lockheed has their legendary “Skunk-works” – famous for the U-2, SR-71, B-1, B-2, F-117, etc….

JM: Have you ever written a letter to Dr. Eric Davis?

WM: I have E-mailed Davis with some very mundane correspondence.  I have no recollection or information on a “letter”, purportedly written to him by me.

JM: Did you ever have interest in Roswell, Holloman, MJ-12 & leaked docs, Zamora & Bentwaters? (These subjects were all mentioned in the purported letter from Commander Miller to Dr. Davis. ~Joe)

WM: All but Zamora  – not familiar

JM: Are you prepared to say your letter is a fake?

WM: I have no recollection of the “letter.”

JM: What parts of your letter are problematic or possibly cut and paste.

WM: (Was not willing to discuss. ~JM)

JM: Can you elaborate on any parts of 1-4 on the 2nd page of your letter?

WM: (Was not willing to discuss. ~JM)

JM: April 10th, 1997 Director of Intelligence on the Joint Chief Staff Deputy J2 (Wilson) and September 15th,1998 Director of DIA (Hughes) both requested the briefings? Do you know what sparked their interest? Were you surprised they had this interest? How serious did they take the briefing? Did they ask questions? Who else was there?

WM: I sparked their interest! I worked very hard via my sources & channels to set up those two/three briefings, first with very brief informal mtgs with both, then set up formal brief via their aides. I was not surprised that they had interest; many senior officials have interest – it’s just rare that they can talk to someone with serious information – not conspiracy theorists or UFO nuts. They took the briefings as seriously as they would for any other National Security issue.  Yes, they both asked questions. With J-2A, it was just our group: SG, Mitchell, BG-retired Steve Lovekin (deceased), and Shri Adamiak, SG’s right arm.   With Hughes, it was just me, SG, & a COL who took notes.


JM: Admiral Wilson said he took that briefing as a courtesy to you and Edgar Mitchell. True? He was ‘curious’ why someone of Dr. Mitchell’s stature would be pursuing this matter. Does that match with what you knew going into that brief? I thought his office requested it?

WM: Wilson did it at my request.  Hughes requested it – in fact his office requested that I “expedite” getting the briefing to him.

JM: 2013, you and Dr. Greer had a conversation on YouTube. He talked about an Admiral who had found one of those USAPs through code names. And basically, Dr. Greer said the Admiral was told by these USAP folks…well, we know who you are, but you don’t have a need to know and we’re not going to tell you anything.

WM: The deepest-black programs have numbers, not names.  “Program 4327” vs. Program “Dark Skies”.

JM: You didn’t say anything. Was Greer telling the truth?

WM: I have no idea about SG.

JM: After your meeting with Greer, Mitchell and others broke up, did you speak with Admiral Wilson by yourself? Can you share anything about what you discussed?

WM: No, no further discussion by me with Wilson.

JM: If Wilson or any other General or Admiral (a Joint Chiefs fella) went looking for and found a USAP that they didn’t have a need-to-know about, what do you think would happen?

WM: Not likely that someone would “stumble upon” a USAP. First, they’d have to be “read-in”  to even know what the name (or number) related to, BUT should for some strange reason they learned of the existence of a SAP (and in many cases even that existence is classified), they would face a blank-wall: no additional information – they don’t have the “need to know”, despite whatever “clearance’ they hold.

JM: Program manager, security director and corporate attorney allegedly showed their bigot list to Wilson dated 1990, and updated 1993. No politicians. No White House names, no President! No Congressional people. No Congressional staffers. No names in Clinton or Bush Sr. Administrations. Handful of names were Pentagon individuals, few from OUSDAT, one from another department. Sound plausible for how a bigot list would look?

WM: BIGOT List: from WW-II: ” British Invasion of German Occupied Territory”. Today it’s just a list of SAP/USAP authorized individuals. List vary according to the program in question, the types of individuals needed to run the program, and how limited the access needs to be, depending on the sensitivity of the program.

JM: Is it consistent with your knowledge of USAPs that they’re buried/hidden within other SAPs?

WM: Not necessarily. Most/many are “stand-alone” programs.  It is often determined they be “unacknowledged” due to the extreme sensitivity of the program, and often a concern for congressional “loose lips”, even with a classified program.


JM: Wilson/Davis document claim an audit accidentally lead to this UFO SAP. Is that something that you’ve heard of?

WM: No. I have heard of no SAPS being revealed by an unrelated audit.  Regular SAPS may face some fiscal oversight – not true for USAPS – immune from oversight.

JM: Docs say there were 4 programs in different compartments, placed in different layers of compartments pyramid, split up to do different things. Connection to each other not obvious. Does that sound like how you know things are set-up?

WM: Sometimes such are part of a labyrinth of compartmented info. Others are stand-alone programs. For example, a TS program may have within it a SAP, known only to those read into its info; other SAPS stand by themselves. Sometimes related to how funding is apportioned/obtained.

JM: You’ve said that senior Admirals, Generals, Joint Chief of Staff, don’t have access to some of this UFO information or aren’t told about it to protect them with plausible deniability. But normally, who does get read in?

WM: As LTCOL Phillip Corso said, it is usually long-term civilian civil service personnel, with the highest clearances, who retain the “corporate knowledge” of such subjects, since the military personnel come & go in reassignment.  Heads of Agencies, especially “three-letter” ones, are generally NOT given the whole picture so they can have plausible deniability should they be summoned to testify.

JM: Who makes up the “permanent bureaucracy?”

WM: Senior civilian civil service employees.

JM: From what you know of SAPs and USAPs, how many people do you think would be on a bigot list for a program that deals with recovered non-human tech?

WM: Some “black programs” have as few as 10-15 “core” people sworn into / read into their programs.  Others have 50-100 – perhaps more.  They key to a SAP is that it’s a SPECIAL ACCESS Program; not just anyone with a TS clearance can have the “need to know”; all must be read-in to the programs.

JM: How many SAPs and USAPs have you been read into?

WM: I think it was four or five.  Some had sub-SAPS – additional compartmented information.

JM: Wilson’s aid told you that they know MJ-12 exists but they don’t have a need to know what they do. Have you heard about MJ-12 from other sources? Is it UFO-related? Did Admiral Wilson talk to you about MJ-12 and confirm it was real? Any other source ever confirm that?

WM: It was not Wilson, but his aide that confirmed – after the mtg. Ryan Wood also is convinced that MJ-12 is/was real; he’s the leading researcher on those docs.  Good friend.

“I’m not saying there are no such programs because I don’t know. I didn’t check or follow up. It might not have been a waste of time for somebody (to pursue), but I did not have time to waste, believe me.”

JM: That’s a quote from Admiral Wilson from the recent article by Billy Cox. Are you surprised to see him say any of that? It seems he’s open to the possibility of the existence of a buried, USAP crash retrieval program with no Congressional oversight. Your thoughts?

WM: Concur. But am surprised.  He said to us that he found it impossible that such a program could not be kept secret for so many years. Strange, since it’s routine for such programs to persist, unknown to most, for years.


JM: What kind of fine or prison time can someone get for breaking their security oath to talk about, let’s say, an USAP that’s related to non-human technology and the program was created illegally, without Congressional oversight? (I’m hoping the answer is NONE!)

WM: Legal program – unauthorized disclosure could be “life”.  ILLEGAL program – should be NO penalty.

JM: If I ask someone about a “core secret,” or a SAP/USAP is “no comment” considered an acceptable answer?

WM: Yes.

JM: If there has been technology transfer, has it benefited humanity? Should it?

WM: Lasers, LEDs, fiber optics, bioengineering, just to name a few that may have “off-planet” genesis.  Yes, it should benefit humanity.

JM: In your opinion, from what you have learned from sources, do you think we (or other countries) have an intact craft, multiple intact craft or just pieces of UFOs?

WM: It’s my firm belief that yes, we – the Russians, probably the Germans, & perhaps the Chinese have at least partial technologies (pieces), and most likely for the US – entire operational craft.

I believe we have our own trans-luminal velocity craft that can take us anywhere in space & time.  Did we develop this technology independently? Probably not!

(These Q&A were not included in the original blog. ~Joe)

JM: April 9th, 1997 at the Westin in DC, you were there when representatives from nearly 30 Congressional offices, including representative Dan Burton and staff member from VP Gore’s office, were briefed on UFOs by Dr. Greer. What do you remember from that time? Did you think something significant was going to come from that? If it’s no. Why not?

WM: I was invited to attend, but did not.  I had hoped SG’s efforts might open some congressional eyes; perhaps that occurred over time, but publicly congress is indifferent – with some exceptions.

JM: Have you ever spoken to anybody who claims they retrieved a craft or material from a craft, they felt was non-human? And why do you believe that person was telling the truth?

WM: Yes. A Disclosure Project witness; former USAF enlisted security specialist; he was absolutely terrified to talk about the crash retrieval event, having been threatened with “extreme prejudice” reprisal by DoD officials.

(Miller thought about it and after I showed him this video, he said he is fairly sure this is the witness. This allegedly took place in the Peruvian jungle. Notice how the witness says, “I told Leslie this.” Leslie Kean? If so, don’t be surprised if the witness, Jonathan Weygant and the other two witnesses (Sgt. Allen and Sgt. Adkins/Atkins) he mentions, make it in into the alleged, forthcoming NYT article. Was the craft similar to the Tic Tac? In my opinion, Weygant comes across as totally credible. Especially the claim that while they intimidated him, the “soldiers” never laid a hand on him. As if they knew enough to not cross the line and commit assault. ~Joe)


JM: Have you ever handled any material that allegedly came from a UFO?

WM: Yes. Certified by the Russian Academy of Sciences as metallurgy that could not be duplicated with current human technology. It was kept in oil. It was a fairly small fragment, maybe two inches by two inches, by a quarter inch thick. As I remember, it was kind of a mottle surafce. It was jet black and they kept it in oil because if it became totally un-oiled, it would basically disappear, it would sublime, it would turn from a solid into a gas.


JM: In 1998, Lt. General Patrick M. Hughes, the Director of the DIA, asked for background info from his staff and other agencies on UFO subject and all he got was an ET doll. And he shared some personal interest/experiences he or his family had on the subject. Can you elaborate? Sightings or encounters?

WM: I cannot elaborate on the very personal info that Hughes conveyed. Family matter related to the subject.

JM: Do you support confirmation or full disclosure? IMO, full disclosure may be too earth-shattering and frightening for people to consider. Maybe confirmation, which seems to be going on right now, is the right move?

WM: I concur:  “Full” disclosure is probably too much, all of a sudden.  The public needs to be slowly brought along – you cannot take them too far all at once out of their comfort/belief zones or you get pure rejection. That said, certain technologies should be kept under wraps – that does NOT include energy & transport systems that would benefit mankind overall; hey, we’re still using 3,000-year-old Chinese rocket technology to go to space.

JM: You think these are ET or something else?

WM: I have reason to believe that at least some of these are ET and others are most likely us from the future.

JM: Why keep it secret? You speculated in 2000 that it was to control the ET tech (assuming we have ET tech) and in some cases, these folks just don’t have information on the subject. You still feel the same?

WM: Yes. Control of the advanced technology, along with those who seek power in knowledge & the denial of same to others.

JM: In 2000, along with the Dr. William Kramer, an Ohio fire chief, you were asked to update the Fire Officers Guide to Disaster Control – Chapter 13 of this standard FEMA Firefighters publication on how to handle a crashed or landed UFO. You wanted to strengthen the chapter based on new information. What new information did you have? Where did you learn about that information?

WM: I actually worked on those revisions, years ago, but I don’t think it ever made it into a revision. New information would include the mental/psychological  aspect of encounters, along with consciousness-assisted technology and technology-assisted consciousness. Firefighters may encounter “high strangeness” situations for which they need to be prepared.

JM: When you say “Control Group” like you did in Leslie Kean’s book, do you mean an MJ-12-like group?

WM: Yes, I’d opine that there are probably multiple “Control Groups”, each one covering certain aspects of the UFO/ETI issue; i.e. one probably covering crash retrievals & analysis, another covering collecting & analyzing  reports of “encounters,” another related to overall oversight, etc. That’s just within DoD. Additionally, there are a limited # of DoD “contractors” who even have the technological capability to work this issue to include analysis, security, etc.


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