Congressional Hearings, Elizondo

Transcript: Lue On NTK – If I Could Speak My Mind, “People Would Be Blown Away”

28 Oct , 2022  

  “It’s happening every week!!! You know, they put something up from 2019, 2020, something that they knew was already out on social media and people looked at it, and they could just go ahead and say, ‘Here’s a video.’ No, no, show the real video. Show the videos that we know are there and […]

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AATIP, Elizondo

Elizondo TOE Transcript – What I Learned About UFOs Challenged My Understanding Of The Universe And Our Place In It

27 Jul , 2022  

“Imagine everything you’ve been taught, whether it’s through Sunday school, or through regular, formal education in school, or what our political leaders have told us and yes, even maybe our mothers and fathers around the dinner table have told us or maybe at bedtime, about who we are, right? Our background and our past. What […]

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Elizondo, Richard Dolan

Transcript & Commentary: Richard Dolan/Luis Elizondo Interview – Crash Retrievals, Men In Black and Serendipity

26 May , 2021  

If you like what you see on my blog and my Twitter and appreciate the time and effort, here are my Patreon and Pay Pal. PayPal – ~~~ “When you have material in your hands, physical evidence that you can analyze, there’s not a whole lot better than that to base and formulate […]

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AATIP, Bryan Bender, Elizondo, Eric Davis

Dr. Eric Davis Responds To Claim Of Politico’s Bryan Bender That AATIP Discovered Nothing & Was A One-Man Band For Years

17 Feb , 2021  

If you’d like to support my work on Twitter and this blog, my Patreon can be found here: ~~~ by Joe Murgia – @TheUfoJoe on Twitter. Yesterday, Bryan Bender, a senior national correspondent for Politico, tweeted about AATIP, the Pentagon’s UFO program now known as the UAP Task Force. ~~~ Twitter user, SicCoP1, tweeted to Bender: […]

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