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Dr. Eric Davis Responds To Claim Of Politico’s Bryan Bender That AATIP Discovered Nothing & Was A One-Man Band For Years

17 Feb , 2021  

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by Joe Murgia – @TheUfoJoe on Twitter.

Yesterday, Bryan Bender, a senior national correspondent for Politico, tweeted about AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO program now known as the UAP Task Force.



Twitter user, SicCoP1, tweeted to Bender: “There’s a lot of back & forth on here about the size & how involved AATIP was as a portfolio vs AAWSAP. It sounds like ur saying it was just Elizondo helming the ship solo for years?”

Bender responded…

I sent Bender’s tweets to Eric Davis, PhD to get his take on them. Dr. Davis was the AATIP, Chief Science Advisor to Lue Elizondo and Contractor to the AAWSAP.

“The AATIP was NOT an operational investigation/research office. The acronym ‘AATIP’ served as the nickname of the AAWSAP which was the operational investigation/research program for UAPs at the DIA. The DIA was the executive agent to conduct UAP investigations/research. But the actual AATIP office itself (by that same acronym name) was the portfolio manager of the AAWSAP. Whoever ran the AATIP office was the portfolio manager of the AAWSAP. That was Lue Elizondo. This is how things work at the DoD.”

~Dr. Eric Davis


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