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Witness: Air Force Confiscated Hard Drives Related To Tic Tac UFO

3 Jan , 2019  

“I did see something that transited very quickly by our E-2, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. The “object” joined up with us briefly and all onboard had a view for a matter of a few seconds.” ~“Roger,” Radar Officer

“PJ told me this was highly unusual. The classified data recorders always stayed in the safe when not in the Hawkeyes and he had never witnessed anything like this in his Navy career.” ~Dave Beaty


By Joe Murgia


Did U.S. Air Force officers confiscate classified hard drives related to the Tic Tac UFO incident in 2004? If so, where are those drives now and what else was confiscated? And why?

I received the following article from my friend, Dave Beaty, earlier today. As I read it, a few questions popped into my head and I’ll address those at the end. Major kudos to Dave for investigating and researching this story. Without his movie, we may have never known about these witnesses and what they say happened on that day in 2004. I wrote about this towards the end of my last blog post but this time, we have more details plus a few names and faces to go with the stories.

If you’re unfamiliar with the F/A-18/Nimitz/Princeton encounters with a Tic Tac-shaped UFO, a good place to start would be to hear directly from Cdr. David Fravor, a former Navy fighter pilot who had an up close view of everything. Fravor has given several interviews but recently shared one of the most detailed accounts of what happened on that day. You can listen to that here, on “The Fighter Pilot Podcast.”

The following is a Special Report by Dave Beaty, creator of “The Nimitz Encounters.”



It Did Not Happen

A Post Script to the November, 2004, U.S. Navy, Tic Tac Incident.

By Dave C Beaty

From “The Nimitz Encounters”

At least three new witnesses have come forward that were on-scene to the November, 2004, Tic Tac UFO encounter. I’ve been in touch with these U.S. Navy vets, heroes one and all for coming forward, and their stories are unique and, in some ways, troubling, in that they diverge from the published AATIP and TTSA plot lines of the Nimitz event.

Are you sure no one was told not to talk?

After reading this, you may ask, ‘Why were U.S. Air Force personnel and other unnamed government agencies so interested in the aircraft hard drives from the USS Nimitz aircraft and ships involved in the November 14, 2004, Tic Tac encounters. And how did they arrive so fast after the event?’ Questions I have asked myself as well, yet the real reasons seem to be evasive.

These first-hand witnesses have indicated to me that strangers were on the ships, seizing evidence within hours of the events reported by the F/A-18 pilots, and USS Princeton radar operators, as described in the many reports released by George Knapp, the New York Times, AATIP and To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science website.

It’s been widely reported that the fighter pilots who have come forward, such as Cdr. David Fravor and Cdr. Jim Slaight, were not aware of any post-event debrief or interest in the Tic Tac intercept event from higher command, other than joking, and giving them a lot of ribbing and UFO-themed grief. U.S. Gov “suits” or guys in Air Force uniforms arriving to confiscate evidence and flight crews told not to talk, and made to sign NDAs? Didn’t happen. Or did it?

A Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye                                                                                                                                    

The E-2C Hawkeye early warning aircraft are the airborne air controllers of the strike group. The VAW-117 Squadron aboard USS Nimitz, The “Wallbangers,” participated in the November 14th, 2004, U.S. Navy, Tic Tac Event. The Hawkeye, callsign, “Banger,” was eye in the sky that day, providing airborne radar control for the daily air defense training mission of the air wing.

According to one of the new witnesses, a former First-Class Petty Officer and an aviation tech, working for the Hawkeye’s Squadron on the USS Nimitz in 2004, there was indeed some very unusual interest in these events, on an official level, based on his experience that day.

The E-2C has an extremely complex suite of radar and air traffic control capabilities for its role as the quarterback of the carrier strike group’s airwing. In addition to its sophisticated APS-145 radar, mission computers, and CIC Advanced Control Indicator Set or “ACIS” workstations, it was being used that day as a testbed for the U.S. Navy’s newest top-secret real-time system, called CEC (cooperative engagement capability) an unjammable datalink system, which allows all ships, planes and commanders to share tactical airspace data, radar and mission planning info.)

Naval Flight Officers On Board The Hawkeye

The E-2C is an aerial information center in the sky. With two pilots up front and three Naval Flight Officers or an In-Flight Technician, including a radar officer, combat information center officer, and air control officer in the back. Despite its high tech nature, it’s a cramped space for the air crew, with much of it taken up by the equipment. The Navy Hawkeye squadrons are a close-knit group, loyal and dedicated to their mission of defending the fleet.

Aviation Tech “PJ” on USS Nimitz – Photo Courtesy of PJ

Aviation tech and Petty Officer “PJ” spent over ten years in the U.S. Navy, working with E-2 Hawkeyes. He was present for the Tic Tac event but did not see the craft. He was aboard Nimitz doing training workups off the coast of San Diego. That day was very routine, he says, read that – boring. Often times between missions, he and his buddies would play PlayStation in their shop to pass the hours. He has never experienced anything like what happened that day, nor in the remainder of his Navy career.

PJ With One Of The Wallbangers E-2C Aircraft

PJ’s job as an aviation tech was to service the Hawkeye’s before and after missions and to provide complete set-up and readiness for the flight crews assigned for the day’s training missions. During the week of UFO/UAP events, the Wallbangers normally had three Hawkeyes on the flight deck and one in the hanger. On a normal flight day, PJ would wake up, head to the ready room and gather up crypto data for the radios, study flight schedules, and wait for the lead petty officer to return from his command briefing before manning up the planes. They would set up the computers, install hard drive data recorders, they called bricks, conduct encrypted tactical radio checks (the Hawkeye has 8 radios!) and address all mechanical issues, so when the flight crew arrived, they were ready to roll.

PJ and Crew Including E-5 “Roger” in the E-2 Shop USS Nimitz

His buddy in the squadron, I’ll call him “Roger,” prefers to remain anonymous and you’ll soon learn why. He was assigned to fly that day in the E-2C Hawkeye and was the radar officer, an E-5 AT2 at the time. He was assigned to a new VAW-117 In Flight Technician program. He flew in the plane, sat in the back with the two flight officers and worked on the radar systems. I communicated with Roger and he allowed me to relate some of what he experienced on the day of the Tic Tac.

“Roger” in the E-2 Hawkeye

Roger: “It gave me chills because I was acting Radar Officer (I was an E-5/AT2 In Flight Technician at the time) in the E-2 in the air at the time of the event. Although I was later required to sign a waiver and NDA with the Navy over this, I can tell you a couple of things.”


PJ recalls that on that Sunday in November, it was a clear day, most likely mid-morning or early afternoon when his assigned plane launched.

PJ: “When we manned up the airplanes, we could see our location on the ACIS (Advanced Control Indicator Set) screens. When we had the data links going, we could see all the same data the flying planes did. I know we had another plane manned up when it all went down… ”

Dave: “Were you able to listen in on the radios? Listen to the planes and radio calls in the plane?”

PJ: “Yes, we normally had the radios going (If you were in the plane). The Hawkeye has 8 radios, plus a few more through the data links. Listening to the radios was the only thing that kept us entertained some days. But I wasn’t in a plane during that time period.”

Dave: “It’s been widely reported in the press and released official documents that the VAW-117 Wallbangers squadron did not hold a radar track or couldn’t acquire a track on any UAPs that day. Is that your understanding?”

PJ: “I can tell you what I knew about that plane when it was airborne. That particular radar was in epic condition and was picking up driftwood on the surface of the water so if we weren’t tracking it, then it wasn’t because of our gear. But it’s also of note to mention that with CEC and the other data links active, we’d see what the other sensors in the battle group see.”

The CEC system PJ mentioned is highly classified and little is known about it other than that all ships and planes in the carrier group can share aerial data in real time over CEC. It allows a passive reception of radar and other data from the best sensor that may be located elsewhere.

Wallbangers E-2 BANGER launches from Flight Deck

Once they launched off the catapult of Nimitz and got airborne, the mission started, which often lasted 3.5 hours. This is when USS Princeton took control of Cdr. Fravor’s Fast Eagles. Radar Officer Roger became increasingly aware of something very strange going on, based on the radio chatter coming in from the Fast Eagle fighters and USS Princeton and USS Nimitz. He described the voices on the radio as being “scared”. Unusual for a training mission. Then he witnessed something he could not explain.

Pre-flight Checks on the Early Warning Radars Aboard an E-2C Hawkeye

Roger: “First off, I did see something that transited very quickly by our E-2, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. The “object” joined up with us briefly and all onboard had a view for a matter of a few seconds. I can also say that the radio chatter and the scared tone in many voices we had that day was legitimate and we were mostly glad that there was not a hostile incident.”

View From One of Three Small Windows in Back of a Hawkeye

Another View of Hawkeye Windows

Even after viewing it for only a few seconds, Roger indicated it was not something he’d ever seen before or since as a pilot. They returned to Nimitz and recovered on the carrier. Normally, they would shut down the plane and move below deck to their ready room for post mission discussions. But the day was not over. What had begun as a normal day, had quickly turned into an enigma for the crew.

Roger: “Upon arrival back to the Nimitz we were informed to stand by, as if doing a hot pump (running the motors to refuel) for about 20 minutes, which wasn’t standard after the launch cycle had completed. Then once we were instructed to shut down. We were told to follow an individual down below deck for a debriefing (again, not standard). We made our way to a secure area on the ship where the events were discussed individually, then we were told “it did not happen” and asked to sign NDAs. Then escorted back to our ready room to drop our gear where, for the first time, we were not allowed to discuss mission ops, safeties, or any post flight call-outs.”


As you recall in the start of this article, all previous reports from the air crews and sailors have indicated no one was ever asked to sign anything or told not to talk. So, I’ll leave the above statement for you to interpret.

Aviation Structural Mechanic Airmen Perform Maintenance on an E-2C Hawkeye

Back in PJ’s world, his shop’s work had just begun. After the E-2 had returned from the mission and the flight crew departed below decks, PJ and his crew began to turn around the aircraft. PJ explains what happened next.

Dave: “So, when Roger’s plane recovered, what was your job?”

PJ: “Once the plane shut down, we’d conduct a turn’around, make sure all our stuff was okay, coolant levels were good and then grab our bricks (flight radar and data recorders) and go back below (to the shop).”

Dave: “When was the first thing you noticed out of the ordinary?”

PJ: “It wasn’t until our Skipper and the Air Force guys arrived at our shop door that I knew anything was different. We had confirmation that something was up when Roger returned to the shop and kinda let it slip something was up. Our division chief then basically said ‘not to talk about it or say anything'”

Dave: “Air Force guys? So, you previously said you worked with the aircraft that transports people onto the carrier also known as COD. Did one of these bring these USAF individuals?”

PJ: “No. No one out of the ordinary arrived on the COD that I noticed. I think they arrived via helo”

Sea Hawk Helicopter Lands on Flight Deck Aboard USS Winston S. Churchill


Aviation Technicians work on a Wallbanger’s E-2

Dave: “OK, can you describe again what happened step-by-step after you took the hard drive bricks off the E-2?”

PJ: “Honestly, it was all pretty ordinary. We caught the plane, they shut down the engines, crew came out and went below decks. I conducted our “turn around” on the airplane, grabbed our gear and went below decks to the shop. Our safe is two-sided so it took two different people to open it. I had two people, so all our hard drives got logged back into the safe. Every hard drive had a serial number that we tracked, so we knew what hard drive was in what plane and when. A few minutes after we locked the bricks in the safe, our CO (Commanding Officer) knocked on our door – we had cypher locks on the door so you had to knock unless you knew the code – he asked us for the bricks (hard drives) that were on the flight. He had to wait a few minutes because we only had one person, one side of the safe to open. With him were two unidentified U.S. Air Force officers. We asked how to log out the bricks and he just said ‘sign them out’ to him, as we weren’t getting them back. It was probably about 25 minutes after the plane had shut down that our CO arrived at our door.”

Dave: “How did you know for sure these people were Air Force and not Navy? And did they say anything?”

PJ: “They stood out like a sore thumb. I don’t think the two guys ever said anything. Just our Skipper. They were wearing Air Force insignia on their flight suits. Honestly, I think they were interested in the CEC data.”


PJ told me this was highly unusual. The classified data recorders always stayed in the safe when not in the Hawkeyes and he had never witnessed anything like this in his Navy career.

USS Princeton

During this same few hours, over on the USS Princeton, Fire Control-man and Aegis Computer/CEC Technician Gary Voorhis, who had just spent the last week witnessing these strange unknowns on the SPY1 , was just starting to process what had gone down with Fast Eagle fighters. The day had culminated with the intercepts by Dave Fravor and the historic Tic Tac encounters. But the day was not over for Gary.

Gary Voorhis – Courtesy of Gary Voorhis

AEGIS CIC SPY1 Radar on Princeton

Dave: “Gary, I recall you mentioned in passing, months ago, that you had to sign out chain of custody of your hard drive bricks. I remember you indicated it was unusual for someone to confiscate hard drives? PJ said Air Force guys came on to Nimitz via helo and retrieved the data bricks from Wallbangers.”

Gary: “That is also how our recordings were picked up. A helo came in and then we had to provide the tapes. Same day as the (FLIR) video was made. I had the CEC tapes for the battle group. They were the tapes they wanted the most.”

Dave: “Were these USAF guys? Did you recognize them?”

Gary: “I was on the crash and smash team for some extra money. I saw them land and then right after, I was called to do chain of custody for the data recordings. They were not wearing uniforms. They had suits on. They could have been anyone.”

(Dave’s note – I had to look up “crash and smash team.” They’re the assigned on-deck firefighting watch crew)


With that dress code discrepancy between PJ and Gary’s description of the hard drive retrieval team I thought maybe the helo that came to USS Princeton was a different flight from the one that landed on USS Nimitz. Perhaps there was a whole team sent to grab all radar data or there were just more than two in the helo?

Gary: “It was a Navy helo. It came over from the Nimitz.”

Dave: “PJ, did anyone make you sign anything or tell you not to talk about it?”

PJ: “I never signed anything. The only thing I ever got was my Division Chief telling us to keep our mouths shut.”

Dave: “Did you talk to any of your squadronmates about this day and did anyone mention anything about this event?”

PJ: “Had I talked to our Lead Petty Officer at the time, he would have gone to maintenance to answer any questions about any problems the crew had on the flight. If they discussed anything with him, he never let on. None of the officers let on anything happened, either. Roger is the only other person I knew that talked about it.”

And so there it is. What it is, I’m not sure. Air Force dudes on a Navy ship? Within minutes of a UFO encounter? Flight crew asked to sign NDAs and told “it did not happen”? This in direct contrast to Cdr. Dave Fravor’s statement that no one told anyone not to talk or sign anything.

Obviously, if you believe the men in this report, there was some type of official government interest in the Tic Tac UFOs from the moment they appeared. We have at least three, maybe four witnesses that saw the efforts to collect up evidence. The question is how someone knew, within hours if not minutes of the event, to send people out on helicopters to remove evidence? Why were the flight crews from Wallbangers the only air crew debriefed and asked to sign NDA’s?



I have pondered these questions and come to only a few possibilities. Perhaps the USAF was contacted during the preceding week and told about the SPY1 radar unknown radar hits Kevin Day had been seeing on the USS Princeton. And when the objects appeared that day with jets in the air, these same people were waiting and sent immediately out to Nimitz. Perhaps the guys on Banger had seen something using classified technology on the plane, so they were asked to sign NDAs? And the government does not know what the Tic Tacs are?

Or perhaps, they do.

Another scenario would be the U.S. government has advanced unconventional and non-aerodynamic flight platforms. These would have to be anti-gravity, based on all information we have from witnesses. If so, these craft would be from special access programs – black budget programs and decades more advanced than any known aircraft. If we suspend disbelief for a moment and contemplate that the U.S. Government or aerospace companies are operating these craft clandestinely, an operation may have been launched to test capabilities. Much like the air defense training going on that day with friendlies playing aggressors. In this case, the supervisors of the advanced platform program would want to come out to the ships immediately after the mission to retrieve the radar data and sensitive info. to see how well their secret craft did in evading detection.

I am sure there are other theories. But the facts remain. Solid American heroes reported these incidents of evidence retrieval and attempts to shut people up. I believe them.

Dave Beaty – Film Maker researcher and creator of “The Nimitz Encounters,” Short Film. www.thenimitzencounters.com

*Dave notes, I have seen PJ’s DD-214 military papers and photos of himself and “Roger” on Nimtiz and cruise book. PJ verifies Rogers’s credentials, as both US Navy vets that were present the day of the Tic Tac event on USS Nimitz. Kevin Day has provided DD-214 and military proof of service and verifies Gary Voorhis Navy service. Both men are in USS Princeton cruise book.


Joe’s Comments

Some of my questions, views and theories will be a repeat of what Dave just said.

How did somebody know so fast that this event had occurred and were able to get people out to retrieve the hard drives and data within a few hours? If that actually happened, I can’t help but consider the possibility that someone knew this event was going to take place. And if that’s the case, the origins of the Tic Tac may be terrestrial and part of the inventory of a super secret, black project within our government. Maybe an Unacknowledged Special Access Project, also known as a USAP? And as Dave said, maybe they were testing these secret craft to see how our guys would react and see if our most sensitive equipment could detect them.

Another possibility is that these UFO events were so common at the time, a protocol was already in place so if any unknown craft were engaged by our members of the military, a call would immediately be made so the secret keepers (various small groups placed in cities all over the country) could be on site asap and do damage control. This specific set of UFO/Tic Tac events had been going on for a few weeks so maybe the secret keepers were on high alert and just waiting for something to happen? And when it did, they pounced. Must not allow the general public to see hard evidence of UFOs! So when it doubt, confiscate.

Finally, what if it was all part of a practical joke? Outlandish! Or is it? Cdr. Fravor, who saw the Tic Tac and chased it, shared the details of what happened when he got back to the Nimitz. He has shared this story before but this version is the most thorough I have heard. He told it on “The Fighter Pilot Podcast.”



VA = Host, Vincent Aiello
DF = Cdr. David Fravor

VA: “So when you landed, as we usually do, you’d probably run down to CIVIC, Combat…I don’t even remember what it’s called any more.”

DF: “Carrier Intelligence Center. CVIC.”

VA: “Okay, there ya go. Thank you. And you’re probably talking about it and…I mean I’m just curious. So, the Air Wing Commander or Ship’s Commander, anyone come in and ask you about it?”

DF: “No. This is where it gets…At first we thought…okay this is, this is kind of odd. We’ve got something that we have…we can’t control. We can’t…for the performance of it. You know, anything that hovers like that, doesn’t not accelerate like…you know. And you’ve seen…you know, I’ve seen airplanes doing 1.8 going by me doing the high fast like at Top Gun where guys are, you know, you just see the CONS coming. But to see something that literally accelerates. Cause even if you go to Mach II (approximately 1500 mph ~Joe) Think of a rocket that takes off. You watch it and those things accelerate relatively quick but you can watch them for a significant period of time. This thing literally disappeared in a matter of…you know, less than a second. It was in front of me and it was gone.

“So, we think, ‘Oh yeah, someone’s gonna come and talk to us.’ So, we we had the tapes. My back-seater went down cause he was junior. He did the debrief in CIVIC. And, you know, you gotta tell them what did you do: ‘Oh we chased this thing. We have no idea what it was.’ And then, of course, they’re laughing cause they think it’s funny. And he comes back to the ready room. And there’s some other stuff that went on. So, we’re like, ‘Okay, maybe someone’s gonna come.’ And the next thing you know, the intel guy comes down and says, ‘Hey, we wanna…we need your tapes. They’re gonna start this investigation.’ And they’re making it like it’s a big deal. The problem was is it wasn’t a big deal because we figured out they thought it was a big, funny joke that they would do this. So I remember going down there. I told Del. I said, ‘I’ll be back…I’m gonna go get those tapes.’

VA: “Del was your XO?” (Executive Officer. ~Joe)

DF: “Yeah. And I went into the uhh, (laughs) I went into CIVIC and I said, ‘Hey, I need my tapes’ and they were just looking at me. I said, ‘I’ll tell you what. You got about two minutes to give me those tapes or I’m gonna tear this place apart and there’s not a damn thing you’re gonna do about it.’ And the Lieutenant that was in there…and I said, ‘You can go get your boss if you want cause I’ll have the same talk with him.’ And within about thirty seconds, I had the tapes in my hand and we took those back to the ready room because they’re actually our property.”

VA: “Right. And the classified equipment.”

DF: “So we copied them, believe it or not. Because we use those tapes again. So we copied them and we wrapped them up and stuffed them in the safe. They were wrapped in a piece of yellow paper that said 4CO and they stayed there. We came back from cruise, they were in the ready room safe. And then somehow, they disappeared. No one knows where they went. And I don’t know if it was, you know…there’s been several COs since then. You know, probably about eight different COs. So… No one knows where they went. You know how it is when you go to and from crews. Someone goes, ‘What are these? Hey, they look like black 8mm tapes. We’ll just use them.'”

VA: “Oh, okay. Someone might have taped over them.

DF: “It’s consumable. So no one knows where those tapes actually went.”


Joe here – So, did this practical joke extend to the Hawkeye guys and over to the Princeton? I can’t say it’s not possible. But would they go to the trouble of pretending to fly a helicopter in and passing guys off as Air Force (or outsiders) and making them take the hard drives out of the safe? I’m open to all possibilities, including a practical joke. But then I listen to what Fravor had to say earlier in that podcast and I’m not so sure:

DF: “The one regret of the whole side from my point of view was that, because we never used the helmet cam on the joint helmet – because it was just nauseating to try and watch on a screen – I never had it on. Cause had I had it on, you had probably got tons of video of this thing flying around. And then the other side is is because nothing was done and a lot of the stuff is lost. Like we have the tapes. We have the radar tape and the FLIR tape. The FLIR tape is what you guys have seen but it’s been degraded so many times because it’s been copied. But on the high-res monitors it was pretty good. And then the radar tape actually showed, you know, the thing. As we hit it with the radar, it started to jam. Went to the jam extrapolate and the aspect vector started spinning around because it didn’t want to be locked up. And Chad saw that, you know, that’s what he had seen when he did it. And then, obviously the video. But all the radar tapes from the Princeton…there’s a bunch of stuff that’s missing that they can’t find.”

VA:  “Hmmm…”

DF: “Matter of fact, in the archives – I was talking to someone that has access to this stuff – the log book, someone has taken that page. Sometimes it’s just, you know, the sailor that wants…thinks it’s cool. Like a buddy of mine saved the “Airplane” from that day. And when this broke, sends me a text going, ‘Dude, I saved this for all these years…because this was such a strange event,’ and sent me the Airplane comic. So…”



Five years ago, a poster on Reddit, who went by the name of “anon402,” posted the following account of a UFO incident. As it turns out, it was about the 2004 Tic Tac encounter. No idea who this person was/is but I’d love to find out. I’m only posting the relevant excerpt. If you want to read the entire thing and convince yourself that this person was either there or knew somebody who was, click here. Some of the details may be out of order but it’s clear this person knew all about this event.

From anon402:

According to the pilots and confirmed by a friend in intel, when they encountered the aircraft it had disappeared from sight. However, there was a large disruption in the ocean below and it was assumed that the aircraft crashed. So, the strike group circled the area and inspected the scene. OK, crazy part now, an object that was described by multiple pilots and a friend in intel as resembled a very large “tic-tac”.

Sounds like the ultimate troll job, I know. So, the “tic-tac” oval object lifted from the water. Out of fear or impulse (I have no idea) our pilots decided to engage the object. After lifting from the water and sitting briefly, the object flew at a speed that none of the pilots had ever encountered. It was just gone.

The incident was not cloaked in secrecy. The entire carrier was buzzing with rumors. I was not able to see the COM/NAV actual flight recording, so I was very skeptical. Things get dull in the middle of the ocean and it is not uncommon for troll jobs. So I wasn’t exactly sold.

That night in the berthing I asked a very close friend in intel if he could confirm the legitimacy of the film. Without speaking, he gestured that it was correct. So, my skepticism began to fade and that next day a group of individuals were “cod’ed” onto the carrier and they retrieved all the tapes. I can confirm they cod’ed onto the ship, but the seizure of tapes came from people that work in those shops.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I will try to answer any questions if anyone has any! I don’t want to go into details about dates, ship name, my job, etc…. although I don’t think it matters, we weren’t told to be quiet and it was pretty wide-spread (minus certain details I acquired through discussions)


Cod’ed is a term that refers to a small size passenger plane that the military uses to bring personnel on and off of aircraft carriers. The term that is commonly used is ….”People were cod’ed onto the ship today…”

The individuals that took our data were American and not in military uniform. They were also very well dressed. My shop personally had pertinent data that was collected. They did not personally collect it from me, but it was given to my supervisor and after he brought the required data, he was pretty vocal upon his return about how unusual this is/was.

The general consensus aboard the ship is that the individuals were from the government in some capacity and were there to obviously remove any evidence. Imagine if a Pfc. Bradley leaked that video hahaha? My personal belief is that it was a military project. I believe they were attempted to test its stealth/evasive capabilities by testing the strike group. We had 3 aircraft carriers in an unusually large exercise which would have provided a pretty good testing ground for such technology. That is just my opinion!



This was the only incident I ever witnessed/heard of in over 2 years of aircraft carrier deployments and work-ups. There was an effort by my command to stamp down the chatter and amazingly, they did not try to conceal the incident. My Commanding Officer put our squadron into a formation and our OPS O and CO explained that the rumors were accurate. The description of “tic tac” was directly from my Commanding Officer’s mouth.

It would seem that there would be an effort to conceal or quiet the incident, but shockingly they didn’t. However, the tapes (although they lasted 24 hours) were absolutely limited to individuals with highest clearance. (Hence, my friend in intel).


I can honestly say that I am not trolling. I can’t provide definitive evidence that proves my story and validates all of my allegations. However, the totality of the events that occurred validated the occurrence.

My only fear is that my command and the entire ship was involved in some sort of prank and that is a realistic possibility. However, given the circumstances that I investigated and the information I obtained from credibly sources validate most of the alleged events that occurred.

I could totally have been trolled. However, I am not the one trolling.

Just to give more specific info, i was aboard the USS Nimitz during the encounter. My job was to strip the black boxes from every plane. The black box tracks all of the flight data which tracks the life limits of aircraft parts. I was in charge of stripping black boxes. Although, I did not see the actual film, i replayed the flight in a 3d computer generated re-enactment. All of the evidence I could gather from my technical position verified the story.



Back to what Fravor said about missing “stuff.” Was someone just trying to bring home a souvenir from what may turn out to be the most documented UFO case of all time? Or, did certain “stuff” just get taped over, lost or misplaced over the years? I’d like to know the specifics of what “stuff” is missing? Does it include the classified, Hawkeye hard drives/bricks that were reportedly confiscated on that day?

I’m open minded that this all might have been an elaborate prank. But when I consider the testimony of the eyewitnesses and the story told by anon402 on Reddit, I can’t help but think that something might be rotten in Denmark. Or, in this case, off the coast of San Diego back in 2004. And that’s no joke.

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