Dr. Garry P. Nolan – Dec. 10th, 2021 Transcript: “They May Be From Another Level of Reality That We Don’t Understand”

22 Dec , 2021  

“To have a group of scientists who are supposed to be leading thinkers, debase people who are interested in thinking about new ideas is, to me, that’s heretical.” ~Dr. Garry P. Nolan ~~~ If you like what you see on my blog, my Twitter and YouTube Channel and appreciate the time and effort, here’s my Patreon, Pay Pal and Venmo. ~~~ Patreon = https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe PayPal – […]

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A Veteran Of The Intelligence World Takes An In-Depth Look AT The Government’s UFO Report: I Think It’s Fascinating And Encouraging

28 Jun , 2021  

If you like what you see on my blog and my Twitter and appreciate the time and effort, here are my Patreon and Pay Pal. https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe PayPal – ufojoe11@aol.com ~~~ “I think its a huge step in the right direction and helps to move the ball down the field.” ~Intel Friend ~~~ Here are my […]

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Eric Davis, Wilson/Davis

Transcript: The Lost Interview – Eric Davis & The Wilson/Davis Notes

14 Mar , 2021  

“I think there’s a lot of evidence that the government has known, but the problem is, it’s so outside the realm of of human comprehension that they can’t deal with it on a legislative basis, they can’t deal with it on a military, operational basis, they can’t deal with it on the basis of a […]

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AATIP, Bryan Bender, Elizondo, Eric Davis

Dr. Eric Davis Responds To Claim Of Politico’s Bryan Bender That AATIP Discovered Nothing & Was A One-Man Band For Years

17 Feb , 2021  

If you’d like to support my work on Twitter and this blog, my Patreon can be found here: https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @TheUfoJoe on Twitter. Yesterday, Bryan Bender, a senior national correspondent for Politico, tweeted about AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO program now known as the UAP Task Force. ~~~ Twitter user, SicCoP1, tweeted to Bender: […]

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Crash Retrieval, Eric Davis, Leslie Kean, Will Miller, Wilson/Davis

Journalist Leslie Kean: “I Think The Fact That [UFOs] Exist And They Have Been Retrieved, And That We Have Them, Is Something That The World Has A Right To Know.”

3 Nov , 2020  

If you enjoy my articles, transcripts, Twitter feed and comments, you can support my work on Patreon. URL: https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter Partial transcript of an interview with journalist Leslie Kean by Jeffrey Mishlove, host of “New Thinking Allowed.” This was posted on YouTube on September 13th, 2020. My comments are […]

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Crash Retrieval, Edgar Mitchell, Eric Davis, Wilson/Davis

Update on Wilson/Davis: What Happened in Vegas, May Just Change the World

8 Jul , 2020  

If you enjoy these articles and would like to support this work and the blog, here is my Patreon and my Twitter – @ufojoe11 URL: https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Giuliano Marinkovic – @OmniTalkRadio on Twitter And if you’re new to the Wilson/Davis saga, read this first and then you can come back here in 8 hours. […]

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Crash Retrieval, Wilson/Davis

Dr. Bob McGwier: I Saw Mail Where Admiral Wilson Confirmed Details of Meeting with Dr. Eric Davis

5 Jul , 2020  

~~~ If you enjoy my articles and would like to support my work, here is my Patreon. URL: https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter! On July 1st, “Spaced Out Radio” host, Dave Scott, posted his “Thought of the Dave” on his Facebook page. Bob McGwier, a Research Professor at Virginia Tech University […]

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Letter – Commander Will Miller to Admiral Tom Wilson – June 28th, 1995

28 Jun , 2020  

By Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter If you’re unfamiliar with the Wilson/Davis documents, start here. Basically, in 1997, Admiral Thomas Wilson learned of a hidden UFO program when he was briefed on the subject by Steven Greer, PhD, Commander Will Miller and Edgar Mitchell, PhD, the 6th man to walk on the Moon. Wilson […]

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Knapp: Wilson/Davis Is Not A Hoax. It was Written by Dr. Eric Davis and Shared with Scientists and Former DoD Personnel and Contractors

23 Jun , 2020  

If you like what you see, here is my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter On the June 19th, 2020 episode of “Mystery Wire Podcast,” more than a year after they first appeared online, investigative reporter, George Knapp, of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, finally commented on the infamous Wilson/Davis documents. This […]

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Crash Retrieval

1961 Crash Retrieval Document: Typos, UMBRA, Dr. Eric Davis And “A Guy Named Roy”

22 Jun , 2020  

If you like what you see here and on Twitter, this is my Patreon. I appreciate any and all support. https://www.patreon.com/ufojoe ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @ufojoe11 on Twitter In the final part of my four-part blog on the Wilson/Davis documents, I included an alleged, 1961 SNIE (Special National Intelligence Estimate) document related to UFO […]

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